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Thomas More

        Utopia, by Thomas More, is a fictional book about an island society in which everything is perfect. There are no wars, no private property, and all religions, of which include sun, moon, & planet worshippers as well as monotheists. Money, gold, & silver are worthless for everything but trade with other nations... And bribing other nations to fight each other... It inspired several wackos, including Karl Marx, founder of the socialist/communist field of thinking. As well as anababtists, who aren't wackos and who believe in waiting to babtize until the person can choose to be baptized. It is incredibly significant, as it semi-indirectly started the entire communist vs. capitalist fight. According to rationalwiki, however, "One drawback a utopian 'planner' must deal with is that one person's utopia is often another person's Hell;" You can't please eveyone, no matter how hard you try, which is why a utopia is virtually impossible to achieve.