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Be the one to explore one of the world's best kept secrets!

- Visit Santiago de los Caballeros de Guatemala, one of the first Spanish founded cities in the continent in 1524. 

- Guatemala is known for having one the best coffees in the world (if not the best). Come have a taste at a coffee tour and see for yourself!

- Pay a visit to Hobbitenango, a Lord of the Rings inspired village in the mountains.

- Stay at the old city's best hotel, colonial style Casa Santo Domingo

1st. stop:

Antigua Guatemala

2nd Stop:



Contrary to what you may have heard, Guatemala is the actual HEART OF THE MAYAN WORLD. The entire world recognizes the ancient Mayas as one of the greates civilizations that ever lived. It is believed that the Mayas even gave us the value of 0. In Guatemala you can find the ruins of more than 17 Mayan cities. Some say you haven't seen greatness until you see the pyramids... once you're there you become troubled to contradict that theory. 

3rd Stop:

Guatemala City, 


Modern & pop culture

- Be amazed by the most unique city/mall you've ever seen. Paseo Cayalá is a colonial styled mall; just gorgeous!

- You can also find the most techonologic and also the biggest mall in Central America here. We do have a thing for shopping malls.

- Visit the newest hipster and underground neighborhood in the city. You'll love a cup of coffee there. 

- Take a stroll down Sexta Avenida, a street dowtown filled with culture and street art. 



- Party at Zona 10, where you'll find cool night clubs and pretty buildings including the Dubai Center, home of Hard Rock Cafe Guatemala.

- Drive by Torre del Reformador, an Eiffel Tower inspired monument donated by the government of France. 

- You don't need much luck to bump into an electronic or house concert or bash. We certainly love a good beat and are home to one of the greatest music festivals in Central America, the EMF (Empire Music Festival). 

4th Stop:

Lake Atitlán

- Go on a roadtrip with breath-taking views to get to Panajachel, the most famous town at Lake Atitlán, where culture and natural beauty collide.

- Visit any of the towns around the lake, there is one for all of us. 

- San Juan is the place for a hippie life-style to be pleased. You'll find a meditation center and a secret deck to give the best jump to the lake.

- San Pedro la Laguna is for those who seek to party in a more underground level, you might regret it the next morning but you'll love it. 

- Lake Atitlán is also somewhere where myths explain the lake's behavior. Meet with one of the prettiest lakes in the world. 

5th Stop:

Mundo Petapa, Xetulul, y Xocomil



(IRTRA Ciudad y Retalhuleu)

- Mundo Petapa, IRTRA, is an amusement park at the edge of the city. It surely is a very fun way to meet with rollercoasters and guatemalan myths. 

- IRTRA Retalhuleu, Xetulul and Xocomil, are two amusement parks three hours away from the city.

- Xetulul is themed park where you'll find replicas of European countries and a very unique Guatemalan colonial and Maya replica. 

- Xocomil is a Mayan themed water park you must visit just for the sake of being showered by the Maya gods... or just fun, that works too. 

- IRTRA Retalhuleu is complimented by a huge resort with different themed hotels, spas, recreative centers and activities.


6th Stop:


More Guatemala City,


history and culture

There is so much more than partying and malls in the city. You can also meet with tradition and old buildings more than 200 years old.

- Plaza de la constitución is our central square, where you can find the presidential palace and the metropolitan cathedral. 

- The general cemetery is 136 years old and they say it is much more prettier than it is haunted. 

- El Cerrito del Carmen is the oldest spot in the city, where a spanish misionary was told by Virgin Mary to build a church in the middle of nowhere. 

There is not much we can say about Guatemalan beaches other than: they are gorgeous and may be different colors. 

- Visiting the south beaches, you can find vulcanic sand shores, with exotic black sand. There are a lot of nice hotels to stay and even a turtles sanctuary where you can pay to release a baby turtle to the sea. 

- Traveling to the north, you may get to Livingston, land of the Garifunas. Livingston offers white sand beaches if you're not really a fan of black sand.

7th Stop:

Guatemalan beaches, you like them black or white? 

100 next stops:

Guatemala has docens of more sites to take your breath away. Either you want to love you some cultural or natural wonders, Guatemala has it... and it's waiting for you!

Xela, Quetzaltenango

Semuc Champey, Alta Verapaz

Pacaya Volcano,

Cook your own s'mores in a river of lava!


Sumpango, Sacatepéquez

Watch how giant kites fly!

But if you're interested on being a global citizen, we've got you covered! AIESEC Guatemala offers you a variety of projects which allow you to come for a minimum of six weeks and not only visit the country but work to impact it and change its reality. Don't miss out on this opportunity...

Contact the incoming global volunteering team:

Ana Elisa Pineda: +502 3036 4770 (whatsapp)

Andrea Pernillo: +502 4721 9562 (whatsapp)

Luis Alfredo Luna: +502 3043 4677 (whatsapp)

Jessica Tejeda: +502 5633 8118 (whatsapp)

or head directly to our opportunities portal: AIESEC GUATEMALA



See you in the Heart of the Mayan World! 

Guatemala is waiting for you!

The eternal spring country awaits! If you are interested in getting to know Guatemala more, read these articles from an English backpacker who like many others, fell in love with country and gives advice on turisting and budget:

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