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The Dove  


     The purpose of “The Dove” is simply to relate the revelations that were received on that date in order to Biblically convey the revelation to the believer. It is not the intent of this prophecy to completely cover all the truth associated with these revelations. It is our prayer that the believer will study these revelations during the course of this year to extract all the understanding the Spirit of Truth will reveal. These revelations apply to the year that it is given and the years to follow as each revelation provides greater clarity and focus for the Lord’s heart for this generation.

      The spirit of the Two Spies Joshua and Caleb they saw everything different. This came with the New Warrior. In 2012 there will be a new breed of Warriors arise out of the smoke of compliance and challenges the way things are done. They will have a different Spirit within them. We have to be careful how we respond to them.


The Dove 2009   The New Warrior


        The Warrior, Not by mighty, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord In 2007 the Lord spoke to me about ministries that would be birthed in 2009. They were to be strong and watch the Middle East and for in doing so it would become clear the way the spirit was going to move in the near future. I did not understand at that time what this meant to now. The new year started with Isreal conducting military air strikes into Gaz Strip in response to the repeated bombing into Israel by their enemy. The Holy Spirit spoke to me that the first part of 2009 there would be spiritual warfare to be fight because of the enemy's attack upon God's gatherings. Because of these attacks, His church will go through a period of six months of heavy attacks. There will be some that will quit. This time will be called a time of thinning out of dead weight. After this period of time a new impartation will be giving to the faithful and they will be called a new breed of Warriors. They have the spirit of the two spys Cabel and Joshua. A new warfare will come forth with new weapons and people going to the war room picking out weapons to take possession of the promises concerning speaking those things that are not, into things that must come forth.

A New Warrior

The Dove 2011



     I was laying on the couch in my living room, and I entered a vision with an angel flying through the room shouting “Cast your bread upon the waters,” As I was watching the vision I remembered this scripture was located in the book of Ecc. Chapter 11. Then he began to speak. The first thing he spoke to me was that He has seen our faithfulness, now watch and see my faithfulness to you. This is a time that we are learning how to trust him without question. We must cast our whole life upon the waters of time that leads us to the father’s heart. He spoke of seven which speaks of completeness and perfection. He spoke of eight which means new beginning and resurrections. A transfiguration is coming to his body in the light of Him. He spoke of the wonders of the supernatural that will open our hearts to trust Him fully to bring it to pass. (Eccl. 11:5) He warned me of the love of power that leads to vanity of life. This will stop many from obeying the Holy Spirit’s leading, which He will demand without question. He showed me Naboth’s vineyard conflict with the King and how the Church would be confronted by a spirit that revealed itself like the spirit of Jezebel, but the outcome was hopelessness like the spirit that attacked Job. (I Kings. 21) Because of what’s happening in the natural, the body of Christ would have to wrestle with this spirit. Those that receive this warning will overcome, but those that don’t understand will take a hard blow that will try to leave them hopelessness. We all know the story of Job how he was attacked and the outcome in his life. Naboth was tested about his inheritance over a small piece of land. (I Kings 21) The Lord told me that a time is coming when we will have to make a stand for truth in love. What you are tested over does not matter as much as how you handle it. Our vineyards are under attack so that there will be no harvest. We must prepare our vineyard to bring forth fruit at the harvest. He then said, “The Church is too heavy.” We must clean out the vineyard of weeds and guard the gate. We are not for sale. He spoke to me about the golden oil and the joining of the Kings and Priesthood. Golden oil will be for the healing of the nations. The glory will return to the body of Christ in it fullness. Tabernacling in his dwelling place: Hebrews 9 Ark of the Covenant We know in part and prophecy in part and we walk in the light that has been revealed. God is Light. We receive enlightment from time spent in the heavenly places. Our spiritual man desires to walk deeper into this living and breathing light that the Psalmist speaks of in Psalm 48. Walking in the Heavenly. for the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of prophecy. Our Lord has a divine appointment to take up a dwelling place in us. As we mature in his image and likeness he is preparing us to bring forth the proceeding word to this generation. A Revelation of light to the church in the fullness of time will be released to those who walk in the light as he is in the light, walking in fellowship with one another into the living light. We know in part and prophecy in part and we walk in the light that has been revealed. When the trumpet is blown it will send forth a clear sound that will send a new vibration through heaven. A clear sounding word will ring throughout the earth to those ready to hear it. We are asked to move to the clear sounding word given by the comforter, to walk in the spirit and he will lead us to the living light that will begin to take over the church. Holy Spirit has brought you out of darkness and will lead you into the light. You must come out before you can go in. No one puts new wine in old wine skins. The glory will return in the flow with force. He spoke of an authority that is coming to help bring in the harvest. The harvest is heavy and ready to be brought into the barns. He has always brought in the harvest on Heavens time table. He said to the people that this is not the Lord’s first harvest. He knows how to bring in a harvest. As we watch him do the harvest, we will start doing what we have seen.




he Lord started the frame work for “The Dove” with a dream consisting of two Bible stories with which we are all very familiar with. The first was how Joshua spoke to the sun to be still and the other was Gideon’s fleece. Holy Spirit used these two stories to lay the foundation for the prophetic word he would continue to give me over the next month.


Decree through Authority:  Joshua 10:11-15


             The first insight into 2012 was the decree through authority. Holy Spirit explained to me about a heavenly authority that will enable us to decree things, seen and heard from Heaven, to be used for the kingdom on earth. Holy Spirit will entrust the church with the power to restore things back in its right order. We must understand the power of our words and how they can change the very atmosphere around us. That’s why I believe we will see the impartation of that authority giving back to us by Jesus, for the harvest. Holy Spirit spoke to me about this decree through authority in 2007. That’s why we’ve had so many fiery trials for the last five years, which have served to prepare us for the fullness of time.

When He showed me this in 2007, I saw, in the Spirit, many Christians falling away. After this period of time, a new impartation will be given to the faithful and they will be called a “new breed of warriors”. These warriors will have the spirit of the two spies, Caleb and Joshua, upon them. A new warfare will come forth with new weapons, and people going to the war room in Heaven to pick out weapons for the battle. There they will see and hear the promises decreed, concerning speaking those things that are not, into things that must come forth.(Job 22:28)  

He said, “The time has come to take community, town, State and nation”.

             He also said there would be a double portion or multiplication of everything you touch. What was hard will become easy, and will take very little effort. Things will speed up, and translation from place to place will begin to happen. He admonished to stay focused on the vision He has placed in our hearts and watch things double. (2 Kings 2:9)                                                        

             He said to share the abundance of both the load, and the blessing; adding to not be afraid to ask the people to share in the load, even up to seven times. Those that see what you see will share in the abundance of the rain that’s coming.(1 Kings 18:43)                             


 Clear Sounding Word: (Judges 6: 36-40)


         The second part of the dream was about Gideon’s fleece, which had a two-fold interpretation. This was a clear word from heaven that will help us in the hard times that are coming upon the whole earth.

New Insight into and old message:

To help us understand revelations for these last days.

Faith to trust and believe all things are possible.

I will put Issachar spirit within you to understand the times we are in. The clear word; the proceeding word along with obedience will began to arrive. Understanding and discernment will control the flow.  (1 Chronicles 12:32)

The fleece revealed a clear sounding word to Gideon and it gave him faith to trust the Lord in difficult circumstances. I believe this clear sounding word is the beginning of revelation that will be entrusted to believers for 2012.


Creativity of the Mind:   Spiritual creativity to physical uses.


        They had a clear sounding word from the heavenly.  The pre-creativity of the mind saw what was created in heaven and brought it to the earth. 

The first fleece showed a clear word from the Lord. He has shown us, through prophecy, a clear word to understand revelations for the Kingdom in the coming days.

The second fleece represented faith to trust the Lord and believe all things are possible.

The ones that release in the supernatural will be validated to bring things from heaven to be used on the earth.

A new understanding of an old revelation will come to light, that will escalate us into a new way of doing everything in the kingdom. The revelations we receive now will take everything we know farther into the spirit world, with understanding, “in the spirit”, without limitations.

There will be a great Highway built for God’s people to use to come together. This could mean the speed train that will be built.


Fear of the Lord:


       Great fear will flow on the just and unjust with righteous justice. All the earthly events will send shock waves through the earth. (Isa. 59:19   Isa. 11:3)        

Holy Spirit has dealt with me about the fear of the Lord in all of our decisions and the counsel of the Lord in reference to things pertaining to the Kingdom.  Holy Spirit will interpret things that pertain to the kingdom in order to lead us in the right direction. This will give us peace in our decisions, even in the uncertain atmosphere reigning in the natural.

The manifestation of this peace will overpower the sons of God in a most unusual way.  I want to say it will be tangible or like a garment upon your shoulders.

He will teach us how to rest in the glory. Dwelling in the presence of the Lord:

He is going to reach out to many giving them a second chance to walk in the kingdom. Now!

There will be great “gatherings of God’s people” because the Holy Spirit will call them to do so. 

The ones that release in the supernatural will be validated to bring things from heaven, to be used on the earth.

The spirit of David’s men will return, starting in the middle of 2012.

A “New Thing” being fulfilled and even hidden things kept in reserve. These things will be created now, which are called into being by the prophetic word.


The Dove 2012 Prophecy

The Dove   2013 Prophecy


The ax is already at the root of the Tree

Introduction :

            This is the message I received from the Lord for 2013. The message was giving between the Feast of Tabernacles and continued thru November. The message is written in the order I received them, not the order they will happen. As he gave me the message I wrote it down.


Conspiracy– 2013{   Sept. 30, 2012

Isaiah 8:12    “Do not call conspiracy everything this people calls a conspiracy; do not fear what they fear, and do not dread it.

 The LORD Almighty is the one you are to regard as holy, he is the one you are to fear, he is the one you are to dread.


     The line of conspiracies that will come up during the first part of 2013.The news will use the word a lot to try to describe what’s happening at that time.

      What he has prepared will now begin to be realized. Congress is still reeling from the things they have to deal with. The spirit on them is equal time to do what they must do.

      Things will begin to happen faster and God’s children will begin to see the timing of the Lord at every turn. Compromise will be the new bi word in the church and deep hidden sins will be revealed in the church.




I had a dream on 11/13/2012 and it was total Kaose.


The Vice: A Vision                              11/07/2012               


              The day after the 2012 election I saw the earth being put in a huge Vice and a hand was turning the wheel just a little. I felt this meant     PRESSURE


By the second quart of 1213 the world they will come under great pressure and doubt about the future. This will open doors to ministry in the marketplace. The light that He gave will shine through our life.

The time is coming when you will need to know where you stand so you won’t be overtaking by the spirit that will overtake this world. The uncertain that people will feel will over wham them by the middle of 2013.



 A great falling away:


      There will be a great falling away in religion. Many will leave the organized religion.

I see an invasion of the Holy Spirit among non-Pentecost Churches in the United States. They will experience and outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will awake them into an spiritual awakening like the church has never seen.


Learning to rest in His presence


……… Dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.  

                Eph. 2:22  In him the whole building is joined together and rises to become a holy temple in the Lord.  And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.

………about when the times will have reach their fulfillment-

Eph. 1:10  With all wisdom and understanding, 9 he[d] made known to us the mystery of his will according to his good pleasure, which he purposed in Christ, 10 to be put into effect when the times reach their fulfillment—to bring unity to all things in heaven and on earth under Christ.     



Many question that the next invasion of God will be outside the Church.


The Big Delivery                     11/13/2012 


       I feel asleep in the afternoon around 3:00 PM and had this dream. In the dream, I was a doctor about to deliver babies in ten small shacks lined up side by side in a field.  I opened the first door of the shack I saw a man sitting right at the entrance so I asked him how things were going. He said everything was going fine. I shut the door and started checking the other shack’s doors one after the other. As I moved closer to the end of the role I could feel myself coming out of the dream. The deliveries were on their way everything was fine. As I was opening one of the last doors I began to wake up. As I wake up I heard these words, “The time is not yet. But the time  is very near. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare for the time is near even at the door.


Interruption of dream:

I knew the number ten was symbolic and I knew the baby was the coming awakening or the new thing that everyone is talking about. I looked up the number ten and it means perfection of Divine Order. After the election, I believe Jesus was giving a divine order of things to come that would lead us into the fullness of things on earth. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare that you are ready to step into your delivery room.

Date: June 28, 2011


             Back in the later part of June, I began to receive words from the Holy Spirit concerning different regions in the United States. They were words of prophecy for places that I had never been or knew very little about. I had no foreknowledge of any previously prophecies spoken over these regions. The Lord began to release these words for the State of Vermont. The time line for this word is between the latter parts of the year of 2011 thru 2014.

The beginning of the Flow into the New

Throne Talk

The Vision:

            I was shown a River that flowed north to South through the State of Vermont. Instead of the river being filled with water, it was filled with a flowing cloud. In this flowing cloud was a whirlwind caused by the breath of the Lord driving it alone.  As it flowed, it divided into severally streams of peace giving the people power to rest. This continued until these streams reached across New England. When I could finely see the river clearly; I saw a ball of fire rolling down the middle of the flow which broke up, causing small fires in different places, as it moved alone. A great wind began to blow the flames until it covered the entire coast.

              I saw angels with torches lighting fires in different places across the New England area.

This was a symbolic act for the avalanche of prophetic words that will come forth making us aware of a clear sounding word; which is his proceeding word. These words will have direction and purpose or a theme from the Father’s heart. These prophetic words that will come forth, during this time, will prepare the region for what’s coming in the middle part of 2013.  Holy Spirit will reveal and instruct leadership to move in a different way. You must first let go before you can grab hold. Complete trust will give you faith to take hold of the new. 

A word for Vermont and New England

      2014 Prophecy - Open Door and the First Trumpet


The Vision of the Door:

         This year we will hear the first trumpet blast calling us through the door of beginnings. The prophecy started with a vision of me standing in front of an open door on earth that led to heaven and an invitation from Jesus to enter into this season. However, as I tried to enter the door, I could not get through. I had a large bag over my shoulder keeping me from passing through the threshold. In order to enter this door I would have to leave the bag and everything in it behind. The way you did things last season will not work in this new season. I heard Holy Spirit tell me I must turn lose of the bag before I could go any farther. The bag represented all the ways I had done things in the past. I would have to let go of all my ideas and feelings that enabled me to stay in control. Then I came out of the vision. Those that don’t grasp the new season in the right order will fall short of the goals set before them. They will become very offensive to what the Holy Spirit will reveal. Holy Spirit spoke again about great rewards awaiting those that will obey this request. Gifting’s will rest on people that have not been seen since Acts and revelations will come forth through the proceeding word with wisdom to understand the meaning. Through this door we will learn how to dwell in His presence.


Holy Spirit said, WE WILL HEAR THE BLASTS OF THREE DISTINCT TRUMPETS IN 2014 that will bring three announcements.


The First trumpet decreed will be sent out for us to walk into a new season that will bring forth a new Heaven sound.


     This new sound will be heard in our worship; from the music we play to the words that are written and sung. This sound will be a heavenly music that will call the Glory into our presence. He spoke about walking in spiritual transparent light that will show up in our gatherings. There will be a supernatural equipping and understanding what the Holy Spirit is doing now.


     Repentance Our worship will bring a change to our spirit man that begins to manifest in our destiny and mission. As we are exposed to the light we will repent from what is revealed to us by the Holy Spirit. In the way we hear the word of God:


Sound of Abundance: I heard the rain that will flood the rivers of revelation:


    During a conference in North Carolina in July, 2013, Holy Spirit opened my eyes and ears to this prophecy that will soon come to pass. This is what I saw and heard: I saw a small cloud, the size of a man’s hand coming and I heard the sound of an abundance of rain; bringing abundance of provisions. I heard the abundance of rain that caused the rivers to over flow with revelation. More Revelation about things coming will come early. We will listen to the word as hidden truths will become clear. Two truths will surface again in this season. From these truths, revelations from the word will flow like a river.


Relationship will be very important this year.


      Be aware of the influences and how they affect you? This is not a season to be easily influenced by what’s going on around you. As you go through the door Holy Spirit has opened for you this season, stay true to your assignment that is given to you for this season. There will be many distractions both in the natural and in the spiritual attempting to lead you astray from your heavenly vision. You will hear a clear sounding word inside you filtering out all the noise that will keep you from hearing his voice.” My sheep know my voice and they will not follow another”. (John 10:27) The first blast of the trumpet will bring in abundance to the new season. Like in Esther’s time, favor will be upon those that say and do the Lord’s will. A year of Joseph will last to the next event in 2015. This will be a time of releasing in the regions.

2014 Prophecy


The Dove 2014 Second Trumpet


        Second trumpet decreed God speaking to us clearly. A trail of Conflict (Showing us our inner conflicts) A Trail of Conflicts (will bring forth the resurrection Spirit equipping those to do warfare upon the earth.) (This is a declaration of War.) New war paths, Spiritual correction: Separation of things we have done in the past.


Elijah's conflict on MT. Carmel Ch.18


        We will hear the voice of God more clearly than ever before. Through Proceeding word (God inspired Word) in our corporate meeting. This will change how we tarry and dwelling for clarity.


1, Revealing of the proceeding word from the throne of Heaven in our corporate meeting.


2. The conditions in the United States will change during the second quarter ( June to November). This has to do with the finances causing a conflict in the business world.


3. Conflict within the spiritual world about the truth.

Second Trumpet 

    After prayer about this abundance sound, Holy Spirit said, WE WILL HEAR THE BLASTS OF THREE DISTINCT TRUMPETS IN 2014 that will bring three announcements.


Third trumpet decreed bring forth clarity of purpose.


Because of clarity in what we hear our purpose will change. A mighty awakening of the Spirit.


   This part is for the intercessors in the body of the Christ that have fought the battles and withstood the attacks He said, “a portal will open to release a season of intercession for the intercessors.” The revelation give in this season must be bathed in intercession and love. Matt. 16, Revelation Joshua chapter 5 Third trumpet decreed bring forth clarity of purpose. Because of clarity in what we hear our purpose will change.


     As the year comes to an end things will change quietly in the coming year of 2015. A mighty awakening of the Spirit.




   This part is for the intercessors in the body of the Christ that have fought the battles and withstood the attacks He said, “a portal will open to release a season of intercession for the intercessors.” The revelation give in this season must be bathed in intercession and love. Matt. 16, Revelation Joshua chapter 5

Third Trumpet