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CARPET TILE SYSTEM Gym Floor Cover-Miller Flooring Installation Miller Flooring Company Page 2
CARPET TILE SYSTEM Gym Floor Cover-Specification/Colors Miller Flooring Company Page 3
CARPET TILE SYSTEM Comparison: Carpet Tile vs. Vinyl Covers COMPARISON OF PRO SHIELD GYM FLOOR (Carpet Tile) COVER TO VINYL COVERS 1. Carpet gives off a warmer more pleasant appearance. 2. Carpet is safe, lays flat and the tiles won’t move, vinyl does ripple and gather. 3. Carpet Tiles protect the floor against sharp objects, vinyl often tears, and needs to be taped. 4. Carpet Tiles allow the Wood Gym Floors breath, Vinyl traps moisture between the floor and the cover, potentially doing damage to the wood floor. 5. Carpet tile Dolly’s allow for storage in small out of the way areas, the Vinyl Cover dispenser is large and cumbersome. 6. The Pro Shield Carpet is made from Polypropylene and will allow moisture to dry quickly, the Vinyl covers will let moisture just sit on the surface. 7. Pro Shield can be vacuumed and wet cleaned, rolling up the vinyl covers you end up with large amounts of dirt on the gym floor. 8. Far better Acoustics than Vinyl 9. Pro Shield tiles give you more flexibility, you can put down only the amount of tiles you need for a particular event. 10. Pro Shield is PVC free Miller Flooring Company Page 4
CARPET TILE SYSTEM Case Study Miller Flooring Company Page 5
CARPET TILE SYSTEM Carpet Tile in Action (Time Lapse Video-Installation) Please use the following link to see the Carpet Tile System in use: Miller Flooring Company Page 6
VINYL COVER SYSTEM GymGuard Floor Cover Features  Ultra-durable, 3-ply fabrics - PVC coated (on both sides) polyester mesh  Fire retardant to all standard fire codes - NFPA 701, CA Fire Marshal and UL 300  Exceeds ADA and OSHA requirements for slip-resistant surfaces  10'wide sections for easy handling - seams are strong and lay smooth and flat  Sizing: The 10-foot solution - we suggest adding 6"-12" for overlapping each section (i.e., for a 70'x110' floor, order eight sections of 10'x100')  15 colors available  Waterproof, rot and mildew resistant, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial  Custom-made to your gym floor dimensions, or  Available in 10'x100' sections for quick shipment Note: When purchasing vinyl gym floor covers selections will need to be made from a variety of options for the system prior to a final estimate from Miller Flooring Company. The options include:  Material weight  Roller Storage Rack model  Optional equipment and special purchase discounts Miller Flooring Company Page 7
VINYL COVER SYSTEM GymGuard Floor Cover Specification Sheet-32 oz. Fabric Miller Flooring Company Page 8
VINYL COVER SYSTEM GymGuard Floor Cover Available Colors Miller Flooring Company Page 10
VINYL COVER SYSTEM GymGuard Floor Cover in Action (Link to GymGuard video) Please use the following link to see the GymGuard Vinyl Floor Cover set up & use: Miller Flooring Company Page 11