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Utah State Purchasing has discovered that there is no other comparable device within the existing contracts they have, and cannot find another device that has similar capabilities. 

I have questions:

Can your company provide all that is needed for our installation? 

Can you provide the the design / engineering needed? 

This will go on the page with alert button video.

The switch board D-Talk Programmed Audible Alerts 

Emergency Codes:

Code Red: Fire

Code "D" :Disaster

Code Purple: Elopement 

Code Blue: Cardiac Arrest / Respiratory Failure

Code 10: Violence Control

Code Silver: Active Shooter

My team and I are very much looking forward to meeting with you and would like to find a mutually agreeable time. Please call or e-mail me to let me know what a good day and time is for you. If given the opportunity, I am sure after the meeting you will be impressed by the Domino. At that point, we can certainly carve out a way to address your company communication needs with this cutting edge of new technology a very beneficial way. 

 Looking forward for a favorable reply and meeting you at the earliest to discuss a store meeting and possible testing of the Domino in one of your stores locally. One of our major goals is to become a vendor to the Automotive Industry and to share our road map and future technology. 

Our POC has proven to be very successful. With our new feature sets we can now send a phone call to your associates Domino via VOIP.

Imagine the world’s first “Employee Communicator Badge.” This will give your Management Team an immediate competitive edge over others.  I.e. “CAPTAIN KIRK TO THE Paradise TEAM”!  

This give new meaning to Asset Protection and the “See Something Say Something“Campaign. 

I will be available to you on call anytime for Q&A and tech support.   

Sean DeCosta

Founding Partner,

Business Development


Business Communication is Everything!

Why I'm Here

To give Temecula Toyota the ability to control the work environment at the speed of sounds and feel the pulse of your work force.

Why I'm Here

To give Temecula Toyota the ability to control the work environment at the speed of sounds and feel the pulse of your work force.

End In Mind

Confirm Communication Requirements.

Introduce the Rollts Solutions.

How the Domino Improves Employee Communication.

Roadmap to Implementation.


Our Mission

We are committed to ensuring business communication is simple, seamless, efficient and economical to maximize employee productivity and professionalism.

Rollts provides the solutions that are deliverable worldwide.

Our leading-edge innovation is the heartbeat of our brand. Rollts wearable digital technology is an idea crafted and curated by our team's creative thinking process designed and developed from the right mix of inventive brainstorming, tested processes and trusted brand strategy.

We build businesses by providing digital communication soltuions for any size and scope of business.

We have revolutionized and improved the business communication platforms of the past.

Push To Talk

For Fast, Simple Communication

Over the years, businesses have tried many forms of communications to increase productivity, from instant messaging, to text messaging, to unified communications and collaboration. As it turns out, PTT is still the preferred choice when fast, accurate, and coordinated communications and teamwork are essential, such as in mining,manufacturing, warehouses,events, utilities, oil and gas,hospitals, retail stores, schools and public safety.

With PTT, work teams can access a corporate contacts directory, determine who's online during group conversations, and see where team members are located. PTT can even be set to have the manager's voice heard above the rest, so critical information gets clearly conveyed.


To Radios and Walkie Talkies

1 month standby - 7 day talk time

vs 4-6 hours for radios

Domino S1 Features

Domino S1 Features

900 MHz ISM Licence Free BandNo monthly fees!
Multi-Party CallHalf-duplex / Full-duplex Tri full-duplex (Three-way full-duplex).
WearableAccessories such as the clip / necklace.
RangeLine of sight up to 1.86 miles.
Usable TimeUp to 7 days (24h - 8h talk time + 16h standby) Talk time: 5-5-90 duty cycle.
Frequency HoppingSpread spectrum (FHSS) resistant to narrowband interference.
EmergencySend an emergency call to all Dominos, regardless of the channel, group, or talk mode.
Encryption (AES-256)Encryption is enabled, therefore making eavesdropping impossible.
Ear Bud or SpeakerSimple design with two PTT buttons with sound according to user needs and comfort.
ConnectivityVoice output through micro USB and audio ports, connect to cameras, voice recorders, speakers.

Domino Price Comparison

Price comparison – Devices

System requirements

Monthly fee

Capital Outlay 3 year cost

Per store annual cost

Based on 120 devices per store

Cell phones

Wireless infrastructure – per store estimate: 50k set up and 10k monthly

$410,000k 36 months

$35-80/m device

$1800 per device

216,000 hardware

6000/month =

216,000 reoccurring cost


Sonim Devices

Wireless infrastructure – per store estimate: 50k set up and 10k monthly


$35-80/m device

XP7 - $849/device




Wireless infrastructure – per store estimate: 50k set up and 10k monthly


$35-80/m device

$2157 per device = $258,840



Wireless infrastructure – per store estimate: 50k set up and 10k monthly


55$/device service fee = 6600/month



2 repeaters – 120 dominos -


$345 = 41,400

TOTAL $41,400


Eliminate Communication Silos

By linking radio PTT users in with enterprise workgroup collaborations and deliver true enterprise collaboration.

Reduce Cost

By eliminating the need to deploy and manage expensive ratio systems that are traditionally isolated from enterprise networks and other forms of communications.

Enhance Productivity

By connecting workgroups together with robust push-to-talk functionality from any device, any network, anywhere.

Enhance Service Delivery

By providing always-connected communications that provide immediate delivery of information, whether it be voic, video, or data..

Domino S-1

Disaster Management

No Power, No Internet, No Problem.

Long Battery Life.

Instant Team Communication.


High Noise Environments.

Clips and Necklaces.

Storage Cases.

Sean DeCosta

Founding Partner,

Business Development