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Buy Now: Magnesium Hydroxide

Warning: Do not ingest. Can cause irritation if it comes into direct contact with skin and/or eyes. If this occurs, immediately rinse area of contact with water and call your local poison control center.

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Magnesium hydroxide can be used as

  1. Milk of magnesia (antacid)

  2. Flame retardant coating

  3. Natural laxative
  4. Additive in fuel oils and toothpaste
  5. Clarifier in sugar refining
  6. Drying agent in food products
  7. Neutralizer of acids in waste

Full Name: Magnesium Hydroxide

Chemical Formula: Mg(OH)2

Description: Magnesium hydroxide is a non odorous white powder, found in nature as brucite. It is created with the reaction of magnesium salt with sodium hydroxide. In nature, it occurs when seawater reacts with lime.



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