Copyright date: 1986 Project by Riley Krzastek


Chapter Two - Setting



The setting is in Germany, but more specifically, it starts out in a small town called Kippenheim where she was born. This town is close to the borders of France and Switzerland. There was around sixty Jewish families living there before the war. She later moves to Terezin when Inge gets deported in 1942. Terezin was a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia.

Chapter Three - Plot Summary


The book begins with a description of exactly what happens during the Holocaust. It isn't until chapter ___ that Inge's story trully begins. 


Chapter Four - My Opinion


I liked the story, I just wished it went into more detail about the characters and how they reacted to certain things instead of just stating what happened. I'm personally not a huge fan of storys being retold from their current position instead of the position that they were in. In other words, I would have liked the story better if it was in first person instead of third-person limited. Inge definetly had a story to tell, and I appreciate why she did it. Especially since she mentions two unamed people who helped her once; one even asked for her to remember him, and this is the perfect way. 



Chapter Five - Recommendation





I wouldn't reccomend this story simply because it tended to drag and didn't really have any interesting character development. I gave "I am A Star" Three out of five stars for a few reasons. It earned one star because of the use of poetry and drawings that Inge had made as a child, but she also lost a star because these poems and drawings told the story better than the actual passages. The other two stars were given because it is a great short read, but it's not something that you really remember which is why it is minus two stars.