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Customer information for CBT training 2017


Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) is the beginning of
your journey into the world of motorcycling.
Divided into 5 modules, CBT training covers a whole day, including
a number of CBT lessons within each module.
What you need to know:
You should arrive on site at the agreed time (usually 8:30am!) and be
prepared for a day of motorcycle training in other words, be dressed
appropriately for bike riding:
Jeans are fine (as long as they are not ripped or very thin)
Boots, covering the ankles, lace up with a decent sole,
Warm clothing if training in winter/autumn/early spring
Not acceptable clothing:
nylon trainers
tracksuit bottoms of any type
ski wear/sportswear of any type
Swimming trunks and flip flops (!)
We provide all the OTHER equipment you will need to complete
your CBT test training, including bikes, radios, jackets, helmets,
gloves and waterproofs.
You will need to bring BOTH PARTS your provisional license with
you on the day, failure to do this is a big deal as you won’t be able
to do the CBT and will lose your money! Argh… so don’t forget.
Additionally, your license should show a provisional entitlement to ride
motorcycles (Cat ‘A’).
CBT training: Module A
After the introduction and general chat about what’s in store for you,
your instructor will begin Module A, which covers equipment and
clothing. This includes a wide variety of important information to help you
chose the right clothing and get the right safety helmet for you.
Please do take advantage of us! We have over 35 years of motorcycling
experience and can give lots of advice, so don’t be shy: ask lots of
CBT training: Module B
Covers the motorcycle itself, and introduction to the controls and how
they work, motorcycle maintenance checks that you need to know about,
how to take the bikes off and onto the stands, wheeling them around,
daily checks before riding off and all related topics. Again, don’t be shy!
CBT training: Module C
Covers the riding bit! In our private off road facility, we will teach you
how to actually ride a motorcycle (or scooter), using a number of
exercises to help you learn progressively the skills you will need to
control a motorcycle on the road.
CBT test training is a foundation course of basic skills, on which you will
be able to build your skills with practice and repetition. It’s our job to
teach you how to do things in the safest and best ways, it’s your job to
practice and get brilliant at them!
CBT training: Module D
Is massively important, especially for those of you who have never
driven on the UK roads before (yes that means YOU 16 year olds!).
Here we will cover all the road craft you will need to understand in order
to ride bikes on the roads.
Our pre-road ride briefing covers everything the Highway Code says
about safe use of the roads: junctions, roundabouts, positioning, and
observations, use of speed, traffic lights… the list goes on.
CBT training: Module E
Is a 2 hour road ride, with 2 students to 1 instructor, taking in all the skills
you will have learned during the day, combined with all the knowledge
learned from module D, applied live and direct on local roads.
Don’t panic! You will have a radio in your ear (well an earpiece, the
whole thing might not fit in there) and the soothing tones of your
instructor telling you every step of the way what to do and where to go
until you get settled and gain some confidence.
On the subject of the Highway Code: READ IT, STUDY IT and
No joking here, it is vitally important for you to prepare yourself for your
CBT test training by reading and understanding the Highway Code.
These are the rules of the road and you need to know them. Not only will
this make things safer for you as you get on the road for the first time on
a bike, but it will make life easier and more fun.
Why not do the theory test? Talk to us about free theory test aids if you
are thinking of progressing onto a test and bigger bikes.
Finally, we do everything we can to make your CBT training a
pleasant experience. If you have any questions before you are due
for your course, please do call us.
You will probably be finished by 3:30/5:30pm, depending on which group
you are in for the road ride.
What is CBT?
Compulsory Basic Training is the course that all learner motorcycle and
moped riders must complete before riding on the road. This training
introduces you to the appropriate motorcycle, its controls and teaches
you how to ride safely on the roads.
Can I use my own motorbike for The CBT?
Yes, providing your motorbike is completely legal with a current MOT (if
more than 3 years old), taxed and insured, with full size L Plates to the
front and rear.
I have my own bike can I ride it to your premises?
If you are renewing a CBT which is still in date, then that is possible.
However, if you nave no CBT then your licence and insurance is
invalid, therefore it would be illegal.
I cannot get insurance, can I still ride?
Yes, but only whilst you are doing your CBT as you will be under our
insurance. We have an insurance companies we can help you.
I am 16, what can I ride?
At 16 you are limited to 31 mph (50 kmh), 50cc geared or automatic,
displaying full size L plates front and rear, with a valid CBT certificate.
We only have automatic bikes on site to use.
I am 17, what can I ride?
At 17 you may ride up to a 125cc motorcycle with a power output of 11
kw (14.6 bhp), displaying full size L plates front and rear, with a valid
CBT certificate. You are also eligible to take your full motorcycle test,
please talk to us about this.
I completed CBT aged 16 on an automatic, now that I am 17 am I
able to ride a geared bike?
Now that you are 17, you may ride a motorcycle up to 125cc with your
current CBT. If you completed your CBT with Riders 4 Life we will
teach you free of charge how to use the gears on your motorcycle.
What do I need to take a CBT?
A valid UK driving licence and a good knowledge of the Highway Code
would be beneficial. You need to wear boots and a pair of jeans. We
will lend you a helmet, gloves, weatherproof trousers & jacket. & a
sense of humour!
How long is a CBT valid for?
A CBT is currently valid for two years.
Do I need to take a theory test for CBT?
No, a theory test is not required at CBT level for now, unless you want
to get rid of your L plates and do a full course. We recommend that
inexperienced riders do study for a theory test, especially young riders
who have no driving experience at all.
I am very nervous can I do a pre-CBT course?
There is no requirement to do a pre-CBT course you will learn
everything you need on the day. You will not be the only person to be
nervous, as it is the first time for many. The normal ratio of students to
instructor is 4/1. We run CBT+++ courses for inexperienced and
nervous riders, these might well be an option to consider.
What happens if I don’t complete on the day?
Don’t worry, everybody learns at a different pace and some people
need a little more practice than others. . We do a CBT + course if you
don’t complete the first time, thereby building your confidence with
more tuition, but this will cost a bit more.
Do you hire motorcycles?
The hire of the motorcycle is included with the course you are taking if
after your CBT you would like to hire a bike please have a word with
your Instructor, or the Admin team. (Milton Keynes)
What do I need to wear?
Strong, comfortable clothes (warm in the colder months and cool in the
warmer months) Jeans, boots. (No trainers, or high top trainers or track
Do you hire clothing and helmets?
You are welcome to borrow a Helmet, gloves & jacket free of charge
however we do request that you wear a balaclava or ski mask beneath
for hygiene purposes. We do not hire out clothing per se, however we
do have suitable clothing for you to buy on site that you may borrow,
should you need it.
I have a full car licence do I need to take a CBT for a 50 cc?
If the 50 cc moped/scooter is restricted to 31mph and you took and
passed your car test before 1st February 2001, then a CBT is not
required. However, if you have never ridden, we would recommend you
take a CBT for your own safety and confidence.
I have a full car licence, I passed my test after 1st February 2001 do
I need CBT for a 50 cc?
Yes, to validate your full moped/scooter entitlement (cat. P) You need
to take a CBT. As long as you do not ride anything bigger than 50 cc,
the CBT remains valid for the life of the licence.
I have a full car licence do I need to take a CBT for a 125cc?
Yes, a CBT is required.
When do you run CBT course?
Five days a week in Colchester Kawasaki & seven days a week Milton
How long does it take to complete a CBT?
On average it normally takes a day.
What time do you start.
Normally 08.30 am.
I have lost my CBT certificate can I get a copy or replacement?
Yes, if it is only a copy we will supply you one with our compliments. If
you require a replacement, the fee is £25.00.
Do I need a driving licence?
Yes, a full car or provisional licence is required. Application forms are
available from your main post office, or visit
Alternatively, we are happy to send you one by post.
I have the old paper style licence, is this valid for CBT?
As long as there is provisional motorcycle entitlement on your licence,
then it is valid.
I have the old paper style licence, is this valid for me to take my
bike test?
You may use the old style licence however you will also need to
produce a current passport in support.
I don’t have a passport?
Unfortunately, you will need to apply for a new style licence before you
are able to take your motorcycle test, theory or practical.
I have the new style licence, but have lost one part. Can I still take
my CBT?
Sorry, but you need both parts of your licence to take your CBT as one
validates the other. To organise replacement of the missing part,
please contact the DVLA
I have the new style licence, how long is it valid for?
The licence is valid until you are seventy years of age. However, the
photograph needs to be renewed every ten years.
I have a licence from the European Union and would like to pass
my bike test is this possible?
Yes it is possible. You will need to obtain a D740 counterpart to
validate your licence. This is available from the DVLA. Visit Alternatively, you may use a driving licence
application form available from your main post office.
Now I have my CBT, I would like to take my motorcycle test?
We will require a deposit to set your wheels in motion. Upon receipt, we
will send you theory test pro study aid to enable you to practice. Once
you have taken and passed the theory test, we will then organise your
full course.
Do you offer a guaranteed pass scheme?
There is absolutely no such thing as a guaranteed pass! What other
schools actually mean is that if you keep taking your test at some
point you will pass, eventually!
Some schools offer free training if you fail your test do you?
We do not offer free training, our charges are open and nothing is
hidden. Where you get ‘free’ training with other schools who offer this,
you will instead be asked to pay for bike hire etc that will cover the
training costs.
How do your prices compare with others?
We are not the cheapest but certainly not the most expensive. All
training schools have overheads. But we are not prepared to
compromise by increasing the student to instructor ratio in order to cut
costs, or underpay our instructors. Your quality of training is paramount.
How do I book?
Phone the Rebel Dogg Riders central bookings number:
01908 904 175, or mobile 07828 032 438, or email us
How do I pay?
We accept cash, and all major credit and debit cards.