Artist Bio



Birth name: Evans J. Severe
Birthday: 2/19/1991
Birth place: Jersey City, NJ


Evans Severe aka Ev$ but mostly known by the name Money Evs for his consistent hustle, was born and raised in Jersey City NJ. He was raised by his single mother, Marie Pierre, alongside his two younger brothers, Emmanuel Severe jr, and Emil Severe. He did not have a real father son' bond with his biological father Emmanuel Severe. One Christmas Eve, Evans and his family planned to go visit his sick father for his birthday on Christmas day. That Christmas Eve they got the news that his father Emmanuel Severe passed. This drove Evans to no longer search for fatherly advice allowing him to become his own role model. Growing up he found himself taking the head house hold role after his mother lost her job in the recession. In the year 2007 he juggled high school along with his first job at Century Pizza and his other early job at Herbert's drug & Surgical Supply pharmacy.


Evans struggled through his teenage years in and out of trouble during late times out running the streets with former friends that were gang related. He would take his frustrations on his situation in life through street fights alongside his friends. He then discovered the art of taking out his frustrations and pain out through poetry and music. After having a listening session with his brothers gathered around the radio listening to music he then felt that the art could be amplified through the backing of rhythm and instrumentals for greater lengths of potentially touching those who listened.


Evans's main goal then became to share and express his art and story with the world. Working alongside his youngest brother Emil Severe, Edward Holland aka Jay Hollin, and many other friends he is currently working on expanding his groups Music and Trends as EJX. What was once called CMC between the group members is now EJX. Evans now owns a bachelor's degree in the arts after studying in Music business and Media arts.


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