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Summer Intensive Training and Symposium for Solution-Focused Coaching


Accredited Training for CCPC and/or ICF certification


July 11th-26th 2014


What is Solution-Focused Brief Coaching?


Solution-Focused Brief Practice is an innovative approach to coaching and counseling that has been proven for its effectiveness in creating meaningful solutions in a time-efficient manner.


The Solution-Focused approach has been widely accepted and applied in various disciplines and organizations as an effective method for counseling, training, and management.


Certificate Program


BRIEF I: Foundations

July 11th-13th


BRIEF II: Intermediate

July 14th-16th


Independent Project

July 17th-18th


BRIEF III: Advanced

July 19th-20th


BRIEF IV: Masterclass

July 21st-22nd



July 23rd-25th

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the certificate program

Training materials designed here will be presented at the BRIEF symposium.


July 26th

BRIEF Symposium is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with other SF practitioners as well as to learn about the most current developments in SF practice. Admission open to public.


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