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Evaluation Committee Scoring Record (Overall)

Date of Meeting: __________________________             Project Promoter: ________________________________________________

Project Reference No:_________________________      Project Title: _________________________________________________________________


 Assessment  Criteria                         

 Objective Weighting   Score 
 Compatibility with  LDS  Does the project proposals meet the criteria set out in the LDS (Theme, Sub-Theme,  Local  Objective and  Strategic Action)? 20   
 Promoter  Experience  Does the promoter have the training/skills, track record or experience to deliver? 20   
 Financial Viability  Are the project costs justifiable and is adequate funding available to co-fund the  project? 20   
 Requirement  Does the proposal target a specific need or address a specific gap in the market? 15   
 Innovation  Is the product innovative in its nature and does it displace existing enterprises? 15   
 Sustainability  Is the project viable and will the service continue to be delivered?  10  
 Total   100  

N.B. Projects must receive an overall minimum score of 65% prior to being recommended for approval


Recommendation of the Evaluation Committee: _____________________________________________________________________________







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