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Please enjoy the Animated Audiobook version Or the novella. THE STROKES by Bernadette Cooper A Portrait of a dysfunctional modern day "Addams family, and all in the family." Cooper shines a dark, twisted, humorous, light on, of otherwise serious subject matters. In this satirical portrayal of ignorance and abandonment; projecting a lens and zooming in, on the unpleasant aspects of the world through ridiculousness. Meet Virginia Strokes, the family matriarch who bathes in sarcasm from a tub filled with comedic insensitivity. She has a disdain for most anyone who is not of the Caucasian persuasion. Virginia is a consummate, generational racist. Greet her bumbling-idiot, future, son-in-law, Bobby Sr, the suspected pedophile who appears to be grooming his next victim in plain sight of everyone. Observe her space-cadet, slumberous daughter, Betty, whose solitary goal in life Is Virginia's life Insurance policy. Welcome, The Holy Child, Randy her drug addicted son. Through her eyes, he is flawless, even though he schleps the stench of room spray, scented by a distillery. If Randy's con-artist wife were to carry a sign, it would read, "Meth head, needs money to get high, only short seventy-five cents. I will pay you back in two installments." And make the acquaintance of her sister Mary, whose past abuse has caused her to seek therapy by elevating and connecting herself to any form of a higher power, including a chicken sandwich if the bun resembles the shape of Christ. Lastly, check out those bad-ass Bebe's grandkids, including the newly black illegitimate newborn. Unforeseen circumstances will place Virginia in an environment Surrounded by absolute calamity and souls who have lived two lifetimes. The cast of characters is subjected to Virginia's quick-witted scrutiny until she makes the acquaintance of the Spitfire, Mrs. Jean. One woman transforms Virginia life for the better, by teaching her through example, the two most powerful four letter words in the universe, hope, and love. The Novella, Bernadette Cooper's animated narration, and the soundtrack available 2017.