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This simplebooklet will be about the settings in the novel The Westing Game. You will learn about how the setting is important and why these setting made a huge impact on the novel.

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The Westing Game Settings 

by:Janice Vega

Westing House

The Westing House was one of the most important serttings in the novel because that is where Sam Westing lived and they thought that it would be a good idea to search for clues in that house. They also thought that finding clues in that house would lead them to know who killed Sam Westing.


Sunset Towers

Sunset Towers is the most important setting throughout this whole novel because that is where everything happened. This is where some major events happened for example the parts when they find clues and they all tryto figure it out. This is a place where they sell apartments, this is where Barney invited the others to come and stay

Shin Hoo's Restaraunt

This is a important setting in the novel because, this where most of the bombing happened. The bomber would bomb this restaraunt some of the characters thought the owners did this for attention..but they are wrong because they had nothing to do with the bombings.

This is a somewhat important setting because this is where everything is. This is where the Sunset Towers is by and other settings as well. "Glittery,Glassy apartment house stood alone on the Lake Michigan shore five stories high." (Raskin 1) This shows that the Sunset Towers is close to Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan

This is a somewhat important setting because this is where some of the clues were found, and this is also where others went to find out the deeper meaning of the clue as well.

The Wexler's Apartment

This setitng was important in the beginning of the book. The reason why this is, is because this was the original place to eat at sunset towers but there was some bombing situations that happened there. Due to bombing of the coffee shop that is when they replaced it with the Shin Hoo's restaraunt.

The coffee shop