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This album is dedicated to my mother Zlata, my brother Grega and a  very special person in my life, N.K.


I also wanna express my gratitude to all the artists who helped me made this album possible and Dj friends & fans around the world for all the inspiration, knowledge, tips and support.


Thanks and respect to;

System 3, Dep Affect, Bloodcage, Negative A, Cemon Victa, Twilight, Chem D, Mutante, Innovative, Hardbouncer, Tooms, Koney, Stocker, Dark Like Hell, Matt Green, Ambassador21,   F - Noize, X - Mind, How Hard, Grigio, Komarovski, Leviathan, Carnage & Cluster, Section Grabuge, Delta 9, Luxxer, Da Mouth of Madness, Andy the Core, Braincrash, Razor Edge, Betty Haze, Satronica, Tymon, Forsaken is Dead, Vextor, PRSPCT, Level Trauma, Tina Panitzke,            

a man who opened the big gates for my career ;


Dj DANO, plus the two most important persons who took me under their wings and supported my work and ideas since day 1;


LENNY DEE & JULIE SEPAROVIC aka Industrial Strength Records