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Discrimination manifests itself with unequal treatment of individuals, groups of people or even entire communities. It can be related to many aspects of life, starting with skin color, religion, the gender ending with sexual orientation. People can also be discriminated against on the grounds of their origin, political and material situation. This phenomenon also affects people with disabilities.

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Discrimination manifests itself with unequal treatment of individuals, groups of people or even entire communities. It can be related to many aspects of life, starting with skin color, religion, the gender ending with sexual orientation. People can also be discriminated against on the  grounds of their origin, political and material situation. This phenomenon also affects people with disabilities.

Homework #11

Valeria Gavilanes

January 26, 2017

2 "B"

An antidiscrimination campaign


The cause of discrimination is strongly rooted in a constantly duplicated stereotypes. Contemporary image of a Muslim who is identified with a terrorist can serve as an example. Another example is the so-called pushing away women from male occupations, with which, according to the stereotype, they would not be able to deal.



The effects of discrimination is mainly social exclusion of a person or group. This leads to a loss of confidence, and aversion to life. Fight against discrimination requires a lot of effort, elimination of the prevailing stereotypes and prejudices is a long term process. Education is necessary, especially education concerning children, who reproduce their parents’ patterns of behavior, not necessarily the right ones. International law says about equality of all people without regard to any factors, so it should be consistently followed in every situation and it should be reminded to those people, who do not apply to it.