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Presley Gilcrease 


Title of blog: 15 Must-Follow Instagram Accounts 


Date posted: November 5, 2016 


Summary of post: This blog post was about 15 different types of Instagram accounts to follow that provide numerous ideas that may be useful in your classroom.  This post also provided the names of each Instagram account that would be beneficial to follow, and a description of what each account provided through their individual account. 


What I learned: I learned from this blog that not only can I get different ideas and inspiration to use in my classroom on Pinterest, I can also follow these accounts on Instagram. By following the accounts on Instagram, I am able to specifically pick and choose what I am looking for when I follow a certain account on Instagram, rather than searching and scrolling through countless ideas and activities that may not interest me at the time on Pinterest or any other social media platform.

Blog Reading Reflection #3