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Top 10 Objections And The Scripts To Overcome Them

The truth hurts …

So when I ask if you want to know a secret about sales, I have to warn you that you might not like the answer.

It’s an important truth though, because once you know it you are much more likely to become a better salesperson.

Here’s the secret – you’re supposed to get objections when presenting.

A few objections is completely normal. But if you have a lot of them then your presentation probably needs work!

You are always going to get a few objections, because we all know that no one likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy.

Unfortunately in real estate what isn’t normal is the ability to hear an objection, respond appropriately, move on and ask for the sale.

Why not?

Because most agents haven’t taken the time to memorize and internalize the scripts for the most common objections.

As with all scripts remember that you’ll need to slightly tweak them for your market and how you run your business.