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Nick Park By-Mylie Hieb


I chose Nick Park becuase His story on ow he got into animating is interesting and has one of the most famous claymation charecters that HE created. Also the way he created the charecters and their names are Very interesting.

Nick Park is a good claymation creater , his first ever professional piece , Creature comforts won Best Animated short film in 1991. He then started creating charecters like Wallace And Gormit , Shaun the sheep , Timmie time and alot more. He was born on December 6, 1958 in Lanchashire England. He created his first short film when he was only 13.

Here are some of his creations...



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At Aardman, Nick Park initially contributed to commercials and music videos, including Peter Gabriel's award-winning "Sledgehammer," while finishing A Grand Day Out. Additionally, he began work on Creature Comforts, a five-minute piece in which zoo animals offer a range of opinions on life in confinement. Both were completed in 1989 and nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 1991 Academy Awards, with Creature Comforts claiming the prize.

  1. Paraphrase: Nick Park is famous for his clay mation movies , skits, and Shows. The first project he worked on was Creature Comforts which soon won an acadamy award for Best Animated Short Film.



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  8. Source Material    While you may know everything there is to know about Wallace and Gromit, you may not know so much about their creator, Nick Park. Aardman gets countless emails and letters from fans interested to know a little more about the man behind some of Aardman’s best loved films, asking everything from how Nick comes up with his ideas to what type of cheese he likes most!

  1. Paraphrase: Nick park is commonly thinking about what his charecters resemble some of them in which are based off real random things and people