Prophecies For 2016


Collections of Dreams & Visions: (corrected cope)

Date of Dream: 04/27/2016

Contents: Dream about UPS and all delivering services be on guard

Date released:

Written by: Richard Allen Jenkins


The dream starts with me on the phone with a lady from the main office about a delivery sitting on the floor not delivered. She asked me if I could deliver the merchandise to the main hub to be put on the airplane and fly the plane to the city that night. I told her that I would do my best to make it happen. There was so much chaos around this delivery that it took everything within me to get help putting it on the truck. I let a young man drive the truck while I watched the merchandise in the back. The next thing I knew, He had run a red light at an intersection and caused us to hit a pole. The merchandise went everywhere all over the street and sidewalk. We lost one third of the merchandise that was made up of long dress like garments and bottles of shampoo like liquid. In part of the dream, I knew we were going to the UPS hub to load the plane and there was only a couple of people working at the hub. I felt something was wrong, but went to the plane sitting on the tarmac. Then more chaos came from those that were with me about how and why we were to load the plane. After seeing the jet, I made up my mind I was not going to fly that plane. It would be a suicide mission! Then I woke up. What I feel was revealed: After I woke up, the Lord spoke to me about this dream. I must pray for UPS company and all delivering services. Some kind of disruption will happen inside these services. A Chaos spirit will hit this company concerning their decision making. Wrong decisions will be made causing Chaotic decisions around their hubs. They must increase security around there HUBS to stop disruption.


MY DEVOTIONS May 3, 2016



“Learn to be still and quiet. Learn praise in the Spirit embraces Me without you doing a thing. Move through the corridors of My heart and let My love embrace you and fill your soul with hope and faith. Just learn to come and wait. I am there. Faith believes when everything else is falling apart and receives because you know, I didn’t Move.” “In this season, when your faith is tried strong, learn the value of having done all to stand. Just stand. If my grace depended on you what would it look like or feel like? Therefore, know that “I AM”. When you feel My presence or when you don’t, in silence or speaking; “I Am”. Learn to lean back in the arms of my faint whisper with as much familiarity as you are with the trumpet call to action. The whisper of My presence does more than the loud sound of a whirlwind! So learn how to gather the silent droplets of rain falling softly, though you do nothing at all but receive them. So stand and just drink and drink in My presence.” Today, this season, guard against the enemy’s stealthy attempts to cause doubt, fear, or unbelief. Stand in Him! Read (Eph. 6:10-12,13) (Isaiah 59:19 KJV) “So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the West, and His glory from the rising of the sun, when the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him.”


1.Word for This Season (March, ‘16)

By: Patti Jenkins

Several words came to me this morning in prayer. They were: 1. Wind 2. Shedding 3. Necessity


We are coming into a month that is characterized by, “Wind”. Wind brings about change in the very atmosphere. It moves things “In” and moves things “Out”! Old, dead branches, and stubborn clusters of leaves reluctant to fall are removed by the power of the wind. Dead trees and bushes are uprooted by powerful gusts, sometimes causing great disruption in the placement and fruition of healthy plants and even smaller trees below. They may be crushed or find themselves also uprooted in the unyielding power of the wind. But wind can also bring good things about as well. Seeds held within the clutches of their gracious hosts gladly relinquish their bounty knowing their dispersal ensures another generation of that species. And so it is with us, in the Spirit. Wind causes fronts to move in and out. The billowy, white clouds amass growing darker until they can no longer contain their captors, finally releasing them as the life giving bounty of rain. This causes a proliferation of green vegetation and the burst of color magically springing up everywhere signaling Spring has arrived! So wind is very beneficial in initiating the change needed in the natural. In the spiritual context this month, the Lord is saying to be sensitive to the slightest breath felt from the whisper of His Presence. Listen; Hear, what and how He is speaking, both in the natural and in the Spirit. Don’t disregard even the slightest indication of the Spirit urging you to speak a word from Him to that co-worker, your boss, friend or neighbor, for they are life giving seeds of light and hope in Him. He speaks through a feeling of hesitation as well when He is redirecting your steps or way. Listen, obey and yield to His still small voice hovering in the wind. Deposit faithfully what He gives you and go where He directs even if it is a way you have never been or known before. Trust Him. I am reminded of King David being directed by the Lord to listen for the wind in the tops of the balsam trees. Obeying Him implicitly brought about the victory for all of Israel! (2Sam.5:22-25) “Shedding”, is another word He spoke to me this morning for this season. Animals start to shed their winter coats this month in many places. We also start to shed our heavy outer-wear in favor of lighter attire befitting to the warmer season. Shedding is nature’s way, God’s way; of providing a way to adapt to the seasonal change. This month, as the wind brings in the change of season, be willing to change with it. Get rid of the old to make way for the new. Discard what you don’t use or what would now prove to be cumbersome hampering movement. In other words, be willing to remove old patterns of thinking, tradition and behavior that impedes progress and maturity in the Spirit. This is a NEW season within a NEW year, and we must be willing to hear what the Spirit says and change with the wind of the Spirit; not against it. I hear the word, “Necessity”. In war soldiers only bear what is absolutely necessary for survival. Their focus is on overcoming the enemy. Every step they take has been fully weighed and their strategy already planned beforehand. Are we ready? Are you willing? They wouldn’t be entrusted with their mission unless they had proven they were ready. They had to be willing to tune their ears to be keenly aware of their surroundings and circumstances, listening and watching for changes around them that would indicate the enemy was near. Taking into consideration each member of their unit and resolving they would become as “ONE” was absolutely paramount. Taking more than we need, could absolutely, cost us the victory because of being too bogged down with the cares of this life! So this season listen more intently for the wind than ever before and be willing to shed the old for the new. It is an absolute necessity this season in order to be free of what would otherwise distract, overwhelm or take the place of the weapons of warfare He is dispensing to those adapting to His purposes and vision! (Lev. 26:10) “You will eat the Old supply and Clear out the old because of the New.”