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St. John’s UMC
March 2017 Journal
St. John’s United Methodist Church
515 S McDuffie St
Anderson SC 29624-2330
Phone (864) 224-6563
Rev. Dr. Kitty Holtzclaw
Fax (864) 224-8330
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Combined Sunday School in
Fellowship Hall
St. Johns Journal
Page 2
“To whom it may concern: I am
most grateful for having my ramp
built. The Rebuild Upstate staff
was so very polite, kind, courte-
ous and on time. The volunteers
were very clean and orderly. This
ramp makes me feel safer and
now I can do more for myself
without the fear of falling. I also
can carry some things with me. I
couldn’t do that climbing stairs! I
just want to give my biggest
thanks to Rebuild Upstate for
this program. It really worked
for me. Thank you sincerely.” – A
Rebuild Upstate client.
Rebuild Upstate pro-
vides minor home repair
installing ramps or
patching floors or roofs
for homeowners who
don’t have the financial
or physical means to do
the repair them-
selves. By doing so we
help folks stay in their
homes with the dignity
and safety that everyone
For three years, St.
John’s has been volun-
teering with Rebuild
Upstate. Dozens of St.
John’s members have
participated in Rebuild
projects around Anderson, mostly
building ramps for people who
have trouble getting in and out of
their houses. No experience is
necessary Rebuild Upstate pro-
vides the tools, the materials, the
plans, and experienced leaders
for each project. Every team
we’ve had from St. John’s has
included both experienced crafts-
men, engineers, architects, and
others who have rarely, if ever,
done this sort of work.
In 2017, St. John’s first Rebuild
Upstate project is coming up on
March 18th. This time, we’ll be
installing a ramp at a house in
Iva, SC. We’d love to have some
new folks on our Rebuild team! If
you would like to participate in
the March 18th project, contact
the church office or Chip Reaves,
Who Is My Neighbor?
International Missions project
planning for St. John’s :
In Luke 10, Jesus says “Love the
Lord your God with all your heart
and with all your soul and with
all your strength and with all
your mind’; and, ‘Love your
neighbor as yourself.” When
asked “Who is my neighbor?”, He
replies with the story of the Good
Samaritan a story where a man
is beaten and left for dead, then
saved by a stranger from another
A group of St. John’s members
are beginning discussions to start
an international mission project
for our church, to hopefully be
the strangers from another land
who step in to help our neigh-
bors. At this early point there are
no specific details we have some
ideas, but we’re also open to sug-
gestions and input from others
who may want to participate.
Would you like to be a part? Join
us for an informal, informational
meeting on March 14
at 6pm in
the parlor, or contact Chip
Reaves at 864-231-7496.
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 3
Every profession has responsibilities
that we wish weren’t part of the job. I
don’t know any pastor whose heart is
thrilled by the statistical tables that
are due each year. When we stood
before the bishop and pledged to
serve Jesus Christ through his Church,
our minds were on making disciples
for the transformation of the world,
not the bottom line of church assets
and expenses. While reports like these
do not make my heart sing, they do
give us helpful information. While
they take a great deal of work, they
give us a snapshot of a moment in the
life and health of the church.
As I looked at the completed tables, I
was very pleased with some of the
numbers. We should celebrate a 12%
increase in worship attendance. The
tables also showed a 16% increase in
the number of households giving to
the St. John’s this year. The numbers
also show us ministries that we need
to strengthen to ensure vitality.
Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t
necessarily tell the whole truth, either.
They may confirm some hunches but
it’s pretty hard to measure the King-
dom of God. Numbers may indicate
how much or how many, but they
don’t tell us much about our relation-
ship to Jesus or to one another. All
through Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount,
he calls us out of narrow boundaries
into new territory. He isn’t giving us a
new policy manual or a yardstick for
measuring our righteousness. What he
offers is much better than that. He’s
creating a new way of being alive!
Julie Lee, our youth director, shared
this Mike Slaughter quote with me,
"People come up to me and tell me I
come to Church to be fed. I always tell
them that I am not here to feed you, I
am here to show you the menu." He’s
right on track with Jesus’ Sermon on
the Mount. Discipleship isn’t a formu-
la; it’s a relationship with Jesus. Church
isn’t about adding a number on our
spiritual spreadsheet; it’s a sacred
partnering where we grow and serve
together in love.
Every so often I will look back through
the comments from the home gather-
ings from last summer and I see the
things you are yearning for a robust
faith connected to your life and
meaningful connection to one
another. Can we measure those? No,
but we can experience them. Are you
loving God? Are you being loving to
ourselves? To the people you interact
with every day? Can we measure
things like justice and mercy? Proba-
bly not. But it does not mean that we
cannot help bring them into reality.
As always, pray for Jesus’ church at St.
John’s. Pray for the sick and hurting
and the lonely. Pray for our children,
our youth, and their parents. Pray for
the St. John’s staff and lay leaders.
Pray for those who aren’t part of St.
John’s but need a relationship with
our Savior. I hope you will join us for
our Shift Weekend, but regardless,
please pray that we would be led by
the Holy Spirit into a vibrant, hope-
filled future in
God’s kingdom.
St. Jo hns Journal
Page 4
The Child Development Center’s “Love Lunch”
was a huge success! More than 220 children
and parents attended this event. The children
were very excited to have their loved ones eat
lunch with them and to dance on the stage
with their friends.
We are excited for the first day of Spring due
to the many activities and events that we have
planned. The children will get to pick strawberries as well as learn the life cycle of a plant.
The children are also awaiting the arrival of a “naughty” lepre-
chaun to visit them on St. Patrick’s Day! That naughty lepre-
chaun turns the CDC upside down every year.
Reminder: Registration is now open; please call the CDC at 864-
224-2837 for more information. Spots are filing up fast so if you
are interested in registering your child please contact the CDC
It is Renegade Gospel: The Rebel Jesus by Mike Slaughter
Jesus didn't come to start a religion. The rebel Jesus came with a
renegade gospel to start a revolution. You and I are invited to be a
part. In Renegade Gospel, pastor and author Mike Slaughter pre-
sents Jesus and his challenging message to inspire us during Lent,
Easter, and through the year. Read the red letters and discover
Jesus all over again.
Here is our schedule:
February 26th: Renegade Gospel, March 5th : Renegade Gospel,
March 12th: Family Game Day (right after Church) This takes place
of regular youth, March 19th: Renegade Gospel, March 26th: Rene-
gade Gospel
Salk registration is now open go to Salkehatchie Summer Service, a ministry of the South
Carolina Conference UMC to register. Do not pay. We have funds that we raised during the
hot dog supper to pay for that! 14 and older! Let me know as soon as you sign up and I will go
online and finish it. June 24th - July 1st (Middle Tyger, Lyman is our camp).
If at all possible please attend the Shift Retreat. I think the youth would benefit from this
too. I attended the staff training yesterday--I left there hopeful, excited and on fire! I know
it is a weekend-- we all have things to do but this is important! If you have listened to the
talk about the way things change every 500 years then you know that it is time for things to
shift again. Isn't it exciting to think that you could have a voice in how Church will be?!! Sign
up with the Church office! Thank you and Love y'all, Julie
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 5
St. John’s Happy Group Travel
TUESDAY, APRIL 4, 7:30 p.m.
at the Brooks Center, Clemson, SC.
The winner of eight Tony Awards including BEST MUSICAL,
is a truly original Broadway experience. Featuring an
impressive ensemble of actor/musicians who play their own instruments on stage,
the tale of a Dublin street musician who is about to give up on his dream when a beautiful young
woman takes a sudden interest in his haunting love songs. It is an unforgettable story about going
for your dreams and the power of music to connect us all.
We are planning for an early dinner On Your Own at Tucker’s Restaurant at 5:00 p.m.
will travel in St. John’s UMC buses with pick-up at the church at
4:30 p.m.
you may
meet us at
Tucker’s at
5:00 p.m.
and then ride the bus to Clemson.
For reservations or more information: Call Ben & Marion Hursey 261-6642.
You must inform us about your travel plans when you make your reservation.
Cost: $40.00 - Payment may be made at the Happy Group lunch or send a check
(HAPPY GROUP) to: Mike Smith, 308 Green Hill Drive, Anderson, SC.
The deadline for signing up and payment is the Happy Group
Lunch on Tuesday, March 14, 2017
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 6
The St John's Happy Group will be meeting
Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 12:00 Noon in the
Fellowship Hall. We will enjoy a meal of
Poppy Seed Chicken, Rice, Squash Casserole,
Sassy Salad, Rolls, and cake served by Caroli-
na Catering.
Our program will be provided by Mr. Craig
Johnson. His work experience in 12 medical
universities and
hospitals over
40 years really
allowed him to see the world. He takes great pleasure in sharing
what he sees and hears through writing, lecture, and visual imag-
es. He states his ultimate compliment comes from a highly edu-
cated health professional, "I would rather see the world through
your eyes than through my own". Come and see what Mr. John-
son has to show our Happy Group.
Members will be called or emailed for reservations. Non mem-
bers and guests are asked to call President Dick Franklin or Portia
Franklin at 864-642-9698 for reservations. Reservations are due by
Friday, March 10, 2017.
March 5th - 11th
“And so The Flock continues to
grow reaching out to friends and
strangers. St. John’s has formed a
Yarn Circle. Everyone is invited.
Bring needles, yarn, and a friend.
“Join the Flock” here in Anderson
the second Thursday of the month
at 10:00 in the Church Library at St.
John’s. Or form your own flock.”
Please see the March Advocate to
read the complete article!
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 7
In memory of Carol Brown
George & Ann Sullivan
Nan Foster & Bobby Duke
Jim Foster, Jr.
Kathy LaFoy
Linda Pickens
Bob & Pat Martin
Ed & Wanda Stewart
In memory of Eddie Thomas
Chris & Andrea Harpe
David & Lana Parker
In memory of George Ann Holly
Bob & Pat Martin
In memory of Joseph & Delephene
Tammy Dwozan
In memory of Pansy Upton
Miriam Pettigrew
In memory of Carol Brown
Darrell Sage
Marilyn Garris
In honor of George & Ann Sullivan
Margaret Scoggins King
In memory of Grace T. Sandlin
Jake & Mary Rowell
In memory of Willard A. Rowell
Jake & Mary Rowell
In memory of Carol Brown
Jim Causey
In honor of Chip Reaves
Miriam Pettigrew
In honor of Saturday Servants &
Soup Kitchen Volunteers
The McLay Family
St. Joh ns Journal
Page 8
7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
" 3 Big Moves for the 9:00a - 3:30p SHIFT, Fellowship Hall
10:00a Circle 6, Mary O. Holler Bible Class
21st Century Church"
11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open
6:00p Ash Wednesday Service, Sanctuary
Holy Commuion 6:30p - 8:30p SHIFT, Fellowship Hall
7:00p Chancel Choir, Sanctuary
7:00p Hand Bell Choir, Hand Bell Rm.
Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
5 SHIFT WEEKEND 6 7 8 9 10 11
9:15a Combined Sunday Sch, F. Hall 7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
10:00a Chancel Choir Rehearsal 10:00a Staff Meeting, Osteen Bldg. 11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open 10:00a Yarn Circle Mtg., Church Library
10:00a Coffee & Conversation, F. Hall
10:00a Bible Study, Library 11:00a CDC Chapel Fellowship Hall is Reserved by the CDC
10:30a Morning Worship, Sanctuary 2:00p Circle 2 Mtg.,TBD 1:30p Happy Group Executive Mtg. 12:00p Lenten Service, Chapel 2:00p Circle 1 Mtg., Church Library
5:45p Youth Group Meeting, FAC 2:00p Circle 5 Mtg., Parlor Osteen Bldg. Lunch in the Fellowship Hall
2:00p Bridge Club, Church Library Fellowship Hall Resv. DCM
Wednesday Evening - (see schedule below)
Family Promise Week Family Promise Week Family Promise Week Family Promise Week Family Promise Week Family Promise Week Family Promise Week
1st Sunday of Lent Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
12 13 14 15 16 17 18
8:20a Instrumental Rehearsal, Sanctuary 7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
9:15a Church School, Educ Bldg/A Ctr 10:00a Staff Meeting, Osteen Bldg. 11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open Fellowship Hall Reserved
10:00a Chancel Choir Rehearsal 10:00a Bible Study, Library 12:00p Lenten Service, Chapel DCM Meeting
10:00a Coffee & Conversation, Parlor
12:00p Happy Group, Fellowship Hall Lunch in the Fellowship Hall
10:30a Morning Worship, Sanctuary Wednesday Evening - (see schedule below)
Family Game Day 6:00p International Missions Mtg., 6:00p Youth Group, F.A.C.
Immediately following worship Parlor
Lunch and then games
2nd Sunday of Lent Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
19 20 21 22 23 24 25
9:15a Church School, Educ Bldg/A Ctr 7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
10:00a Chancel Choir Rehearsal 10:00a Staff Meeting, Osteen Bldg. 11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open
10:00a Coffee & Conversation, Parlor
10:00a Bible Study, Library 11:00a CDC Chapel
10:30a Morning Worship, Sanctuary 12:00p Lenten Service, Chapel
5:45p Youth Group Meeting, FAC 5:30p Finance Committee Mtg., Parlor 6:00p CDC Board Mtg., Osteen Bldg. Lunch in the Fellowship Hall
6:30p Church Council Mtg., Parlor 6:00p Missions Mtg., Parlor 2:00p Bridge Club, Church Library
Wednesday Evening - (see schedule below)
6:00p 411 Faith & Life, Rm 412
3rd Sunday of Lent Journal info is due by Noon Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
26 27 28 29 30 31 WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE
9:15a Church School, Educ Bldg/A Ctr 7:30a Men's Breakfast, The Meeting Place
10:00a Chancel Choir Rehearsal 10:00a Staff Meeting, Osteen Bldg. 11:00a St. John's Clothes Closet Open 6:00p Children's Choir (Gr.1-5), Chapel
10:00a Coffee & Conversation, Parlor
10:00a Bible Study, Library 12:00p Lenten Service, Chapel 6:00p Youth Group, F.A.C.
10:30a Morning Worship, Sanctuary Lunch in the Fellowship Hall 6:00p 411 Faith & Life, Rm 412
5:45p Youth Group Meeting, FAC Wednesday Evening - (see schedule below) 7:00p Chancel Choir, Sanctuary
6:00p Trustees Mtg., Osteen Bldg. 6:00p Youth Group, F.A.C. 7:00p Hand Bell Choir, Hand Bell Rm.
Parlor is Reserverd by the CDC
Youth & 411 Faith & Life Alternate weeks
4th Sunday of Lent Bulletin info is due by 5:00p
March 2017
St. John's United Methodist Church, Anderson, South Carolina Mission of the Month is Rebuild Upstate - Chip Reaves
(Frequent changes are made to the monthly calendar. Please check the weekly calendar in the Journal & Bulletin for confirmation of events.)