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Mars makes decisive steps to understand digital behaviors



2016 was a step-change year for Mars in the journey to build capabilities to measure the impact of digital media on sales. By working across segments with Media and CMI associates to continue closer partnerships with Google, Facebook, Nielsen, DLX and Kantar, with the excellent support of our media agency partners Mediacom and Starcom, we broke new grounds in 2016. Here are just 5 examples of the "firsts" for 2016:


  • 1st YouTube Trueview mobile sales lift measurements in the US for Petcare and Chocolate;
  • 1st YouTube Mobile sales lift measurements in Europe for Chocolate (in UK - Snickers);
  • 1st LATAM TV AVI Single Source analysis for Brazil Petcare;
  • 1st Facebook sales lift measurements completed in US or UK for multiple brands;  
  • 1st multimedia TV/Desktop/Mobile sales measurement in China for Dove.


New realities for 2016:

  1. In contrast to traditional media, digital is a large interconnected network governed by various ad-tracking technologies rules, "walled" gardens, multiple media and research partners. 
  2. We need to stop regarding Digital as a single media. Various digital formats are available some established, some just passing trends, some more compelling than others, some requiring adapted creatives. In general, except Non-Skippable formats, re-purposing the successful TV creatives is not enough to maximize effectiveness.
  3. Our ability to master TV insights was a result of hundreds of AVI studies. For Digital, in selected areas, we have to ramp up testing to accelerate the next generation of Key Beliefs. More to come on Media Key Beliefs by begin 2017.



The Media Xpertise learning platform is now live!


How consumers experience Media today and in the future is fundamentally changing. Keeping up to date is a vital task, but one that can seem overwhelming. The Media Expertise blog has been created to give you critical outside perspective in a manageable way. It is by no means a comprehensive industry news website, but a curated list of articles I consider essential reading on various topics related to Media and Advertising. You will find articles on digital transformation, industry trends, and new media channels.  Since it's launch in September the following two articles were the most read: Internet Trends and  Social Media Through the Eyes of Teens.


The blog is not an end-goal in itself, it was crafted as a conversation starter to trigger the insights which will support our future growth at Mars. For example, the Food Segment has asked us to organize a Q&A session with the CMI team to deep dive on one of the blog posts: Internet Trends.

















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The Media Center of Expertise team would love to hear back from you. Just in case you still don't know which one of us to contact, here is a list of topics we are happy to connect on.

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