Founded in Lubeck, N Germany in 1965, BITUNAMEL FELDMANN GMBH is an
internaonally recognised specialist in marine transport & support /road
transport (tankers & containers), including waste or contaminated products.
This eet complements our tank & ship cleaning operaons. Cou-
pled with our philosophy of connuous training & development” &
diligence in achieving & maintaining the highest levels of cerca-
on, we are well placed to oer the following services with a high
level of safety & environmental protect for our customers
Vessel Towage
Specialist Dive Support/ROV & Survey
Marine support vessels (Mulcats/MPOSV/Tugs)
Tank Cleaning & disposal logiscs (Marpol)
Or Sea
On Land
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General Specification 4
General Arrangement 5
Track Record 6
Vessel Capability - SUPPLY 7
Vessel Capability - SURVEY/ENVIRONMENTAL 8
Vessel Capability - DIVE SUPPORT 11
Vessel Capability - NOISE MITIGATION 12
Crane & 4-point-mooring 13
Bridge/maneuvering station 14
Accommodation 15
Our Fleet 16
LOA : 53,70 m
Beam : 11,00 m
Dra : 3,55 m
Main propulsion /machinery:
2 MWM TBD 440-8, 1.620 kW @ 880 rpm
2 gearboxes Type Masson 2 propeller
2 high performance rudder
1Bow thruster Brunvoll,c.p.p.,280 kW
1Stem thruster Brunvoll,c.p.p.,240 kW
3 Cummins-Diesel, each 312A. 200 I 400 V
750 KW total electric power
2 hydraulic power-packs
Speed and consumpon:
13 knots I abt. 4 ts per day
11 knots I abt. 3 ts per day
8 knots I abt. 2 ts per day
Stand-by I abt. 1 t per day
Bollard pull: 25t
Fuel Capacity 342t
Freshwater 123t
Noortruck - General Specification
Deck equipment:
2x bow anchors each 1,3 ts,
chain length 2 x 265m
1x stem anchor Delta Flipper Type 1,50 ts
1x bow anchor-/worklng winch, 600 m I 30 mm
1x stem roller 1,20 m diameter
fuel supply pump 10 cub I h
1x hydraulic Palnger marine crane with winch
6 ts @ 10,0 m I 3 ts @ 13,0 m
2 x electric 5 ts capstan at the a deck
2 x hydraulic 5 ts warping head a deck
1x hydraulic 5 ts tugger winch a deck
2 x electric 5 ts warping head forecastle deck
1x hydraulic 5 ts warping head forecastle deck
Cargo Area
Working deck : 29 x 9m (420m2) Wood covered
Container twistloksystem
Cargo lashing rings
Rescue Boat
1 x NVP 6.6m/15 person with 2 x Yamaha 40ho out-
Class : Det Norske Veritas
Flag : German
Built : 1975 with total rebuild
General Arrangement
Track Record
Project/windfarm Task Period
Nordegrunde Deployment of Bubble curtainduring monopole installa-
Apr 2016 —July 2016
Adlergrund Deployment of Bubble curtainduring UXO demolion
Dec 2015Jan 2016
Nordegrunde 4pt mooring/Dive Support/UXO clearance
Sept 2015 Dec 2015
Nordsea One Deployment of Bubble curtainduring UXO demolion
July 2015—Aug 2015
Tetney Sealine 4pt mooring/Dive Support/Replacement of monobouy
May 2015 July 2015
Wikinger Addional noise reducon during test pile installaon
Sept—October 2014
HDW Submarine Test Operaonal base for Submarine test in Balc
August 2014
Butendiek Deployment of Bubble curtainduring monopole installa-
Apr 2014 –June 2014
Balc II Deployment of Double Big Bubble curtainduring tripod
pile installaons
August 2013March 2014
Dan Tysk Deployment of Bubble curtainduring monopole installa-
June 2013—July 2013
And numerous other projects since June 2011
Vessel Capability -supply duties
The following items give Noortruckexcellent Supply
capabilies, over long ranges, and even in challenging sea con-
261m2 wood covered working deck
300t deckload capacity
Fwd & a thrusters for posioning
Fuel supply pump (30m3/hr)
FW supply pump (30m3/hr)
20 TEU Twistlocks on deck
Cargo lashing rings & rails
Vessel Capability - Survey
Noortruckspre-prepared & calibrated Overside Deployment Frame
allows deployment of acousc receivers for precise posion infor-
maon from the towed device
Ideal for towed arrays-side scan sonar/mulbeam
or magnetometer survey
DP style control system allows precise slow speed
control & posioning
4pt mooring allows follow up survey by ROV or
diver for seabed sampling or airli
Vessel Capability - ROV
Seaeye Falcon
300m (1,000ft depth
440m umbilical
Brushless DC thrusters
(4 vectored-1 vertical)
14kg payload
Noortruckfrequently undertakes ROV surveys using the on-
board Inspecon Class ROV, but benets from the addional
Overside deployment frame –For acousc comms
equipment etc
Ready to useuniversal antenna mounngs
Survey Room
Spacious Decks—29 x 9m (420m2) Wood covered
4-point mooring system
A manoeuvring staon on bridge, with excellent
For ROV work we can provide
cabin, or deploy client ROV
Vessel Capability - Dive Support
With her 4 pt mooring & DP control systems & spacious well
protected decks, Noortruckmakes an ideal dive support
plaorm, for either coastal/shallow water or oshore deep
water. Her comfortable accommodaon makes sustained
campaigns both possible, and cost eecve
Noortruckhas power supplies & deckspace for Decompres-
sion Chamber, storage for gas boles/tools etc, & one of both
of the rescue zones can be ed with LARS system.
There is also space for boat landings on both Pt & stbd side of
the muster deck
Vessel Capability Bubble curtain /Piling &UXO clearance
Noortruck is highly experienced at deploying bubble Curtains” ( a new meth-
od of reducing noise & environmental impact of marine piling, parcularly on
windfarms) Bubble curtains are also deployed for noise & shock wave miga-
on during UXO disposal
See the video below (currently only available in German language) which
shows an animaon of Noortruck deploying the system
The same system can be used for UXO clearance –see the video below for an
Bitunamel Feldmann can provide the full Bubble Curtain soluon, including
the equipment, experience & experse required for deployment on any size
Noortruck is equipped with a
powerful Palnger Marine
Crane with topping li winch
6t@ 10m
3t@ 13m
4pt Mooring System
Noortruck can be kept precisely on staon u-
lising the following mooring winches
Fwd.: 2 x Delta anchors 800m wire
A: 2 x Delta anchors –420m wire
2 x 5t electric capstan –a deck
2 x 5t hydraulic warp head-a deck
1 x 10t hydraulic tugger winch-a deck
2 x 5t electric warp head –fwd deck
1 x 5t warp head –fwd deck
Maneuvering station and Bridge
The vessels bridge is equipped with….
A manoeuvring staon
DP Style thruster controls for precise posion
Lowrance StructureScan 3d
ARPA radar/Electronic charts/Inmarsat C etc..
Ships crew 6 single cabins
Charterers crew 4 x single cabins
2 x double (2 berth) cabins
1 x double cabin (back up)
Totals 6 x crew/8-10 charterers personnel
Comfortable Messroom/TV room for 18 persons
Internet connection in all cabins
Full size, fully equipped Galley/kitchen
Our Vessel Fleet
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Noorcat Bison
Noortruck Jan 2 Bitunamel 3
Noorman Paula Sardine
Jan 1 Stint
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