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William Hanna

By: Joshua Hedden

William Hanna, a animation pioneer, is the creator of many children shows.  Some of the shows are are Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear, The Flinstones, and The Jetsons.  The reason I chose him because I watched most of these shows when I was little, and I really liked them.

Hanna dropped out of college and lost his job during the great derpersion. After the great depression, he got a job at metro-goldenwin-mayor.  There he partenered up and made Tom and Jerry.  After they closed the animation studio, they made Hanna -Barbara studios. They made there first show in 1957.  They sho was Yogi Bear.  After that was a sucess, they made Flinstones, Jetsons, Scobby Doo, and Huckelberry hound show.  He and Barbera won a lot of Emmys when he was alive.