This is a book about a teacher named Kristin Moore. She has a special place in my heart.




This is Ms.Moore                                She cares for her Sadie

She is AMAZING                               All day and all night

She cares so much                               She'd be a great mother

And slays at everything                       Won't give up a fight!


Ms.Moore does snapchat                     She teaches,

That means she's cool                          And teaches,

She does it with us                               To her hooligans, 

Even at school!                                     At their islands


She's a boss,                                          Wish they'd listen

She's a queen,                                        To you and your

She sings with the Disney Princesses    Awesome

That makes her a teen                            Advices


She looks like a model                           Her pillows, Her pillows

She is my role model                              Her animals roaring

I guess that makes sense                         "GET OFF ME! GET OFF ME!"

Because she's my Idol                             With the Hoolagins snoring


Her Cheez-Its are life                               Even when times are tough,

Her Cheez-Its are bae                               Ms.Moore was there for me,                       

She'll give them to us                               So when times get tough,

Only on one day                                       I'll be there for you,

                                                                 Just open up this book

                                                                 And read it to you 





A Poem / Wrap

                                                                    What ever you call it