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World Meme-istory

An Informational Textbook


The sad representation of history that you are about to witness is the product of a mentally ill earth inhabitant who is trying to scrape the bottom of the barrel for available points. 

You have been warned.

726 AD

Emperor Leo III ordered destruction of icons, nobody could worship statues and portraits of even Jesus Christ. Uneducated people in the West continued worshipping though because the icons promoted the Christian message. 


I know

I am Jesus Christ, and you can no longer worship my portrait

You are not my creator

1508 - 1512

Michelangelo was a famous artist from the Renaissance, and he painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel from 1508 - 1512. It was a fresco, which included the famous painting of the Creation of Adam. Michelangelo had several other successful pieces of art, including the sculpture of David and the Sculpture of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, La Pietá. 

I created Michelangelo who created both you and I



Another famous artist and inventor of the Renaissance, Leonardo Da Vinci, was considered to be the "Ultimate Renaissance Man", having a complex creative mind, he conceived one of the most paintings in the world around 1503, The Mona Lisa.

When people wonder what you are smirking about but you are merely a painting of a woman incapable of thought who was created by the ultimate "Renaissance Man"

When a Serbian Nationalists ruins your day by murdering you and your wife which starts a World War

June 28, 1914

Archduke of Austria-Hungary Franz Ferdinand is murdered by what the government believes to be a Serbian Nationalist. War breaks out between the two countries and their allies, which was the start of WWI.

World War I