A Tour
On The
Rens Bygade
I am only a few miles inside of Denmark when I come to the
city limits of Rens, marked by a little sign on each side.
At the very first house in town, I see Martin and Ruth
Christensen, and their daughter, having a conversation with a
couple neighbors.
Since I was wanting to take
the Flensbørgvej road to
Store Jyndevad, I decided to
turn on RensBygade street, as
it is sort of a cut across, and I
will miss the traffic out at the
traffic circle, on the north
edge of town. So, I am
watching for the intersection,
below, and I turn right on
RensBygade. A “By” is a
small town, and “gade” is a
street, so RensBygade is a
street in the small town of
Hey, I’m in
the middle of
town, but the
first thing I
see are horses,
and grain
storage bins.
There are some very nice houses on this street, and I really like
the colors on this one. Also, the hedges are magnificent. I can’t
imagine trying to keep them all trimmed up.
Look. A wheat field, in the center of town. We don’t see that
in Arvada, anymore. Below - traditional house-barn combination
As I go through town, just looking around, I am interested in
little things, like for instance, these combinations of red and
orange, as companion colors to the yellow lime I’m following.
Beautiful red
bush, and the
little economy
fence does
quite well in
Nice fence. That’s either a very big house, or else, another
house -barn combination.
I think I see the end of the street coming up. Get ready to turn.
The sign says “No more Rens” and it is also the end of the
RensBygade street, as we see the truck traffic on the
Flensburgvej highway. It was a nice little ride. “By’ means a
‘small town’ or ‘village’ and “gade” means ‘highway’ or ‘road.’
So the street name means that Rens is a small village on the
highway. Well, I like Rens very much, and I will be back, but
right now, I need to follow that truck, to Store Jyndevad. Maybe
they have a McDonalds there, didn’t see one in Rens.
I think the reason I like Rens so much is that it is so apparent,
-the care and devotion that the property owners put into making
their houses and yards into a beautiful asset to the community.
No place I have ever been quite matches this little village.
It is a treasure, and something to be proud of.
Photos from
Ruth, in
showing how
her garden
does grow.