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BOB NANCY His name was Bob and I don t remember ever saying his name without spontaneously smiling or without using the term Bob and Nancy He was half of a duo that seemed like fairy tales might be true that made you understand whatever it is that tears couples apart didn t dare touch them I didn t know him long or well compared to others but he stuck in my mind like the memory of a satisfying day buoyant lasting and full of good things He was exceptional and I know that everyone says that about someone after they re gone But in this case you can believe it because people always said that about him to his face behind his back he was someone you bragged about Once while I was visiting my brother in law Brian grabbed champagne out the fridge to toast our arrival I assumed it was an old bottle left over from some special occasion then learned it was bought that day for us When I thanked him he blamed his dad said he got his hospitality from him And that was Bob Always ALWAYS with a ready smile a good story and something to share He was never in a rush to go anywhere when you were sitting at the table with him he made you feel singular that he had all the time in the world to sit and talk with you It is widely known that he was extraordinarily dedicated to his children to his grandchildren His kind nature cast a wide net I imagine we have all found ourselves caught in the recipient of some extraordinary kindness or unbridled generosity Even me his daughterin law s sister Even my children who he exclaimed over reached out his arms for Every Christmas eve he piled those grandkids he loved those kids he hung the moon for into his old classic Cadillac and went on the search for Santa He was there on the sidelines of every game every recital every birthday every ordinary day every everything Upon thinking of this the waves of grief come crashing and take our breath away just when we thought we were ok for a minute that we had regained our footing But I can imagine him standing on the shore and smiling encouragingly saying You ve got this Steady now And he sits with you there while you catch your breath
BOB   NANCY His name was Bob, and I don   t remember ever saying his name without spontaneously smiling, or without using ...
There was something so fundamentally good about him so solid so sure So to have him swept away home within hours with barely moments for those who loved him most and those whom he loved most to say goodbye well the ground shakes underneath you and you look around for the person who can make sense of it The thing is the person you need is the person who is gone So with no preparation at all for this you have to look to your memories where he looms so large like the sun like the mountain ever present so dependable that nothing even death can diminish his presence But there s nothing you wouldn t give for just a moment more of him here next to you in real life And yet even as you grieve and cling to each other with unanswered why s you can imagine him smiling on and he cheers you a little pats your shoulder and says simply It s going to be ok And you believe him because he always told the truth One questions God about this particular prayer unanswered the one that went Please please please let him stay here with us But Bob the great American the believer in country and constitution in a good and just God well he might say to take it easy on the Man upstairs That s the legacy he leaves a man of faith of country of family In the days that immediately follow his ushering out of this broken world to the perfect one beyond the God of all of it gives a peace that no man can understand And when you re reeling from the punch He s the one there to catch you and lower you down And He sits with you there while you catch your breath I m just so overwhelmed by how sorry I am that he s gone and that even in my peripheral exposure won t experience his warmth here on earth again And the loss I feel cannot begin to stand up to the great wall of grief that will face his wife his daughter son and daughter in law his family his friends his dear beloved grandchildren So I ll pray and try and chip away at that wall as I can I and countless others and the resentfully said time will all do our part And Christmas eve will come again and a son will take the keys of that old Cadillac and drive his daddy s car carrying on the tradition carrying on strong like the man he was raised to be But I suspect the one who will do the best job of all to ease and pare down this relentless ache will be the man himself who left a letter behind not in written words but inscribed on hearts in minds in stories told This was a truly great man who lived a true and great life and left it by the shore of a lake he loved in the arms of the woman he loved His name was Bob and Nancy
There was something so fundamentally good about him, so solid, so sure. So to have him swept away home within hours, with ...
IN EVER LOVING MEMORY September 24 1944 February 19 2014
IN EVER LOVING MEMORY September 24, 1944 - February 19, 2014