Orientaon can be a whirlwind for parents and students alike. Most
departments on campus will give you informaon regarding their services, it is
pernent to be aware of our services oered on campus. This How ToNewsleer
will highlight key things to look for and think about while at Orientaon. Parents
are highly encouraged to aend Parent Orientaon; it provides parents with a
wealth of informaon so they dont feel lost before students start at UL Lafayee.
You can sign up for a parent orientaon session at a dierent session than your
student if you are unable to make the orientaon session your student is aending. To sign up, please go to the
parent orientaon website.
It is no secret that college can be an expensive investment. The last day to make a tuion payment or
schedule a payment plan to reserve class schedule is Wednesday, August 9th. Payment can be made either
electronically (using Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or Discover) or in person (using cash or check )
through the Student Cashier Center. Any quesons regarding TOPS or nancial aid will be handled through the
Oce of Financial Aid Their oce can be reached by phone at 337-482-6506 or by email at naid@louisiana.edu.
Any quesons regarding scholarships should be handled directly through Oce of Scholarships; their oce can be
reached at 337-482-6515 or by email at scholar@louisiana.edu.
If students have dual enrollment, AP credit, CLEP credit, or any type of credit that could potenally transfer to
UL Lafayee, make sure to follow the proper procedure to get the credits transferred.
College Credit—ocial transcripts can be sent digitally to etranscripts@louisiana.edu or by using the Request for
Transcript of Credits Form, which is provided by the Oce of Admissions.
AP and CLEP Credit—must be provided by the organizaon itself, not students or parents. Visit their website in
order to request the credit(s) to be sent to UL Lafayee.
Read here for more informaon about transfer credits. Contact our transfer coordinator at
transfer@louisiana.edu for quesons.
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Office of First-Year
106 Lee Hall
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
Oce of First-Year Experience
The How Toto Beginning College
Oce of Financial Aid
Foster Hall
337-482-6506 (phone)
337-482-6502 (fax)
Oce Website
Financial Aid Facebook Page
Oce of Orientation
Buchanan Hall, 3rd Floor
111 Boucher Street
Oce Website
Do not forget to sign up for Housing. Please visit the housing portal through ULINK today and pick your room!
The on campus team is ready to help. Please email oncampusliving@louisiana.edu or give us a call at (337) 482-
6471 if you need assistance in this process. For more informaon, visit the University of Louisiana at Lafayee
Housing website.
OFYE is on Facebook, Twier, and Instagram! We update our social media accounts with pernent
informaon regarding the UL Lafayee campus and community. We hope you follow us!
In LLCs, freshmen have the unique opportunity to live in the residence halls with a group of students who
have similar interests. LLCs allow students to take classes with this group AND live together. Enrolment in the
LLC program is connuously changing so please visit OFYEs website to learn more and check availability. The
following themes are oered for 2017-2018:
Gateway to the Arts
Lifeme Recreaon
Service and Leadership
Taste of Business
Travel, Language, and Culture
If a student has not applied for housing, they can apply for an LLC when the housing applicaon is lled
out. If a student has already applied for housing, please contact Dana Bekurs directly at dana@louisiana.edu.
UL Lafayee has many campus resources that you and your student can ulize. At Parent Orientaon,
you can nd and learn more about each resource.
The bookstore in the Student Union and located at the intersecon Rex Street and St. Mary Boulevard
will oer any textbook which is required for a class at UL Lafayee. It is well-known
that college textbooks can be expensive, so the Bookstore allows student to rent or
buy used textbooks to help with costs. We suggest using cauon when buying
textbooks prior to the rst day of class, as some books are not required.
The universitys Academic Calendar contains important dates including rst day of
classes, add/drop date, student holidays, and more. You can view the calendar for
each semester at website
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Office of First-Year
106 Lee Hall
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
Oce of First-Year Experience
The How Toto Beginning College
University Bookstore
104 East University Ave
Oce Website
Cajun Card Oce
Student Union 134
Oce Website
The Cajun Card is one of the most important things your student will need throughout college. Your
students ULID, a very important number, is on the back of the card. The Cajun Card serves as your students
campus idencaon card which will grant them access to residence halls, parking lots, building labs, and
events on campus. This card is also used as a students library card, meal plan,and campus debit card with
reloadable Cajun Cash. All students should receive their Cajun Cards at orientaon.
The student health center, located on campus, is here to help your student stay healthy throughout
college. The student health center is by Appointment Only (by calling 337-482-1293) and is open during
semester breaks and University administrave oce hours. Some of the services they provide are:
Express Mail and Global
Parcel Post and Stamp
Signature conrmaon
Priority mail
USPS tracking
Air/Surface Services
Return Receipts
Cered, Insured, Registered,
and more
UL Lafayee maintains a U.S. Postal Service staon in the Student Union for our studentsconvenience.
Any student enrolled at the university is welcomed to rent a Post Oce Box; these are free for on-campus
residenal students as no mail is delivered directly to residence halls. Campus Post Oce services include:
Care for minor illnesses,
injuries, or stable chronic
Some minor surgeries and
Physical exams
Womens health
Some immunizaons
Allergy shots
IV therapy
Limited generic prescripon
And more! Call for more
Office of First-Year
106 Lee Hall
230 Hebrard Blvd.
Oce Website
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Social Media
Oce of First-Year Experience
The How Toto Beginning College
Student Health Center
O.K. Allen Hall
Saucier Wellness Center
Oce Website
Campus Post Oce
Student Union 158
Oce Website
In order to be fully admied to UL Lafayee, all students must submit a Proof of Immunizaon
Compliance form to the university Health Center. Failure to submit immunizaon records will hold students
from scheduling classes for future semesters. For immunizaon quesons, please use the compliance
queson form. For other health concerns, please contact the Student Health Center by phone at
(337) 482-1293 or by email at shs@louisiana.edu.