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All the things in my life

 By Lexie Hatcher  

Heart-breaking                                              3

Down the                                                       4

The Men of The Sea                                      5

Things to describe Me                                  6

The Cold Room                                             7

The Sibling Love                                           8

Diamond                                                       9

Jellybeans                                                    10

Appreciating the past                                     11

All the things to do                                       12

The Trouble of a Brother                              13

The Crazy Girl                                               14

Just Hold on                                                 15

A mom's Love                                               16

The Little Ones                                             17


     The men of  the Sea 

       All the men in the sea

       Bringing back the ffish that they

       Caught all night long

       Doing all the hard work

       Eating very little while doing it

       Finishing the job for us.





  Things to describe me :) 


         Loving, hardworking

        Walking, talking, practicing

         Always trying to smile




      The Cold Room 

       The room was so cold

       The heater wasn’t working

       My jacket helped it

      The sibling love 


       Loving, Brat, Six


       Baseball, Bella, Dixie, Football

       Happy, sad, excited

       Drowning, falling, big dogs

       Good grades, Green color, Purple all week

       Flying, Surfing, Superman

       Paris, Arkansas





  Is very shiny  in light

     Big and hard rock




      Juicy and tasty

       Edible with joy

       Loving every bite

       Lemon, cherry, grape

       Yellow, red, purple

       Big, round





Appreciating the past        

       Grandma Hertline

       Hard pains, rough times, sad birthday

       Missing you, gone forever

       No tears in public just in private

       No one knows that pain but me


       Always making me laugh

       Being my second mom

       Every church sunday painting together


       Oh how I miss these times

       But know you are in a better place

       Up there with God

       Always watching over me


 All the things to do

    The things in a day

    Gotta get up, go brush your teeth

    Use the bathroom too and make sure to put you clothes away

    Now go eat and then go get dressed

    Go to school get your work

    Don't forget practice make sure not to be a jerk

    Now come home and do you homework

    Eight thirty and I still haven't showered

    Oh how there isn't enough time in a day


The trouble of a brother 

 There was a time when Jackson      Was a constant distraction   Always running his mouth

    It’s like a dog house

    He thinks it’s perfection



The Crazy Girl 

    The girl is crazy

    She about ran me over

    I will sue the girl.


                                              Just Hold On

 “Your day, Your Week, Your month, Your life will get better”



                            A moms love                        


                                   Annoying, kind  

                               Working, driving, loving  

                      Always loving us, Making me feel loved   

                              shopping, Caring, excepting

                                     Half, Not DNA



     The little Ones        

      My favorite thing

       Is miniature animals

       The are so tiny

       They can be enjoyable

       But I will never have one

Lexie is a 15 year old student at Paris High School. She is in the tenth grade and in many clubs. She enjoys shopping, hanging out with friends, and riding around. She has helped with the community since she was a young girl and is blessed with everything in her life.