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True Blue
Pursuit of Intuitive Living
Volume 1, Issue 4
April - May 2009
Falun Gong
...Transform your Life
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Volume 1, Issue 4
Publisher & Managing Editor: Dorothy Jeanne Engst
Pre-production Editor: Mary Gillis
Editor: Tom Masters
Editor-at-Large: Edd Uluschak
Editorial Assistants: Tiffany Abram, Tessa Engst
Advertising Sales: Michelle Staples, Carolyn James
Layout & Design: Dorothy Jeanne Engst
Photographs & Images:
Ben Abram -
Sean Fenzl -
Stephanie Rae Hull -
Jon Fitzpatrick -
Edd Uluschak - award winning Cartoonist
Cover photo taken on Mount Doug, Vancouver Island
by Jon Fitzpatrick of Nutristart
Contributing Writers:
Barbara Adelborg, Heather Elrix, Michael Gintowt, Patricia Gunn,
Janet Laidlaw, Jacquie Large, Erin Lawson, Stephanie McColl,
Wendy Mewhort, Kay Nielsen, Ken Peters, Sabina Pettitt,
Vince Pollitt, Merina Rael, Joan Quain, Patti Sinclair, Carol Spencer,
James Henry Spencer, Michelle Staples, Edd Uluschak and Shanon Wills
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True Blue
Pursuit of Intuitive Living
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Charlene George - Artist 36
Falun Gong 32
Pain and Oneness 5
...Transform your Life 43
Aboriginal Spirit 29
Animal Whispers 11
Pathways to Communication
Astrology 55
Joy, Joy, Joy!
Children and Spirit 27
Chocolate Bear
Crystals 7
Directory & Events 60
Dreams 41
Healthy Body - Healthy Spirit 9
Energy Solutions
Hypnotherapy 18
Finding the Flow
Mediumship 37
Guiding Lights
Metaphysics 19
Past Life Regression
Natures Essence 53
Birth of the One People
Numerology 46
Welcome to the world of Numerology
Phenomena 51
UFOs - Abduction
Reader Response 14
Searching for Serenity 15
The Face of Serenity
Spirit of the Dance 23
Discovering Freedom
Spiritualism 39
Speaking on Spiritualism
Worthwhile Reading 58
Note from the
Recently someone asked me, “What
does that mean, pursuit of intuitive
We are born with intuition, with the
capability of “knowing” without logic
or reasoning. However, over the years
we are taught to use our brain, to be
analytical and use logic and reasoning.
How many times have you applied
that logic and then said to yourself, “If
only I had listened to my gut instinct”?
That gut instinct is your intuition. It
is with you from the day you are born
to the day you die. You have the choice
to develop it, tap into it, to experience
the joy of life’s many synchronicities.
True Blue Spirit is all about sharing
articles that may help you along the
voyage into your intuitive. Let your
“gut instinct” tell you which path to
Keep well.
Dorothy Jeanne Engst
Cert no. SW-COC-002226
This magazine is a spirit driven gift of the heart.
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Natural source of
essential fatty acids
Natural source of
vitamin A
Natural source of
Certified Organic
- NO mineral oils
- NO artificial colours
- NO petrochemicals
- NO artificial fragrances
- NO sodium lauryl sulphate
- NO animal ingredients
- NOT tested on animals
- Recyclable packaging
Available at ne Natural Health stores in your area.
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ain is a four-letter word.
In our spiritual evolution, we’ve figured out
that we can choose our reactions, and that what we
put forth into the world attracts certain things back.
We know that there is cause and effect; that for
every action there is a reaction. If we are earnestly
pursuing a higher path, then why do we experience
Is it possible to experience happiness all the
time, permanently, on a day to day, minute to
minute, second to second basis? Perhaps even more
importantly, would we want to?
In our quest for love and harmony, we often
discount the experiences of pain and suffering as
part of the human journey. But when we signed up to
cohabit in a human body, pain was part of the
When our perceived reality is shattered
through profound loss, like death of someone close
to us, the end of a relationship, or changed physical
conditions, we can encounter a tidal wave of emo-
tions: broken trust, fear, anger, despair, sadness and
Emotions can be transformed, but first they
have to be acknowledged. The human body comes
equipped with an emotional system. If we don’t
allow our feelings, the body will malfunction.
Buried emotions cause mental and physical illness.
Acknowledging feelings doesn’t mean
continually rerunning hurtful thoughts to cause
further pain. It’s about allowing a natural human
response to move through you. Surviving pain is
about emotional honesty acceptance rather than
Children are experts at emotional honesty.
©David Hernandez–
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 5
Pain and Oneness
by Janet Laidlaw
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One minute they cry, the next they laugh. Then we
“grow up”. We stop crying and learn to control our
reactions. We develop methods to distract ourselves,
or medicate our pain (like with television, today’s
non-prescription drug of choice). We avoid pain
instead of honouring it. But suppressed feelings
follow right behind us.
When a painful thought arises, we have
choices. We can deny or resist it. Conversely, we can
haunt ourselves with ‘horror images, or focus on
shoulds, coulds and woulds, over which we have no
power. We can feel bad about our feelings (Oh
no—I’m drawing more negativity by feeling this
way!) or we can choose to accept pain as a gift of
physical life. Acknowledge it, greet it, welcome it
and let it pass through.
This gift, which we may not always treasure,
can be the impetus for growth and great transforma-
tion. It can bring us deep empathy for others who are
suffering pain. It can make us look at our lives more
closely and ask ourselves important questions. What
do we want from life? What is our soul’s purpose?
Suffering can teach us to reach out and reach within.
We cannot avoid feeling one emotion and
fully experience all the others. If we repress pain,
we repress our ability to feel deep joy and love.
Emotions are the compass for our soul’s direction.
Without them we wouldn’t know if we were on the
right path. Heartfelt joy probably indicates that we
are, while painful experiences tell us we need to
change course or start a new journey. Pain guides us
toward learning and growth.
I was telling a friend about my own intense
pain and he asked, in his less than subtle way, “Do
you want to know what your problem is?”
I hesitated…. Did I really want to hear his
opinion? Cautiously I said, “Okay….”
“You risked loving.”
When we allow our pain, we also make
room in our hearts for profound joy. Pain is a
four-letter word, but so is love. They are inseparable:
two sides of the same coin.
JANET LAIDLAW is a video writer/producer focused on
spiritual and psychic development. She has been trained at
Arthur Findlay College in the UK, a school of Spiritualism
and psychic sciences. Janet’s preoccupations include
animals, psychic and intuitive art, and developing medi-
©David Hernandez–
Page 6 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
“Emotions are
the compass
for our soul’s
direction. ”
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Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 7
pring is here and the sun has returned,
which got me thinking about one of the sunniest
crystals around. Amber, not technically a crystal
at all, is actually fossilized tree resin. Baltic
amber, considered the best in the world, dates
back 30 to 60 million years. It has a hardness of 2
to 2.5 and is always warm to the touch.
The ancient Greek word for amber was
electron, meaning sun. This refers to the warm
and sunny nature of amber. Amber comes in a
wide variety of colors, from light butter yellow,
light brown, deep cherry, golden and green. As
beautiful as the green variety of amber is, most
often it has been heat treated to achieve that color
as it does not occur naturally.
Unlike true crystals, which are formed
deep within the earth, amber was formed from
trees and sunshine so it resonates with a deep
natural vibe. This crystal is a direct pathway to
tree energy and a relationship with nature. It also
has a strong connection to the sun, so by wearing
it you are always imbued with gentle warmth.
Amber is a wonderful stone for combat-
ing depression and seasonal affective disorder
(S.A.D.). It also acts as a filter, changing the
lower, more negative energies that we sometimes
face, into cleaner more accessible energy that
boosts us and brings happiness. Amber can also
help to attract more abundance into your life, in
whatever form you need most.
In Europe, amber has been used for
centuries as teething beads for babies because of
its natural analgesic qualities. Wearing the beads
next to the skin, the beads warm up and
gently release minuscule amounts of
healing oils which are then
absorbed via the skin into
the blood stream.
Amber promotes a
strong immunity to
common infection
as well and also
acts as an anti-
which is why it is
also good for
people suffering
from arthritis.
by Erin Lawson and Jacquie Large
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Page 8 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
Recently I experienced one of the many
‘bugs’ that have been going around and
became very ill. For a week I suffered miserably,
with everything hurting, not even able to wear
jewellery as that hurt too. One day I was drawn to
my amber pendant and experienced an overwhelm-
ing impulse to put it on. As I laid it around my neck
I had that “Aha!” sense and knew why I was being
called to wear it.
Wearing amber is like wearing a piece of
the sun next to your skin. It brings warmth to the
wearer and increases your strength, which is perfect
for healing after a time of sickness. Most illnesses
have an emotional root and amber increases our
desire to feel better, to heal.
Amber is that best friend who brings
chicken soup and flowers when we are sick, who
sympathizes with us but wants to help us back on
the road to good health. It is one of those stones that
you always seem to want to touch and hold in the
palm of your hand. So when you are feeling a little
low or tired, reach for some amber. One of the
bonuses is that amber is also so beautiful to wear;
people can’t help but notice it and be drawn to it.
And, as always when working with
crystals, let your intuition speak to you—you will
always be drawn to the crystals you most need, so
listen up!!!
ERIN LAWSON has studied metaphysics for over 13 years
focusing mainly on Tarot. Since starting at Wishes eight
years ago, she has learned much about crystals and the
other tools that fill the store. She shares her love of crystals
with Jacquie and the other staff at Wishes. Erin lives in
Duncan with her husband and three children.
JACQUIE LARGE has been the owner of Wishes for 17
years and has watched as the metaphysical world has
evolved with so many exciting changes. She has studied
crystals extensively and happily shares her knowledge with
her customers! Jacquie lives in Duncan with her partner
and daughter.
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Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 9
Healthy Body - Healthy Spirit
n the last issue, I mentioned that the Chinese
approach to spirit maintains that combining jing,
which is the fundamental energy of life which we
inherit from our gene pool, known as ‘kidney
essence,’ with qi (chi), our day to day accumulation
of or loss of energy, will produce shen or spirit. The
closest thing that we have in western medicine to the
concept of ‘kidney essence’ is the adrenal glands.
Now, what can we do to help our poor
exhausted adrenals? First, a good diet is essential.
This means, as much as possible, avoiding refined
sugars (including honey, maple syrup and
fruit juices) and appreciating that as far as
your body is concerned all refined
carbohydrates (breads, pastas,
pastries, white rice and
white potatoes) are the
same as sugar. Eat on a
regular basis, with healthy
snacks in between (whole
fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.) and
an emphasis on protein,
vegetables and complex
carbohydrates such as whole
grains, yams and sweet potatoes.
Certain nutrients are required
for adrenal health including vitamin C,
vitamin B-6, Magnesium, and Zinc.
Take 500mg to 1000mg of Vitamin C
with each meal, a good multi-vitamin
that contains at least 20-30mg of B-6
(along with all the other B vitamins) and
about 15mg (women) to 30mg (men) of Zinc.
Magnesium deficiency is extremely
common in western society due to a reliance
on dairy products with their excessive calcium
levels. Try to get at least 400mg to 600mg of
magnesium daily, in divided doses, especially
if you show any signs of magnesium deficiency.
Aside from fatigue, those symptoms include
leg cramps and “charlie horses”, irregular heart beat,
high blood pressure and migraines. In case of such
symptoms, one avoids calcium for a month or so,
while supplementing with only magnesium.
For those trying to repair worn out adrenals,
the addition of extra vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid)
at about 250mg three times a day, with meals, will
be of noticeable benefit. Liquorice tea can also be
supportive, though contraindicated in cases of high
blood pressure.
Certain herbs, known as adaptogens,
support and repair the adrenal
glands. Adaptogens are sub-
stances that help organisms deal
with stress, including mental,
physical and emotional
stress. Some of the best
adaptogens are Ashwa
gandha, Fo-Ti, Royal
Jelly, Schizandra,
Ginseng and Rhodiola.
There are many adrenal
formulas on the market
now, containing these and
other adaptogens and a month on
such a program can have an
amazing rejuvenating effect on
one’s energy levels and sense of
well being. Juice that can be put
back to work in supporting our
higher functions.
Energy, Adrenals
by Ken Peters
KEN PETERS has been a nutritional
consultant for 20 years. He is a published
author and a product designer for Nutri-
Start Vitamin Company. More of his articles
can be found on the Nutristart website.
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Multimedia Video
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Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 11
Animal Whispers
ome of you may be wondering how exactly
you ‘talk’ to animals. You may know how to
meditate or connect with your heart center or be
still within (as we focused on in the last issue), so
what's next? What's next is what I call opening the
pathways to communication. For humans, sharing
our thoughts is an almost automatic process as we
are programmed to understand a complex set of
cues, signals and body language.
For animals, we need to break this down
into smaller more recognizable steps or a universal
type of language often called intuition. We receive
and give information in a myriad of ways or
pathways and so it is with animals. Understanding
the different pathways in which we give and
by Stephanie McColl
receive information are the keys to ‘talking’ with
animals. I will focus on five basic pathways and you
may discover some of your own along the way.
One pathway is mental communication.
You may be a more verbal type of person and
therefore your method may involve hearing words or
receiving thoughts. Another is an emotional pathway
of feeling emotions or energies as in noticing when
your dog becomes agitated or sad when you are
leaving the house.
Pathways to Communication
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Page 12 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
Animal Whispers
Physical pathways can come in the form of
feeling bodily sensations such as smells, tastes and
sounds. The other two are a little more obscure but
powerful none the less and these are receiving
images and pictures (visual), and receiving spiritual
One or more of these pathways may feel
more natural to you and it is a matter of experiment-
ing to find which one works best for you. You may
now be beginning to realize how important it is to
be clear in your thought processes and to be quiet
enough inside to be able to receive and give infor-
mation. It is also helpful to note that animals quite
often ‘think,’ so to speak, in pictures and they use
these to represent concepts, emotions or sensations
that they want us to understand. This is why intui-
tive communication is so much fun as you can
experiment with these different pathways.
Here is a brief example of a partial commu-
nication I had with a horse named Stormy. Her
owner Tammy was concerned about a lameness
issue that kept cropping up. Stormy was in pain and
she wasn't sure where the problem was coming
from, several things had been tried to alleviate the
I asked Stormy if she could tell us why her
feet were so sensitive and told her that we wanted to
be able to help her with this issue. She sent me this
message in the form of words.
“There are energies out of balance here. I
feel this in the earth. There is turmoil under the soil
here. There are waves of energies and I am trying to
balance them out but they are bigger than me.”
I had to ask her for clarification as I was not
sure if she meant actual energy under the earth
where she was or if she was speaking in a broader
sense of the Earth itself.
I then received an image from her of
different colors of waves, some long and thin and
some wider in dimension and these waves were
flowing from one end of the property to the other
and beyond. I also felt a prickly sensation in my
body as she was sending me this image. She then
sent me this message.
“There are waves running like water under
the soil here and this is partially what's
bothering me. I am sensitive to these
energies as well as Mom and
Dad's. I pick up on everything
I next started to feel
agitation in my own
feet and legs as if I
needed to move
them all the time, so
I asked Stormy if
this is how she felt
it in her body.
“I feel it at first
this way, then I
feel pain after
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Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 13
©Anita Zander –
Animal Whispers
I asked her if she felt
this in any other part of her
body and she said, “In my
stomach, I feel like my stom-
ach is all nervy. Then it moves
through me into my feet.”
Since animals are
highly sensitive to any electro-
magnetic frequencies. This is
what I am interpreting from
Stormy as a possible contribut-
ing factor to her health and feet
If we want to ‘talk’
with animals we must learn
how to speak in their language
and luckily for us we don't
have to learn a whole new
language. We simply need to
recover our basic tongue-
intuition and practice develop-
ing our pathways of communi-
cation. So as you try this
yourself, you may just discover
“talking with animals” is easier
than talking with people.
If you have a problem with your pet, and you
would like to discuss it with Stephanie, visit From time to time
we may feature stories resulting from the work
that Stephanie does with you and your pets.
STEPHANIE MCCOLL is an animal communicator and reiki master
who has been working with animals since an early age. When she
isn’t working her magic on animals, she focuses her energies towards
helping people live natural and healthy lives. You’ll find her manag-
ing Lifestyle Select in Sidney, B.C.
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Page 14 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
Reader Response
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page
Volume 1 Issue 1 - Carnelian...
Following on from reading your Volume 1, Issue
1, article called "Your Crystal for Fall" -
Carnelian, by Erin Lawson & Jacquie Large on
page 19, it gave Graham, my husband, new
interest in his engagement ring which he hasn't
worn for many years.
You will see from the photograph that it has a
centurion's head engraved on the stone and it
was only upon reading this article that he
realised the signicance - i.e. strength and
courage of the ancient Romans and to protect
travellers from evil.
I am very pleased that he has started to wear the
ring again and feel sure that it is a good omen for
Marlene K.,
Burton-on-Trent, Staordshire, England
A Canadian magazine...
I just wanted to take a moment to thank and
congratulate you on your magazine True Blue
Spirit. I have really enjoyed the rst three issues
and look forward to many more. The new colour
format looks terric and I'm pleased the maga-
zine is garnering more support. It's wonderful to
have a spiritual magazine that is not only
Canadian but local to BC as well.
Keep up the great work!
Leigh S.,
Victoria, BC
For sharing with my clients...
I picked up your magazine for the rst time
today...from the Zen Zero Smoothie Bar. I have a
studio in the back and noticed the new "addition"
on the table...well I’ve made it to page 9 and I’m
tearing denitely know what you
are doing...can’t wait to nish the rest this
weekend much love and much success,
will share with my clients...
Linda P.,
Courtenay, BC
Boost to the grey-day blahs...
Thank you for your vision and energy in creating
True Blue Spirit and bringing much to think
about, wonder about, open up to - what a boost
to the grey-day blahs which gives us time to read,
explore and accept that there is so much more
than we imagined on our journey.
Joan E.,
Nanaimo, BC
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Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 15 ©Andrejs Pidjass –
Searching for Serenity
is Holiness The Dalai Lama, Gandhi, Nelson
Mandela, Cellist Yoyo Ma, Violinist Itzhak Perlman,
Poet Laureate Dr. Maya Angelou…
These giants of humanity are social heroes,
personal role models, but not just for the contributions
they have made politically, spiritually and creatively.
They also represent the very face of deep, unassail-
able serenity. Theirs is the visage of unfettered
enlightenment; and for this writer they are the
catalysts to a very personal goal.
My goal is not grand. It will not overtly
change your world. It will however, change every
element of mine. I want to be serene, deeply and
permanently serene. There are powerful tools at my
disposal: breathing techniques, meditations, visualiza-
tion and centering exercises, contemplations on nature
and so on. These skills will lay the foundation for
moments and sometimes days of serenity, allowing
one a glimpse into the sweetest corners of ‘being’.
And yet, something more is required, a deeper
personal shift that will make this transformation
permanent. I decided to look to those role models
cited above for clues.
One of the primary qualities that underpin all
the characteristics of the deeply serene is their ability
to maintain internal stillness and silence, even while
engaged in the chaos of daily life. This in turn brings
them a bearing of profound and compassionate
patience, permitting them to view their world with
greater objectivity. The clarity that naturally follows
promotes an intensified intuitive understanding of the
human condition.
The Face of Serenity
by Vince Pollitt
TBS 1-4 Page 15.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:27:53 PM
“Oregano, the spice? No , this is not the Oregano
found in your kitchen cupboard. There are over 40
varieties of Oregano but only a few species contain
high levels of Carvacrol, the medicinal compound
behind Oregano’s infection-fighting reputation.
These plants are native to the Mediterranean and
Middle East, and include names like Origanum
Onites, O.Vulgare and O.Minutiflorum. Together,
they are generally refer
red to as Wild Mediterranean
Oregano. The essential oil of Mediterranean Oregano
is extracted for its medicinal strength and many uses.
Since its introduction to health food stores in the mid-90’s,
Oil of Oregano has become known as an eective Cold and
Flu remedy. Yet it does so much more! It combats all types
of infection - viruses, bacteria, fungus, molds and parasites -
which collectively cause hundreds of va
rious health concerns.
Whatever the condition, if the underlying cause is an infection,
Oil of Oregano is the natural answer. An increasing number
of physicians recommend it as a safe an eective alternative to
antibiotics and antifungal drugs.
Oil of Oregano has other medicinal compounds
that make it a useful product for the spring and
summer months. Whether youre a backcountry
enthusiast or a stay-at-home mo
m, Oil of Oregano is
a medicine chest in a bottle”. When applied topically,
Oil of Oregano disinfects and speeds healing of damaged
tissue. Use it on wounds, cuts, blisters, splinters and
sores. Oil of Oregano treats inflammation and pain
too. Use it on sore muscles and joints, first-aid injuries,
tendonitis, campfire burns, bruises, skin irritations and
rashes. Apply to insect and animal bites to disinfect, reduce
welling, speed healing and reduce itching. It is ideal for skin
reactions to “swimmer’s itch, stinging nettle and poison ivy.
Oil of Oregano’s many medicinal actions also make it helpful
for upset stomach, gas, nausea, cramping and other digestive
complaints. It can be used to prevent or treat food poisoning, or
illness caused by water-borne pathogens. The list goes on…
Oil of Oregano is a perfect traveler’s companion
and a must for
every first-aid kit. For more information, visit your local health
food store and speak with a trusted health product advisor.
Discover for yourself how amazing this product is!
A Medicine Chest in a Bottle
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Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 17
Searching for Serenity
Flexibility and passionate spontaneity bloom
when understanding evolves from a foundation of
becalming patience. The need for knee-jerk judg-
ments and overriding expectations evaporates, and
one attracts others who seek solace and quiet in their
lives. The deeply serene are naturally humble, taking
neither themselves nor life too seriously. They do,
however, present a strong sense of responsibility for
both family and community.
Serenity induced responsibility resembles
closely the Buddhist axioms of ‘right action’ and
‘right livelihood.’ Noted leadership guru Robert
Greenleaf refers to this as a call to ‘servant leader-
ship,’ whereby the individual has a life-affirming call
to bring harmony to all that he or she touches. This in
turn, amplifies the serenity of the practitioner. In
short, these ‘serene’ Gandalfs (Lord of the Rings) of
the world are simply taking care of business,
efficiently and without egoistic fuss. The notion of an
alternative course of action doesn’t even occur.
Responsibility becomes expressed through
tranquil routine action, an almost meditative commu-
nion with one’s surroundings. There is a similar
monastic energy to those practicing the arts of bonsai
and ikebana. Routine fosters security, nurturing the
connective tissue of both family and community.
Those who are secure at the very core of their being
are also granted the gift of genuine passion. They
have looked within and found unruffled calm. They
have then quietly turned their focus outward and,
through service, found the true expression of a
passionate spirit.
All of these wonderful qualities I have
discussed are attainable and are, in part, reflected on
the faces of those you love and respect. The most
important overriding ingredient to lasting serenity
was, however, very elusive, until I remembered….
Over the years, I have either met or viewed
on television those suffering the ravages of terminal
illness. Some of these incredible souls (especially
the children) bear a placid energy and spiritual
maturity that is almost otherworldly; unwilling
teachers exuding a gentle warmth and wisdom that
only comes from ‘letting go.’ There is a profound
simplification of values and priorities here that
seems to focus outwards, flowing naturally in the
direction of human understanding and universal
VINCE POLLITT and his partner Robyn live on Vancou-
ver Island where Vince has spent the last 12 years at play
in the health industry. Vince combines almost 3 decades
of Zen training and spiritual studies with passions for
music, painting and writing. He currently offers wellness
and leadership workshops at a community and organi-
zational level. As a spiritual coach, he specializes in Reiki
based pranic healing with instruction in breathing,
meditation, visualization, and centering exercises.
TBS 1-4 Page 17.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:20:47 PM
clinical hypnotherapist and
she maintains a practice in
the Cowichan Valley, where
she has resided for over 30
years. Barbara is trained in
several hypnosis techniques,
and is currently producing
her third hypnosis CD.
Page 18 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
o you struggle through life or do you get
into life? In the morning, do you feel excited about
the day ahead or want to hide under the covers?
As you examine these thoughts and actions
it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses.
Take time to identify your goals and highest
Do you have any physical conditions that
are currently limiting you in any way?
Do you eat the kind of food that creates
health and energy in your body?
Do you take time to meditate or exercise
If you could be, do, have or become abso-
lutely anything, what would that be?
The purpose in these questions is for you to
stop and examine your own strengths and weak-
Take a moment for yourself, to rest comfort-
ably and think about these questions, and assimilate
the information that you have become mindful of.
Now see yourself mentally moving from the present
time frame into this totally fulfilled picture, giving
you a positive mental transition.
Feel yourself gaining the power and courage
to move the obstacles out of your way.
You now consistently think clearly and
act in your own best interest and in the best
interest of mankind.
You turn every situation into one that is
Each day your levels of health, happi-
ness, peace and success increase.
Your mind is clear. Your heart is full.
Your body heals. Your soul is free and you are
Realize that weakness occurs when
operating in a way that is inconsistent with the
fulfillment of our highest purpose, separate
from the flow of the universe.
Everyday choose to forgive,
to accept, and to share love
and knowledge, to work
toward achieving enlighten-
ment and be in the flow.
So step inside the flow of the
universe to find yourself there,
thriving, and taking pleasure in
your own strength, acknowledging
the beauty of the world around you. Once you
find yourself in that flow you begin to receive
all the insight, love and energy you deserve.
Finding the Flow
by Barbara Adelborg, CMH, HT
TBS 1-4 Page 18.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:22:14 PM
s –
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 19
ello again. Welcome to my
metaphysical corner.
I have consistently had dreams of a medi-
eval time where I am dressed in a long brown gown
with a tie at my waist and a small bag attached.
There is usually a fur lined silver cape on my
shoulders and my feet are encased in soft leather
boots, a band around my forehead with a stone
attached. I reach up and feel the coldness of the
stone. Strangely, it warms my heart to know that it’s
Sometimes I carry a basket as I collect
medicinal plants. Other times I am on horseback,
feeling the exhilaration of the speed and the wind in
my face, as we gallop over the hills. This experi-
ence is repetitive, so I feel that it is a past life that I
am peeking in on.
To explore this, I chose a past life regres-
sion therapist who I trust and who I know can stay
neutral and not impose their own impressions on
my experience, which could cloud my journey.
I sit in a comfortable recliner as my thera-
pist guides me through a relaxing meditation to
start. As I tense and release each area of my body
sequentially, I achieve a liberating state of relax-
ation. With a soothing voice, my guide takes me on
a journey, an awakening of the soul.
I can see clearly that which I have seen in
numerous dreams. This time I am able to move
of or relating to a
reality beyond
what is perceptible
to the senses;
Past Life
by Kay Nielsen
TBS 1-4 Page 19.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:23:35 PM
Island Yoga Vista
1330 Discovery Avenue
Nanaimo, BC, V9S 4B4
Pre-registration advised
Swami Maheshananda Saraswati
Wandering Yogi from India 2009 schedule
Nanaimo - Vancouver Island University
Nanaimo - Island Yoga Vista
Salt Spring Island - Salt Springs Spa Resort
Victoria - Moksana Yoga Studio
Nanaimo - Island Yoga Vista
Salt Spring Island - Salt Springs Spa Resort
April 1 The life experience of a Swami
April 1 Yoga Nidra
April 2 Yoga for Personality Development and Spiritual Evolution
April 3 Mantra yoga: Connecting to the Cosmic Sound Vibrations.
April 4 Prana Vidya: Connecting to the Universal Life Energy for Self
April 5 Kundalini Yoga: The Secret Path of Tantra revealed.
April 6 Yoga Nidra.
April 7 Chakras: The Mystical Path of Evolution
April 8 Raja Yoga: Understanding the Royal Path of Yoga in
Theory and Practice.
Yoga for Creativity.
April 9 Yoga: Understanding the True Meaning and the Path.
April 10 Bhakti Yoga: Yoga of the Heart. Kirtans and Chantings.
April 11 Chakra Yoga: Integrated approach to awaken the Chakras.
Bhakti Yoga: Yoga of the Heart Kirtans and Chantings
April 12 Kundalini Yoga: The Secret Path of Tantra revealed.
By Donation 9:30 - 11:30 am
5:30-7:30 pm $20
5:30-7:30 pm $20
7- 9pm $20
9 am -12noon & 2 pm -5 pm
$125 before March 15 or $150 after
9 am to 12 noon & 2 pm -5 pm
$125 before March 15 or $150 after
7 -9 pm $15 before March 15 or $20 after
1:30 - 4 pm $35
9:30-11:30am $20
5:30-7:30pm $20
5:30-7:30pm $20
7pm - 9pm $20
9am -12noon & 2pm - 5pm $125 before March 15 or $150 after
7 - 8:30
pm $15 before March 15 or $20 after
9am -12
noon & 2pm -5pm $125 before March 15 or $150 after
Salt Springs Spa Resort
or call us toll-free at 1-800-665-0039.,
1460 North Beach Road, Salt Spring Island,
B.C. , Canada V8K 1J4,
Pre Registration advised (250) 537- 4111,
MokSana Yoga Center
#500 - 3 Fan Tan Alley
Victoria, BC, V8W 3G9
phone 250 385 2105
Pre-registration not necessary
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through time to see events in the future or the past
of this lifetime. I can see myself picking medicinal
plants to use for healing in the local villages. My
knowledge surrounding this art is extensive.
As I am guided to shift through time by the
regression therapist, I can see a sacred ceremony
taking place. There is a stone altar and on the altar
is a burning bowl. I am with the High Priestess, in
the center of a circle of women, fellow initiates.
Sage or incense, whatever is burning in that bowl I
have fallen in love with it. I breathe the sweet smell
longingly, almost desperately, into my lungs and I
find it rejuvenating. There is something so familiar
about that smell.
At the end of our session my therapist
guides me back to the present, bringing with me the
positive attributes that I have possessed in that life.
I awaken feeling empowered, content and just a
little bit amazed.
Are you aware of your past lives? You may
be and don’t even realize it. Listen to yourself.
Have you been given information consistently about
a past life? For example, in meditation do you see
glimpses of the same life repeatedly? Do you have
many dreams about a certain time and place that
isn’t from this life?
Then there may be something that you need
to look at and you could probably exclude your
imagination as the culprit. If it repeats, then I would
say that it is valid. Your guides may be ‘guiding’
you to that lifetime for a specific reason.
As for me, I look forward to my next
past-life adventure!
KAY NIELSEN started her metaphysical
journey 21 years ago when she discovered
Stuart Wilde and Carlos Castaneda. She
began pursuing her clairvoyant and
mediumship development four years ago
and has been working professionally
since 2006. Having completed the Jazz
program at Vancouver Island University,
she writes and performs her own music.
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 21
TBS 1-4 Page 21.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:29:46 PM
The Ancient Crystal Skull
Sha Na Ra
will be in Nanaimo
Events taking place are are:
Monday, April 27th - Friday, May 1st
Private sessions available, book early to avoid disappointment
Friday, May 1st
Evening presentation at 7:00 pm at Morpeth Hall, 620 Morpeth Ave.
tickets are $20 in advance and if any are left, $30 at the door
Saturday, May 2nd
Level 1 - all-day workshop 10-4pm, 620 Morpeth Ave, Nanaimo
tickets are $120
Sunday, May 3rd
Level 2 workshop 3pm-9pm, 620 Morpeth Ave, Nanaimo
tickets are $120
For details, tickets and more
Kay Nielsen
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Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 23
©zzzdim –
Spirit of the Dance
omewhere over the course of the last few
hundred years we have slowly lost our ability to
move freely to the music around us. All but forgotten
is dance as ceremony, a prayer of spirit, a communi-
cation with nature, a path towards healing – its very
expression whittled down to a social pastime.
A few years ago in a class at university our
professor called on us to present a one minute
speech on our likes or dislikes of public speaking. I
promptly fled, obscenities racing through my mind,
wrapped in excuses, attempting to escape the icy
fear that raged through my being.
Earlier, I had committed to an ‘experiential’
counselling program and now I paused to remember
what it was they were attempting to teach me.
First, take a breath, slow down. Now, when
was the last time I remember what I am experiencing
right now, panic in my chest, flushed face and
desperately having to go to the bathroom?
Easy, the last time I was in front of a group
of people all staring at me. But now I had to ask
myself, when was the first time I ever remember
these feelings?
I returned to class and told my story.
Finished, tears streamed down my face. I stood,
shaking, and exhausted, but first move completed.
A few weeks later, I was scheduled to
perform in front of a large group of people for one of
Freedom, one dance at a time...
by Michelle Staples
TBS 1-4 Page 23.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:32:02 PM
Page 24 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
Spirit of the Dance
my counselling classes and now I knew what the
performance would be. A choreographed dance I had
performed many times with a group, this time
danced on my own—inviting with me a very special
guest whose story I had just uncovered from the
depths of my memories.
The night before the performance, I stayed
up practising, practising, finally falling to the floor,
forgetting my practiced moves until from sheer
exhaustion I let go of having to be perfect and fell
asleep. The next day I avoided the stage to the last
minute. I found one of my teachers, had a fit until I
broke and screamed at her and in mid-sentence
turned and stomped onto the stage. I ripped the mic
out from the emcee’s hand. I hid behind the curtain,
and gently invited my guest, a six year old girl
hidden deep inside of me, asking her to speak.
“I’m standing up on a stage in wool socks,
tight shoes and an itchy skirt. It’s so hot out the sun
feels like it’s burning through my clothes. A bunch of
judges are sitting in front of me close enough to kick,
they look hot too. I really had to pee before I came
on stage but was told there was no time and now we
are waiting for one of the judges in fling position
before we dance. The stage is made of plywood, my
eyes are looking at my feet praying I don’t pee but I
can’t hold on and I watch it trickle down my leg
making a black hole under my feet that I want to
jump into. Tears are starting to get in my eyes and
I’m breathing faster and faster, trying to swallow
them, but they’re not listening and are falling over
my hot cheeks. The circle at my feet is getting bigger.
The bagpipes have started and I can’t see so I just
dance until they stop. I curtsey and leave the stage,
shaking and sleepy. They call my name, and I think
I’m in trouble but it’s to go back on stage to get my
medal and I look in all their eyes.”
She is done and gently hands me the mic. “I
dance this dance with you,” I say to her, “with these
people gathered to witness, to honour your inno-
cence, your tears and courage, to dance into the dark
TBS 1-4 Page 24.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:33:33 PM
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 25
Spirit of the Dance
hole tripping up our feet until we come out the other
We burst through the curtain and, with fear
at our heels, shimmied out of her dance, spun into
mine, until together we wove into one and the sun
shone through us. Tears of joy fell from our eyes as
we danced a dance like no other we had ever danced
before…and danced until fear found freedom.
MICHELLE STAPLES helps people speak
and discover their own stories. She writes
for various publications, compiles papers
on community, social and economic
development, and helps develop
documentary and educational films. As
the Youth Program Director for the
Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival,
Michelle works with youth of all cultures,
supporting them to speak their voice and
tell their own story. She continues her
dance studies, training to become a
facilitator of Khundalini Dance
TBS 1-4 Page 25.pdf 1 03/03/2009 2:07:39 PM
Available at -
Chemainus Health Food Store - Chemainus
Jeanies Vitamin Centre - Comox
Jeanies Vitamin Centre - Campbell River
Ladysmith Health Food Store - Ladysmith
Lifestyle Markets - Victoria
Planet Organic - Victoria
Sidney Natural Foods - Sidney
The Vitamin Shop - Victoria
and other natural health stores in your area!
Distributed by - Axel Kraft International Ltd. - 99 Engelhard Drive - Aurora, Ontario L4G 3V1
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©Ints –
Children and Spirit
randma, do you want to
know where dreams come from?”
Alexandra continued without waiting
for my response, “When you’re sleep-
ing, God puts worlds into your body.
Then they become alive and you dream
about them.”
My granddaughter was only four
years old when she enlightened me with this
story about dreams. She continued on to tell me
how every night she visited with chocolate bear in
chocolate land. Of course I knew about chocolate
bear already, she had been talking about him since
she could first speak in words that we as adults
When Alexandra was six years old, at my
request her mother asked her if she still saw choco-
late bear on a regular basis. She followed this
question by asking her if bear was her imaginary
friend. “No! He’s not my imaginary friend, he’s my
guide,” Alex replied adamantly. “He’s a relative of
God’s and he guides me.”
Three more years have passed and Alexan-
dra is nine years old. She still talks to bear on a
regular basis, but she hasn’t called him “chocolate”
bear for some time. Now she often tells me about his
home in the forest where there is a school and bear
teaches her all the things she “wants” to learn.
Wendy Mewhort from Nanaimo shares this chan-
neled message with True Blue Spirit readers:
Children today are different than we were as
children. This is part of the beautiful divine plan to
help us in our personal and planetary ascension
process. We are very blessed indeed!
First of all, children raise our vibration
simply by being in our presence. Isn’t that amazing?
In their aura they hold the vibration of a love-based
consciousness and they gladly share this with us, to
help us release our patterns of fear-based living.
Ascension is often referred to as us moving
from a third dimensional reality (where the belief
that the visible, tangible, physical world is all there
is) to a fifth dimensional way of experiencing the
world of unity awareness and multidimensional
wholeness. Essentially, we are evolving from a dense
fear-based way of being, to a global love-based
consciousness. Being in contact with someone
by Dorothy Jeanne Engst
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 27
TBS 1-4 Page 27.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:37:20 PM
The Children and Spirit column is a forum for sharing our
childrens experiences, to learn and grow from them, and
yank out a few roots of doubt along the way. To share your
child’s story please e-mail
Page 28 - True Blue Spirit - Volume1, Issue 4
©aceshot –
Children and Spirit
of a high vibration helps to raise our own vibration,
so that our journey is more comfortable. So yes, it’s
wonderful that the children are helping us in this
Secondly, the children today are incarnating
with no personal karma of their own. What does that
mean? It means that they are not here to learn. They
have already mastered what they need to know and
they have come here to teach. Yes, this too is amaz-
ing, isn’t it? “Yeppers,” I’m here to say, “We are one
fortunate bunch of adults, to have received the gift of
these beautiful children!”
Sometimes, I admit, it is difficult to see the
blessing (GRIN). When you live with ever-persistent
teachers-little-warriors who know that they are
helping you for the greater good of the planet—they
are relentless in their continual quest of bringing up
the issues and beliefs that no longer serve our
greatest good. And, gee, they are extremely skilled at
this, aren’t they? With loving hearts, brilliant minds,
able bodies, and a divine connection that creates an
internal authority, they are relentless angels in
human form!
They are here to lead the way into the new
era of planetary peace, and they need our help to do
so. Gone are the days when we believe that children
are empty, needing to be filled up with that which we
deem important, be it our ideas of the proper way to
behave, or how to be educated. Gone are the days
when we demand obedience, respect and compliance
merely because we are bigger, stronger and older
than they are. Gone are the days when we believe
that a child must be taught something in order to
know. The children already know. Oh yes, they do.
They know why they are here. And they know how to
best serve you—by speaking and behaving in a way
that is their truth, their authentic selves, so that you
may be reminded of that which you need to leave
behind. Oh yes, we are indeed blessed!
Go within. Meditate. Contemplate. Ask
yourself, “What am I meant to be learning from my
child’s behaviour? What is this teaching me? And
how can I benefit from this?”
This is the truth of our times. Our children,
blessed souls, are here to lead the way. Let’s trust
and allow them to do so. It is why we are here: to
evolve. The children? They are already highly
evolved beings, here to help US evolve. Amazing,
isn’t it?!
Many blessings, Mother Wendy
Wendy Mewhort is an internationally published
channeler who lives in Nanaimo with her husband and
three young children. She is the children’s lyceum guide
at Two Worlds Spiritualist Centre and also gives darshan.
TBS 1-4 Page 28.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:39:15 PM
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 29
Aboriginal Spirit
f all the intangibles we live with every
day, I find psychometry one of the most fascinating.
Our little dictionaries do not have the word, but the
meaning of psyche is “the mind or mental
For this purpose, the way that we use
psychometry is the ability to read the energy that is
transferred to an inanimate object by anyone who
has touched the object. In other words, we literally
leave a trail of our own energy on everything that we
touch and the longer and closer the association, as
with rings, watches, shoes, or even better when we
create something like carvings, jewellery or art, we
imbue these articles with readable energy.
While old energy remains, new energy with
different feelings can be imposed upon the object.
I would like to share two examples of this interesting
and natural phenomenon that took place in a most
graphic and remarkable way.
I was given a soapstone carving of a
woman’s head, with long hair, coarse features and an
aura of frustrated anger about her. The person who
gave her to me said that she found her presence
objectionable and did not want her in her home. I
accepted the gift and hung her behind my chair in
our living room.
Very soon the carving’s attitude began to
disrupt the serene tenor of our home and I
realized that something had to be done as
peace, love and harmony are a must in our
home. I took the soapstone lady with a
bad attitude off the wall and had a
serious talk with her. I told her that
her attitude was not acceptable in
our home and that if she wanted to live with
us in peace, love and harmony, she was welcome.
But if she persisted with her bad attitude I would
bury her under the apple tree. I told her that she had
three days to make up her mind.
by James Henry Spencer
TBS 1-4 Page 29.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:42:44 PM
Intuitive cruises will be launching from Gabriola
Island BC this coming summer.
Cruise on a 10 passenger 41 foot Morgan sailing
yacht with a lovely deck to take in the sun. There will
be various mediums and healers on every cruise.
With water being a tremendous conductor, the
journey will provide the perfect opportunity to
enhance your spiritual development.
This photo is taken from the yacht deck while sailing
up the coast from San Francisco.
Coming Soon
Watch for more information in future editions of
True Blue Spirit magazine.
Sail into your Intuitive
TBS 1-4 Page 30.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:41:36 PM
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 31
Aboriginal Spirit
Well, within three days she became
an active part of the even tenor of our
home and she takes part in all the social
events that take place. Although her
features are still coarse, she has a charm-
ing demeanour and has had a definite
attitude improvement.
Another graphic illustration of
energy being imbued into an inanimate
object, and then being able to alter the
mood of that energy, occurred when a
friend of mine loaned me a carving of a
figure about six inches high.
This figure depicted a wild person
of the forest. It carried with it an unpleas-
ant energy that I could not define. So I put
it outdoors and phoned the owner for
permission to give the figure smudging,
feather healing and drumming.
On completion of the ceremony,
the energy was greatly improved.
When I explained what I had done,
the owner told me that shortly before
creating the figure, the carver had acciden-
tally killed his brother and was in a terrible
mental state while doing the carving.
Obviously the carver had trans-
ferred his grief into the figure and that was
the unpleasant energy I was sensing. But
the drumming, smudging and feather
healing altered that energy, suggesting
again that we do imbue objects we create
with energies that can be discerned by
others and can be altered with patience and
JAMES HENRY SPENCER is a descendant of Mary Ebbits of the
Tlingit Tribe. Known affectionately by his friends in the spiritual
community as Wisdom James”, he has found a place of peace
and harmony and strives to share that with anyone in his
energy field. “I have an inner joy that continually overflows to
those around me and a constant need to share these beautiful
gifts that I have been blessed with. It is my desire to imbue the
gift of peace, love and harmony into your life.”
TBS 1-4 Page 31.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:43:43 PM
TBS 1-4 Page 32.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:45:45 PM
the ultimate mind-body-spirit connection
by Joan Quain
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 33
hen I discovered Falun Gong back in 2002, I was
searching for two things: a way to ease my myriad of
health problems and something to give me spiritual
I wasn’t expecting to find both in the one place
but I did. I hadn’t been practicing for long when one day
I noticed that this increasingly unpleasant feeling of
emptiness that had been eating at me for years had
disappeared. Just like that, it was gone, and in its place
came a feeling of well-being, something I hadn’t experi-
enced in a long time.
This, along with the gradual alleviation of my
health problems, made me sit up and take notice. I
started being more focused and aware when reading
Zhuan Falun, the main teachings of Falun Gong.
“Everything is in this one book,” I remember a
fellow practitioner saying back then.
Falun Gong is a form of Qigong, a movement
that has swept China in recent decades. It is an advanced
cultivation practice of the Buddha school, meaning it has
unique qualities that set it apart from the usual ways of
cultivation in the Buddha school.
Both the Dao and Buddha schools formed the
basis for many spiritual practices in China, and there are
numerous different ‘cultivation ways’ within these two
Cultivation involves getting rid of one’s desire
for and attachment to the things of this world. This frees
the mind, enabling one to attain tranquility while medi-
tating and to rise above the ordinary human level. It also
tempers the will.
Large group meditating in Taiwan on Falun Dafa Day.
Taiwan has the most Falun Gong practitioners outside China.
Photo courtesy of
TBS 1-4 Page 33.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:46:43 PM
APRIL 17 – 26, 2009
Libby has been a Spiritualist Medium for over 30 years.
She is an Officiant of the Spiritualist National Union, and a
Course Organiser / Tutor for the world-renowned
Arthur Findlay College. She teaches world-wide.
or email Call 250 754-3330
“Uniting two lives in the miracle of love”
Available to perform your unique and meaningful
ceremony. This sacred contract that reflects the
special qualities of two individuals will enhance
your special day.
Carol Spencer, Ordained Minister
Health Food Store
“Partners in Health”
9738 Willow St
PO Box 141
Chemainus, BC
V0R 1K0
Ph: 250-246-9838
Fx: 250-324-2996
Open Mon-Sat 9:30 - 5:30 and Sun 12 - 4
For Conscious Living...
Rare Gifts
Soothing Music
125 Station Street
Duncan, BC V9L 1M8
TBS 1-4 Page 34.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:48:12 PM
Letting go of attachments doesn’t mean one
can’t have any worldly goods or lots of money—one
should simply not be attached to them. Although this
may seem like a tall order, it’s not as hard as it
sounds. But Falun Gong is, after all, a discipline so it
does require some work.
In the context of cultivation practice, getting
rid of attachments refers to gradually giving up
notions, behaviours and thought patterns that prevent
one from fully assimilating to Truthfulness, Compas-
sion and Forbearance, the guiding principles of
Falun Gong.
The cornerstone of the practice is to raise
one’s moral character—this is key to making prog-
ress. Without it, says founder and teacher, Master Li
Hongzhi, nothing else will work.
The Chinese word for character is “xinxing,”
a word that has broad meaning and includes such
things as virtue, tolerance, enlightenment quality,
and sacrificing various desires and attachments.
Negative thoughts and behaviours must be
abandoned and matters of self interest, personal gain
and the pursuit of desires should be taken very
lightly. Another aspect of upgrading xinxing is to get
rid of selfishness and to put others first.
The practice includes a set of five gentle
exercises that help rebalance the whole body. Four
are done in a standing position; the fifth is a sitting
Through practicing the exercises regularly,
the meridians gradually become wider and, as time
passes, the cells of the body become filled with high
energy matter, enabling practitioners to feel healthy
and clear-minded.
The duality of performing the exercises and
upgrading xinxing makes Falun Gong a comprehen-
sive and powerful mind-body cultivation system
leading to a heightened spiritual awareness.
Through diligent cultivation, I’ve reaped
numerous benefits from Falun Gong. I’ve also come
to realize that the things of this earth don’t mean
much in the end, that it’s possible to stay off the
emotional rollercoaster that used to cause me so
much pain, and that putting others’ wellbeing before
my own is actually correct. Who knew?
Practitioner group meditation.
Photo courtesy of
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 35
JOAN QUAIN is a Falun Gong practitioner and human rights
advocate living in Victoria, B.C. Falun Gong has no formal
membership. Instruction is free, as are books and materials,
which can be downloaded at
TBS 1-4 Page 35.pdf 1 03/03/2009 2:10:44 PM
trength and elegance are the first two words
asked to be spoken with the name Charlene George.
A kQwat’st’not artist from T’Sou-ke (Sooke),
Charlene is the designated person in her community
responsible for bringing awareness of protocols
between peoples. Each step of this process creates a
path built on understanding, and each piece of
artwork she designs is a reflection of this journey.
As an indigenous artist, Charlene works
primarily in textiles but is constantly expanding her
talents: weaving, appliqué, embroidery, costume and
set design, drawing and painting are but a small
sample of her artistic expression.
Charlene understands that art is a tool for
teaching and every artistic design that comes to her
offers its own individual lesson. Her inspiration is
drawn from whatever flies into her life. Images that
present themselves to her as pictures are reborn as
two-dimensional art forms through her work.
A story she tells of this process is one that
she experienced while creating pieces for a wedding.
While working on the design, Charlene saw a
heron perched on a tree trunk outside her window.
“It was stormy outside,” she says, “and the heron
looked as if he were dancing in the wind. He stood
tall and strong, his wings in gentle motion with the
rhythm of the breeze. He represented that perfect
balance between movement and stillness, without
which life cannot exist.”
She chose the image of the heron, a tradi-
tional* wedding design, because the heron repre-
sents the intricate and delicate dance of balance in a
relationship. It is a reminder that we all breathe the
same air, drink the same water and exist in a
relationship with each and every thing around us.
Charlene’s textile fashions and art creations
will be on display during the Art Gallery of
Cowichan Aboriginal Film Festival at the Cowichan
Theatre, April 16–19, 2009.
*All of Charlene’s images are what are referred to as traditional
“teaching designs,” offering a cultural teaching expressed
through art to support people’s personal development and not
for the purpose of replication. This differs from “traditional
family” designs, which are the private intellectual property of
specific families passed down through generations.
Charlene George - Artist
by Michelle Staples
Page 36 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
TBS 1-4 Page 36.pdf 1 03/03/2009 8:51:50 AM
ne of the most common questions I am
asked as a medium is, “Who is my spirit guide?”
Spirit guides are wise souls who have undergone
special training to assist us in fulfilling our life
purpose. They rarely give their real names or a lot
of information about themselves as it is usually
impossible to prove who they were on earth. Most
were just ordinary people who have evolved in
the spirit realms.
The first guide, referred to as a ‘guardian
angel,’ agreed to walk the life path with you
before you incarnated. This guide’s job is to keep
you aware of your spiritual path and your soul
agreements, things you wanted to experience to
help you grow as a soul. A guide may not inter-
fere with your free will, but can encourage you to
pay attention to what your inner voice is telling
you—perhaps by enhancing a strong ‘gut feeling’
or intuitive thought you had, to do or not do
something. They are not around to judge you and
realize you can only grow as a soul by making
decisions and learning from the consequences of
those choices.
Relatives will sometimes bring a message
©Andrea Danti –
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 37
Guiding Lights
by Patricia Gunn
TBS 1-4 Page 37.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:51:14 PM
Page 38 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
PATRICIA GUNN was introduced to spiritualism while
studying ballet in England. She has spent the last 43 years
unfolding and using her gifts. She came to Duncan in 1991
after being ordained as a minister and started the Cowichan
Spiritualist Church of Healing and Light, which holds weekly
services. Patricia does private readings and teaches courses
on aspects of mediumship and healing.
©Lee Prince –
from spirit promising to look after a loved one still
on earth but they are not guardian angels, just
loving souls who are looking out for you but
without the training and wisdom that a guardian
angel has.
Another kind of guide is one who works
with you in some kind of activity that you are
involved in, perhaps as an artist or musician.
These guides were involved in similar
activities when they lived on earth and they have a
continued interest in helping inspire someone on
earth that is involved in their profession.
As mediums, we draw to us several differ-
ent spirit workers; the number depends on how
many different forms of mediumship we are
involved with. Some of these guides are permanent
and others come and go as our mediumship evolves.
One guide is our ‘doorkeeper whose job is
to protect the medium and decide which spirits can
get through to the medium while they are working.
It is the medium's job to give that soul permission
to do their work by inviting only those who come in
“love and truth.”
If you are a healer you will draw to you a
band of spirit healers, usually souls who worked in
the healing field in some way when they were on
earth, each one with their own specialty—such as
spinal problems, lung specialists and so on.
As a medium providing messages of life
after death, we usually have one main guide to help
with that form of mental mediumship. If you work
in trance or deep control, there is a team to look
after your well being and the guides may change as
your own spiritual unfolding takes place. In all
mediumship, the guides must slow down their
vibrations and the medium speeds up theirs so they
can blend together. Sometimes it takes years before
they can blend perfectly as there are many adjust-
ments to make on both sides and life lessons for the
medium to experience that will speed up his or her
own energy field.
If you are teaching, doing inspirational
speaking or counselling, you will have a team of
workers to help inspire you with the right words to
say for each occasion.
In time, you will look on your guides as
close friends who you can trust implicitly, friends
who will love and support you, even when you
don't always listen!
TBS 1-4 Page 38.pdf 1 03/03/2009 2:12:35 PM
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 39
©Stephen Coburn–
am continually amazed at what comes out of
so called spiritual people’s mouths during times of
explanation and lectures. A speaker should be confi-
dent that he is capable of preparing and delivering a
lecture or address to the audience and also of answer-
ing questions following the address in an intelligent
manner. This seems to happen so rarely.
Lectures and addresses on spiritual matters
shouldn’t confuse you or insult your intelligence. Our
spiritual nature is explainable. There is an intelligence
in the natural and the spirit world.
I recently spoke with a lady who was really
concerned. She went to a psychic, hoping to hear
from her father who had been in the spirit world many
years. She was still grieving for her loss. The
psychic was unable to make that contact and
informed this lady that her father didn’t have time
to speak with her because he was in a crystal cave,
learning about crystals.
We know that those who pass in to the
world of spirit do learn and
spiritually evolve from the real
evidence that is provided directly
from those in spirit.
So what about the
message that the father was in a
crystal cave…the man wasn’t a
miner, nor was he Merlin, so
why would anyone say that
without some kind of evidential
proof that there was any real
Sometimes this type of
reading occurs when the person
doing the reading doesn’t have
the greater understanding of
spirit, sometimes this happens
because a person has a very
active imagination and some-
times the ego gets in the
way…after all doesn’t it sound
quite wonderful that your father
is in a crystal cave.
What about the grieving
lady? She didn’t receive any
solace from the reading. She was
hoping to hear from the spirit
world to receive support and a reconnection with
her father. She was going through major health
issues and was feeling really alone. After the
reading she felt alone, abandoned and confused. We
had a lot to talk about. I explained what does
happen when we die and pass in to the spirit world
and why sometimes those people we so desperately
want to hear from don’t communicate.
Speaking On Spiritualism
by Carol Spencer
TBS 1-4 Page 39.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:53:50 PM
©Trombax –
I have heard other bizarre stories that have
been linked to so called psychics or mediums.
These stories that I have heard truly blacken those
psychics and mediums of integrity that under-
stand the spiritual laws and have spent time on
investigation and study. There is so much positive
information to learn from the spirit world.
The next time you listen to a speaker or
have a private reading…remember, if it causes
you distress, creates confusion or insults your
intelligence...walk away.
PS. By the way, her father did come to her
later in that session. It seems he wasn’t much of a
talker when he was alive…so it took a while.
A native of Salt Spring Island, CAROL SPENCER
established the Continuous Light Sanctuary in 1999.
Continuous Light is a society dedicated to spiritualism,
where gatherings are held to share the philosophy and
gifts of spirit. Carol teaches meditation, healing,
clairvoyance and psychic awareness.
Page 40 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
TBS 1-4 Page 40 revised for printer.pdf 1 05/03/2009 2:43:38 PM
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 41
rightened and knowing someone could break
in with the ease it takes to light a match—I dream
they do—coming from a taxi, black hood and erased
face, footsteps scraping the porch. They are in!
Instead of running from, I go toward them, chase
them. They run away, go up like a smoke trick.
I still remember this dream. It was 1991.
Simply, it is about facing fear. Instead of being
chased by fear of attack or intrusion, I face it down,
and in my waking life I never feel afraid in that
by Patti Sinclair
house again—the four years I live there—even
though someone could still have broken in with the
ease it takes to light a match—but they would have
had to have the match.
The fear was no longer there to ignite? I
now ask twenty years later.
The cultural landscape of 1991 includes the
Montreal Massacre, where 14 women in the engi-
neering faculty at École Polytechnique de Montréal
were murdered because they were women. Women
start talking publicly about unspoken fears they live
with—just walking their neighbourhoods—and
although not walking at night may have kept them
safe, it stifles lives: questioning a perhaps unspoken
social expectation of having to change their behav-
iour instead of society itself changing its views and
behaviour. This public tragedy and the ensuing
dialogue results in me walking in my neighbourhood
at night when needed, after twenty years of being
“Dreams are like a letter from home. They
save people. They are more than willing to
From “The Beginner's Guide to Dream
Interpretation” by Clarissa Pinkola Estés
©Susana Martins –
TBS 1-4 Page 41.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:56:22 PM
©photocreo –
terrified, as well as considering renting a little old
house myself.
Although there are some dream symbols and
archetypes that are universal, much dream work is
multi-layered. Clarissa Pinkola Estés says that an
eagle may generally mean “far-seeing” but it is one's
personal association with an eagle that is probably
more important. And further to that, translation of
anything creative is not an exact art, because art can
never be exact: art exudes the mysteries and the
intuitive of life.
So putting this loose template to my dream:
I was literally afraid to live in a house by myself,
possibly because my mother was afraid, once
waking up to find a burglar in her room at night and
also because I was assaulted in my neighbourhood as
a child at night. So, lots of fears to work on.
Researchers say we dream on average 5-7
times per night. The essence of most night dreaming
is relationships, Estés says, how we work them out,
both personally and collectively.
Even if we exercise our dream
memory by writing it down, still
in our beds, with a light tip on
our pen, or record it on tape, it is
often the dreams that stay with
us which are the most significant.
We may simply ask:
Dream maker, I would like
toremember my dreams.
Some dreams may stay
with us a lifetime.
exploring dreams, myth,
and symbols in her medita-
tion, journeying, writing,
and poetry practice for
many years. She is the
best-selling author of
Motherhood As A Spiritual
Practice and Out of the
Witch's Mouth. She lives on
an east coast island.
Page 42 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
TBS 1-4 Page 42.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:57:27 PM
©Jim Mills –
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 43
Change your Name, Transform your Life
by Merina Rael
few years ago I was paying
for some groceries on Cook Street in
Victoria when suddenly I heard a
loud bang.
“My God,” I said, “what was
I ran outside to see. Lying
dead in a pool of blood was the
woman who, one minute before, had
been ahead of me at the checkout. A
car driven by a teenage boy had been
speeding, missed the turn and
mowed down three people on the
sidewalk. Two survived and were
taken to hospital. It was my wake up
“Live every moment as if it is
your last,” my inner voice was
It took me quite a while to get
over the trauma and stop running the
bloodbath tape in my head. But the
message still rang strong: Live life to
the fullest—now, now, now!
One of the things I decided to
do was look into changing my name.
I found a professional numerologist
in Vancouver, paid him my money
and gave him my birth date and time.
“My God,” I said,
“what was that?”
TBS 1-4 Page 43.pdf 1 02/03/2009 7:58:19 PM
Therapy can be
absolutely beautiful!
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We guarantee that the magnets contained in our
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E-mail -
TBS 1-4 Page 44 revised for printer.pdf 1 05/03/2009 2:44:18 PM
His e-mail reply informed me that my name,
as it was then, could be very detrimental to my
health and block healthy relationships and success in
my life. I felt he was right. He then gave me 200
names to choose from, first and last names balanced
for my birth date. I understood that with the right
name foundation you can learn to fly through life,
and I was ready for the ride.
In the past I had always felt like a salmon
swimming upstream, beating myself up. Now was
the time to change the tide, go with the flow and
maybe even learn to ride a surging wave. It was time
to build my courage and be ready for change. Many
nights I tossed about several names in my head, not
really an easy choice. But well worth the time, effort
and $500 to change all my legal documents to the
name I eventually chose. It felt so right.
Immediately after this rebirthing, my life
took quite a few turns for the better. I launched my
new website and I was off!
I took up Buddhist chanting to help me have
more courage, attune to my Buddha nature and move
forward in my life.
I was able to travel to many places I had
always dreamed of - Greece, Mexico, Peru and New
I collected images for my work as a mystic,
spiritual artist, painter and poet. I won several
awards. I am blessed with good health to travel and
feel very fortunate, as I am now in my sixties. Now I
am the actor on my stage of life, not the reactor. My
new-found confidence has helped me in becoming
more successful and happy in life.
How wonderful it would be if all parents
could choose balanced names for their children.
What a good start in life they would have to build on
and live life to the fullest. But, for the rest of us, it’s
never too late. Don’t wait for the wake-up call.
For those of you who have changed your
name I would love to hear about how your name
change transformed your life for the better.
©rufar –
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 45
MERINA RAEL is a spiritual/mystic artist dedicated to her
spiritual path through meditation and sacred site travels. She
assists others with healing using drum toning in nature,
karma clearing, psychic healing and she gives art classes. An
award-winning poet, photographer, lmmaker and perfor-
mance artist, Merina currently lives in Victoria.
Web: E mail:
TBS 1-4 Page 45.pdf 1 03/03/2009 2:14:24 PM
umbers are magical, numbers are mun-
dane and numbers are everything in between! At
their most basic, numbers are symbols of quanti-
tative ideas. As part of our collective psyche, their
symbolic nature reached a zenith of understand-
ing on the fertile plains of the mind of Pythago-
ras. The concepts he developed and extrapolated
gave birth to our present day Numerology.
Our human tendencies, strengths and
weaknesses, from our basic ego to our mystical
potential, can all be better understood with the
help of Numerology. But here, numbers become
more than a measure of quantity, here they evolve
into the qualitative and continue forward into
esoteric understandings that are increasingly fluid
and beyond the measurable and basic mathemati-
cal concepts from which they sprang.
Page 46 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
Welcome to the world of
by Shanon Wills
TBS 1-4 Page 46.pdf 1 02/03/2009 8:06:24 PM
Soul Awareness
Physical expression
2 8
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 47
Let’s begin:
Numerology is based on the use of the numbers 1
through 9.
# 1- represents the Self; the self-starter, beginning
state which contains the ‘seed’ of gnosis
#2- duality; intuition, gateway to wisdom
#3- analysis; equilibrium, first balance point
#4- stability; structure
#5- chaotic motion; heart center
#6- creative mind; ‘home’
#7- teaching/learning by doing
#8- spiritual action; independent
#9- attainment; combines attributes of all numbers
Creating a visual aide:
We start with a visual diagram. This will allow
you the reader to more easily follow along with
Top line of grid: Consciousness
Mental processes; the numbers 3, 6, and 9 belong
on this line
Middle line of grid: Soul awareness
Spiritual essence; feelings; numbers 2, 5 and 8
live here
Bottom line of grid: Physical expression
Interaction with the world around us; numbers 1,
4 and 7 go here
TBS 1-4 Page 47.pdf 1 02/03/2009 8:07:18 PM
Page 48 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
Making sense of the data -
Example: Susan was born on Nov. 27th 1944
(11-27-1944) Her birth chart looks like this:
You can easily see that she has the
physical plane all sewn up. Or has she? Only one
space on the soul line, is that okay? What about
that lonely number 9 stuck up there all by its
lonesome, what does that mean? Good questions
and each one is significant.
The first thing I notice is that Susan is
likely to be a very lively lady, perhaps a chatter-
box who is bright and interesting. What is my
clue? The three 1’s on the first line of her chart
indicate verbal expression amplified, as well as
having a healthy self-definition.
The second thing that strikes me is the
full line on the physical plane, telling me that
Susan is comfortable with structure and leans
toward the practical. I would say Susan is a
The number 2 emphasizes her natural
intuition and tells me she is also a ‘seeker,’ on the
constant lookout for ways in which to put her
insights into practical use.
The lonely 9 can indeed lead to frustra-
tion for Susan because without drawing on the
power of her innate heart chakra (the absent 5),
her ambitions could be continually frustrated.
However, we can see that Susan has lived long
enough to have acquired a great deal of life
experience and has most likely figured that out
for herself by now.
Day Number -
Susan was born on the 27th day of the
month. This lady takes the responsibility of her
ideals seriously and may need balancing on
occasion with laughter and happiness to avoid the
pitfall of becoming weighted with the daunting
tasks she is likely to set for herself.
Name Analysis -
Susan’s name shows me one quality that
will assist her in her life challenges: the number
5. This places an energy pattern into her grid that
supplies the much needed vibration to assist her
balance in life. It links the 1 to the 9 which will
be a great help in manifesting her dreams. For
without the heart, our self expression gives us no
Her name, though, emphasizes qualities
she already has an abundance of and therefore I
would counsel Susan to consider using the
shortened form of her name, “Sue,” or an
extended form, “Susannah.” It is not often,
however, that a person will be moved to change
the form of their name. Sometimes using our
middle or last name in a habitually consistent
manner will be of assistance. If she would be
open to this, there are many numerological
suggestions that can be considered.
Life Path -
When we combine all the digits of
Susan’s birth chart they add up to 29. We need to
reduce this further which gives us the number 11.
(Master numbers, such as 11 or the more uncom-
mon 22, are not reduced when calculating the
Life Path.)
So what does number 11 mean for Susan?
This master number asks us to open up to
the spiritual realm within the ‘seed’ of our soul.
As there are no accidental births, Susan is given a
rare opportunity here to fulfill her life-purpose
goal of ‘self-realization.’ She will need to
embrace the ‘inner promptings of that number 2,
coupled with the number 5 she has had to invoke
in order to succeed. Orthodox views would thwart
her and obscure her path. Learning best by her
own life experience, it may be a challenge for
Susan to benefit from others’ lessons. As she
Soul Awareness
Physical expression
111 44 7
TBS 1-4 Page 48.pdf 1 02/03/2009 8:08:26 PM
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 49
learns how to balance the physical realm with her
intuitive qualities and her dreams of a better world,
Susan can indeed accomplish what she cares about
the most: improved quality of life, both for herself
and others. Susan is, after all, an idealist.
I believe she will succeed. My guess is that
she will work diligently towards that end and not be
afraid to seek the help she needs from her friends no
matter on which realm they may be found, spiritual
or earthly.
In the next issue I will focus on showing
you how to create and anlyze your own chart, as
well as the start to defining each number more
SHANON WILLS has been a Metaphysical student for over 40
years. Several years as a professional channeler assisted her
progress in understanding spiritual energy. As a Reiki Master
Teacher she has merged the power of sound to create a unique
healing experience for her clients. Her interest in Numerology
began in the late 80’s and blossomed when she discovered a
spiritual connection to numbers.
From time to time we will analyze the name of
one of our readers. If you would like to have your
name and birth date analyzed, send us the
following information: Date of Birth and the name
you go by. Only your first name will be printed to
protect your privacy.
TBS 1-4 Page 49.pdf 1 03/03/2009 2:15:53 PM
Available at -
Back to Nature - Chemainus Health Food Store - Edible Island - Heaven on Earth
Ladysmith Health Food Store - Lifestyle Markets
- Lynn’s Vitamin Gallery - The Vitamin Shop
and other quality Natural Health stores in your area
TBS 1-4 Page 50.pdf 1 02/03/2009 8:10:40 PM
FOs may have little to do
with space craft. That is the hypoth-
esis suggested by many serious
researchers. Why is that?
I recently had an opportu-
nity to interview Miriam Delicado,
a person who had a most remark-
able close encounter of the fourth
kind in 1988. She was traveling at
night by car with friends along a
stretch of lonely road in BC. They
were pursued for miles by bright
lights, finally pulling over at
Miriam's insistence.
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 51
“I am who they want,” she
told them.
Her friends were rendered
unconscious—a typical occurrence
in this kind of scenario. In a nearby
craft, she spent three hours with
tall blond beings who showed her a
series of images about the origins
of mankind and potential futures
that involved cataclysms, to be
averted if people come together in
harmony. They gave her a message
to bring to the world.
The UFO Phenomenon:
by Michael Gintowt, MA
TBS 1-4 Page 51.pdf 1 02/03/2009 8:12:53 PM
Page 52 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
MICHAEL GINTOWT has an MA in psychology, and formal
training in hypnosis, behavioural neurobiology, and clinical
psychology. His interest in the paranormal can be traced to
when he was 14 years old, and corresponded with Dr. J.B.
Rhine, the pioneering parapsychologist. For decades, he has
been involved with the divinatory arts, shamanic practices,
and martial arts. He lives on Vancouver Island with his wife.
The full story is in her book “Bluestar.”
Many abductees remember their experi-
ences with the aid of hypnosis. Ms Delicado, in
contrast, has never undergone hypnosis. Over the
years, she has had repeated contact with the ‘tall
blonds.’ The nature of those contacts and the
content of her message speak volumes to the
psychic aspect of the UFO phenomenon, and
suggest as well some possible answers to the nature
and meaning of UFOs.
Ms Delicado does not claim to have
answers. She claims to be a messenger, and that
people should not believe her, but think for them-
selves. Her fascinating story is replete with details
about the evolution of consciousness, the need to
take care of our planet and the involvement of ‘Star
People.’ Her message is the same as that of seers
and mystics, indigenous peoples, and world-class
scientists—in a nutshell, to cooperate, be nice and
stop destroying the planet. The new element is that
now, “people like myself are coming out in record
We can expect an acceleration of human
consciousness as energies are generated, concen-
trated and transmitted through groups of conscious
human beings. The indigenous peoples of this
planet are a key aspect to this work as they have
preserved much of the knowledge that must be
reclaimed if we are to avert an almost certain
ecological disaster.
Integral to her story is the extent to which
she is guided by intuition and is moved to act in
accord with an agenda that is bigger than herself.
She sees herself as playing a part in a larger process
that involves other ‘Light Workers,’ that is all those
who strive to put their egos to the side and try to
help themselves, their families and their communi-
ties. People who are doing their most significant
work, at whatever level, are people who tend to be
more attuned to other realities.
In a field filled with sensation seekers and
deluded individuals, Miriam has a different presen-
tation. She is extremely careful to always question
herself and to avoid getting carried away by imagi-
She says, “When you stop questioning
yourself at every level, and you say 'I know', instead
of 'I don't know', the ego has taken over, and you
are lost.” Such is the Zen principle of “Don't know
mind”—a suspension of discursive thinking that
quietly leads the mind to inner wells of intuition.
In summary, the UFO phenomenon is more
about Earth than it is about aliens. Are UFOs from
outer space, or are they perhaps from some other
space, challenging our conception of reality?
TBS 1-4 Page 52.pdf 1 02/03/2009 8:14:24 PM
Natures Essence
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 53
his month I want to take a break from
talking about essences and vibrational medicine and
share with you a different kind of energy healing,
through song and words and images.
In 2002 I was on a flight to Sao Paulo and
saw a picture in the Globe and Mail of a young boy,
maybe 11 years old, with tears streaming down his
dirty cheeks. The caption read that this child had just
watched his older brother killed by American
military forces. I was deeply moved by the image of
this small boy and in a split second understood how
war is created and seems justified.
Last November I was in Hawaii
making the whale and dolphin essences
on the day of the U.S. election. When
I opened my laptop on November 5th
and saw the headlines, I was
overwhelmed. As I read and
listened to the coverage on the
morning Barack Obama was
elected, I literally could not
stop crying. Tears of joy!
Tears of relief! Tears of hope!
Obama’s message is
unequivocally that we are one
people. And that we are all
unequivocally responsible for
the world in which we are living.
And that there is hope for all the
things I wholeheartedly believe in.
A world without war.
A world in which the spark in
each of us is honoured and acknowledged.
A world in which each of us is
responsible for our choices and understands that
every choice we make affects the whole.
And a world in which I might never again
see the face of a young child suffering from the pain
of witnessing the senseless killing of his brother.
Remember the song “Imagine” by John
Lennon? The song “One People” by Canadian
recording artist and song writer, Morry Stearns,
carries the same energy.
When I first heard “One People” I imagined
my little boy in the Middle East singing that song
and that somehow the energy of the song would
contribute to his healing. By now he is old enough to
bear arms but perhaps the intention of this song will
The Birth of One People
by Sabina Pettitt
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Natures Essence
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 53
his month I want to take a break from
talking about essences and vibrational medicine and
share with you a different kind of energy healing,
through song and words and images.
In 2002 I was on a flight to Sao Paulo and
saw a picture in the Globe and Mail of a young boy,
maybe 11 years old, with tears streaming down his
dirty cheeks. The caption read that this child had just
watched his older brother killed by American
military forces. I was deeply moved by the image of
this small boy and in a split second understood how
war is created and seems justified.
Last November I was in Hawaii
making the whale and dolphin essences
on the day of the U.S. election. When
I opened my laptop on November 5th
and saw the headlines, I was
overwhelmed. As I read and
listened to the coverage on the
morning Barack Obama was
elected, I literally could not
stop crying. Tears of joy!
Tears of relief! Tears of hope!
Obama’s message is
unequivocally that we are one
people. And that we are all
unequivocally responsible for
the world in which we are living.
And that there is hope for all the
things I wholeheartedly believe in.
A world without war.
A world in which the spark in
each of us is honoured and acknowledged.
A world in which each of us is
responsible for our choices and understands that
every choice we make affects the whole.
And a world in which I might never again
see the face of a young child suffering from the pain
of witnessing the senseless killing of his brother.
Remember the song “Imagine” by John
Lennon? The song “One People” by Canadian
recording artist and song writer, Morry Stearns,
carries the same energy.
When I first heard “One People” I imagined
my little boy in the Middle East singing that song
and that somehow the energy of the song would
contribute to his healing. By now he is old enough to
bear arms but perhaps the intention of this song will
The Birth of One People
by Sabina Pettitt
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Natures Essence
touch his heart and he will be a
contributor to a new way for his culture
and all of us. And I imagine that
centuries of grievances between
different cultures and religions could be
erased and healed as we find a different
way to live together on Mother Earth.
Part of my day while in Hawaii
was also dedicated to sifting through
images that could be used to visually
communicate the message of Morry
Stearns’ song. We have just completed
the One People DVD. As executive
producer I feel certain that our partici-
pation in it was inspired by our
relationship with the Nature Spirits and
what we have learned from them over
the past twenty-five plus years. For this
first edition we have subtitles for the
song in eight languages including
Tibetan and Hebrew. And this is just the
beginning. I feel this urgency to get it
out there.
Sometimes it seems over-
whelming to consider being able to do
anything to make a difference. I believe
that there is hope and I believe that we
can. And as we send One People out
into the world, I trust that this message
will kindle a fire of willingness and
inspiration for everyone who hears it
and sees it, to fully and unequivocally
“be who we can be”—enlightened,
shiny, unique and quirky threads in the
tapestry of life—each contributing to
the magnificence of the whole.
doctor of traditional Chinese medicine
and the co-creator of Pacific Essences®.
For more detailed information on the
One People DVD, go to:
Page 54 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
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©Saniphoto –
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 55
Realizing there are a zillion of all of you…
How individual can I possible be? So, elemen-
tally my dears, may I express changes that are
affecting the cosmos as we proceed (& return)
to the age of Aquarius.
Joy, Joy, Joy!
Astrology: A doorway to your psychic path
The circle in which the planets move is called
the Zodiac and is subdivided into 12 signs,
characterized by the four elements.
FIRE—drive, desire, action, aggression
EARTH—manifestation, deciding is doing.
AIR—intellect, communication (Mind)
WATER—ocean of emotion (Body)
Major influencing planets:
Mercury androgynous – communication,
travel, social behavior, activating intellect.
Mars warrior – ambitious, inspiring motivation
& action, awakening passion.
Venus goddess – feminine beauty, guiding
love, luxury, comfort & the arts, creating
Jupiter great father – creating expansion,
individual healing, frees us from old limita-
Saturn grandfather time – radical realizations,
awakenings to severe change, death & rebirth.
A small opposition of Saturn & Mars will be
activating earth quaking news. Intense turbu-
lences of Mars challenging the structure &
responsibility issues of Saturn.
Jupiter conjunct Neptune creates optimism.
Venus returns from retrograde April 17. (no
weddings until!)
Mercury retrograde May 6 - 30 – sign no
by Heather Elrix
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March 21 - April 20
Our thoughts are actions, our actions are choices. Our feelings create
actions, those actions are choices. We choose to think about what we
feel. We choose to act upon what we feel. Our thoughts & actions are
our choices. Our thoughts & actions are our feelings we choose to have.
Now is time—to choose. Aries = Action. By the way…….Happy
Birthday & many, many more!
April 21 - May 21
In this corrupt world, foundations built on profit—are now dust.
Foundations built for people (are few) yet still standing. How curious
corruption and corporation sound so similar. Let’s think—feel & be
living real. People have programmed profit into reality. In perspective it
has been false & ever failing for our mother earth & our own children.
You are a foundational being, how can you help? We must NOT re-do
the same mistakes. They will undoubtedly fail again & again. Restruc-
ture, renew, and re-sorce(ry) the wizard in you.
May 22 - June 22
What control! It’s chaos—good. That’s how creativity gets created &
clarity comes to be seen. The (we got lost before we are found) logic.
Let’s find out what is truly happening. If the clutter is falling in around
your (mind blown) head, let’s consider brass tacks clarity in its simplest
form. Begin again. Beginnings are exciting times, hold integrity &
spring forth—fresh!
June 23 - July 23
Are you reaching for what you need? Define needs! Emotional,
Biological, Physical & Spiritual. Food & water, shelter, companionship,
healthy body, freedom, consciousness & love. OR are you just
shopping? Our world is filled with people addicted to material. Let’s
cover what matters. Safety & security are important. You’re the care
giver, nurturer & protector. How are the dear ones in your life, set up?
Will they be able to handle what’s ahead? More importantly, how are
YOU set up? Hopefully shopping has ended.
July 24 - August 23
This spring, forward only. Well, that’s a good idea. Tell me, what
precious jewel are you seeking? Imagination is a good one. Sparkling
intellect is another, rich with ruby red responses. We have been
waiting—listening for a voice. Words, rhythm, presentation. What is
the choice? Let Aries fire & Taurean earth manifest your desire.
August 24 - September 23
History & cutting-edge technology, a combination that fits your
personality. Let’s put them together, create SOLUTIONS. You have
been before your time—before. In this daze we need you to be here,
now. The drama is unfolding & a grounded genius’s assets are needed,
BIG TIME. Manifest the vision into (Arean) action, almost everything
is a possibility. Bring on the cutting edge!
Page 56 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
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September 24 - October 23
People come together to transform themselves. What kind of trans-
formation could take place with you? Or—has it already? Usually
you wait before taking action. It’s teeter/totter, up\down, weighing
scales—Libra-ness. We talked of dumping the scales a while ago. We
are in now-ness—now! Be Here Now (was Baba Ram Dass) it’s
become Eckhart. Showing us now—never. Left & right action is
With Aries fire your air becomes hot stuff.
October 24 - November 22
Let’s let the light in, the shadow may sit down. Receiving light
energizes, we are energy—get out to nature. Speak to your mother
earth, father sky, call to the wind brothers & water sisters. Have
communion with nature, be in oneness with everything around you,
embody your senses with universal energy and light. Celebrate your
rhythms & dance to new sound. YES!
November 23 - December 21
We don’t need to make decisions all the time, we can, just be. You
did before, you can again. Sometimes there just is! So why not have
the MOST fun, not a little. You are responsible enough you need to
play & be played with. Spring is all about light. So let go…lighten
up! When you smile, you brighten up your face & us.
December 22 - January 20
So wise one. Is it because you defy authority that you are now on
rocky ground? Or did you, like the agile goat, climb a mountain
recently? It is extreme regardless & that is a good thing. For nothing
(any more) is just the same. Restructure your beliefs & experiences.
You are high enough to see over perilous peaks. A new world
paradigm is in view…evolution of consciousness…showing every-
thing is interconnected & connected to source…all in one.
January 21 - February 19
For us, a news world full of fear, creates negative thought forms. We
must resonate to higher frequencies. Be aware, you are unfolding into
self discovery. A multi dimensional being creating your own reality.
Let the negative pass through you. (No holding) Energy is your vital
force. Let your intention be clear & believe in your own intelligence.
So be it.
February 20 - March 20
Why get irritated? You know it upsets your tummy. Look past it all to
the humour, somewhere! You’re good at finding a laugh, here-there-
everywhere, a giggle or grin…. That’s better! When you’re ready you
can try nurturing trust, it works with truth. You can’t make THAT up.
Behold! A new awareness could awaken.
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 57
HEATHER K. ELRIX resides in Chemainus where she
has worked actively in astrology, massage and the
healing arts for many years. 250-246-1447
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BLUE STAR - Fulfilling Prophecy
Miriam Delicado
Worthwhile Reading
In Miriam Delicado’s delightfully earnest and compelling book ‘Blue Star’, we
enter a murky, almost surreal world inhabited by Aliens, Russian psychic recruit-
ers, MIBs (Men In Black), orbs, clones, black ops, and secret MJ12 documents, to
name but a few. At times ‘Blue Star reads like a LeCarre’ spy novel – incidents
such as unmarked vans with telescopic cameras outside her workplace are decid-
edly unsettling.
At other times, ‘Blue Star’ reads like a travelogue but we can excuse Miriam for
being ‘too detailed’ in her desperate attempt at documenting all that she was (and
is) experiencing. ‘Blue Star’ is a fascinating story of a young girl from a small
town in the interior of British Columbia and her convoluted journey of
self-discovery. Subjected to a harsh family life with a controlling father, it became
so chaotic and stressful that she left home at age 14. Along the way, Miriam attempts to unravel a deep, dark family secret about her
fathers apparent involvement with the aliens.
Her life is irrevocably turned topsy-turvy from the moment she encountered the ‘Aliens’ – the majestic-appearing ‘Tall Blonds’ as she
referred to the other-worldly visitors with the dazzling blue eyes. This initial encounter took place in 1988 along a lonely stretch of
highway in BC’s interior. She soon realizes the awesome responsibility the Tall Blond Aliens have entrusted to her, and finds herself
inexorably drawn to the Four Corners area of the US where she feels a kinship and direct connection with the Hopi prophecy known as
‘Blue Star – thus the name of the book.
The Tall Blond Aliens’ message was, and still is, our very continued existence as a species is in grave peril – she speaks of the ‘Safe
lands’ when the prophesied ‘End times’ come upon us. We are presently witnessing the acceleration of that ‘end times’ timeline. It need
not necessarily be so – she is told we control our destiny, that each and every one of us has the capacity to ‘change the timeline’ accord-
ingly… if we act in concert.
Her occasionally rambling writing style can be forgiven as these are inconsequential compared to “the message” Miriam brings us from
our Universal soul brothers and sisters – a universal message of love. This is a peaceful and positive message, albeit replete with dire
warnings – warnings of a ‘possible future’ when mankind faces a series of global catastrophes, and ultimate extinction.
Her Alien ‘caretakers’ remind us that we as a species, are teetering on the brink of self-destruction. We control our own destiny –
mankind has come far with the help of our ET Overseers and it is now up to us, not our off-planet DNA-altering ‘ancestors’. The ETs
must obey ‘the prime directive’ of no direct interference. That being said, they will not allow Earth to be completely annihilated, either
by us or any other means. The existence of ‘All That Is’ would be affected by the destruction of our earth, presumably causing a domino
effect that would reverberate negatively throughout other worlds, realms, dimensions and universes.
They ask us to prepare for sudden and calamitous global changes - we already see these earth changes manifesting and growing in
severity, the consequences of which are dire in the extreme. They wisely warn of the dangers in following any one person or idea,
including Miriam’s statements and pronouncements. Miriam was also told by the Tall Blonds they’re here to help protect us from
“outside forces” that are not known to us at this time… presumably other aliens more sinister in nature.
The undeniable fact that contact with Aliens of various species is being made world-wide should now be abundantly clear to even the
most skeptical among us. Miriam Delicado feels compelled to keep spreading the word and her thought-provoking and paradigm-
altering book challenges us to put our house in order before it is too late.
Trafford Publishing ISBN 142513207-3
By Edd Uluschak, Editor-at-Large
Note - Read Michael Gintowt’s interview of Miriam in this issue, and visit
Page 58 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
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James Redfield
Sonia Choquette
Worthwhile Reading
Mary-Jane Bateman and Bruce Fogel
On the jacket of this book it states that the book, “has been passed from hand
to hand, from friend to friend.” Such was the case in my reading “The
Celestine Prophecy”. This is my type of read. A story that takes you on an
adventure, while also touching on keys to spiritual and intuitive living.
Intuitive being a key word here. Don’t just read the story, follow the steps
that the main character takes in order to see the energy fields around you, the
aura’s that emanate from everything on our planet. But even more impor-
tantly, assess yourself and the way that you interact with others. You’ll find it
Time Warner Books ISBN 0-446-51862-X
Starting with the basics, this book takes you through 33 steps to help awaken
your “intuitive voice.” The advice is practical, easy to follow, and the writer
uses examples to show you how well the steps can work. Your intuitive
development doesn’t have to be difficult, and this book shows you many ways
to simplify the journey. Not only a great kick start to your spiritual voyage,
but also a terrific map to refer back to as you chart new courses along the way.
Hay House ISBN 1-4019-0233-2
This is a book written from the heart. When all we hear about is a world in
pain and turmoil, with little hope of recovery, this book brings us hope of a
new regenerated world which we can be a part of. From the interesting life
story of the authors, filled with channelling from angels, guides, the creator
and more, to spiritual, intuitive, natural cures, and healthful living; the
“Knowledge of Oneness” says it all. Everything living is bound together in
Agio Publishing House ISBN 978-1-897435-23-6
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 59
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Directory & Events
Acupuncture &
Chinese Medicine
Spirit Gate Consulting
Carolyn Mandrusiak BA, R.Ac, DTCM
Gabriola Island and Nanaimo
Animal Whispers
Stephanie McColl
Bridge the gap of communication
between you and your animal.
Heather Elrix
Astrology, Massage &
Healing Arts
Cowichan Valley
Conscious Living
by Dr. Sterling Desmond
and Rea Ciera
Are you ready to let go?
1842B Comox Ave
Comox, BC V9M 3M7
Phone: 250-941-8777
irresistible frequencies of
“ONENESS within.
Dissolve lifetimes of debris &
programmed separations!
International Multidimensional
Pleiadian Healer, Higherself
Channeler, Instructor:
Crystal Eagle
(250) 995-8868
Natural Health Retail
Victoria - Douglas
2950 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC
Victoria - Cook
343 Cook Street
Victoria, BC
Sidney Store
9767-5th Street Unit C
Sidney, BC
“The gateway to health
and transformation
Call Millie 250-746-7390
Future retreats for your full
Barbara Adelborg CMH, HT
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Techniques: EFT, TAT, Hypnosis
Cowichan Valley
Intuitive Guides
Kay Nielsen
Intuitive Reader, Energy Clearing
and Healing, Clairvoyance
Nanaimo - 250-816-2434
Metaphysical Retail
Metaphysical and Wellness
3415 South Rd at Silva Bay Inn
Gabriola Island
INFINITY - Gifts for your soul
113 Hirst Ave E
PO Box 296
Parksville, BC V9P 2G4
For Conscious Living
125 Station Street
Duncan, BC
Health Food Store
9738 Willow Street
Chemainus, BC
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Directory & Events
Natural Health Retail
Lynn’s Vitamin Gallery
#4, 180 Central Avenue
Duncan, BC
Spiritual Centres
Continuous Light
Carol Spencer
Ordained Minister
Salt Spring Island, BC
Cowichan Spiritualist
Church of Healing
and Light
Rev. Patricia Gunn
Ordained Minister
Duncan, BC
Two Worlds Spiritualist
Ann Woodward
Nanaimo, BC
Volume 1, Issue 4 - True Blue Spirit - Page 61
Multimedia Video
Sharon Carne - owner of Mountain Rose Music
is presenting a workshop on
Sound Wellness
May 30 & 31
The Best Western Westerly Hotel
1590 Cliffe Avenue, Courtenay, BC
Participants in this course build a repertoire of
physical experience and knowledge of sound
as a healing and balancing tool.
Earlybird: $270
Opening to Spirit Fasting Retreat
10 Days of Fasting to Cleanse and Open the body to Source
March 29-April 08 at The Lodge at Weir Beach
$1800 Includes Accommodation and Necessities
More Info go to
or email
Call Elyse at: 250.220.2099
Next Issue - May 26 (
Advertising Deadline April 20
Michelle Staples
Vancouver Island
& National Accts.
Carolyn James
Vancouver Island
True Blue
Pursuit of Intuitive Living
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Page 62 - True Blue Spirit - Volume 1, Issue 4
The ORGANYC line
of organic cotton products
For even the most
sensitive skin.
~ Non-irritating
~ Protective
~ Secure
~ Gentle
~ Soft
100% PURE
True Blue
Pursuit of Intuitive Living
Mary J. Gillis
Tom Masters
Tiffany Abram
Editorial Assistant
Tessa Engst
Editorial Assistant
Edd Uluschak
Changes in your life? ... We have news for you.
Call for a FREE Visit!
all Welcome Wagon to see
how you can be a sponsor to promote your products and services.
New Bride? New Business? New to the neighborhood?
New Baby? Grandparent? Retired - or thinking of it?
Important... relevant...interesting...useful information relating to your
changing life, along with gifts and some very special offers
for you from local sponsors.
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Island Music … Island Life
TBS 1-4 Page 63.pdf 1 02/03/2009 8:25:58 PM
How can something that tastes so
good be so good for your body?
Each serving Provides:
15 grams of undenatured whey protein isolates
5 grams of soluble and insoluble fibre
2 grams of alkalizing greens
700mg of superior berry extracts
Cleanse, Energize & Vitalize!
All the components of Providecontribute
to effective weight management -
Protein: Maintains muscle mass, preventing
muscular wasting and contributing to building
muscle after exercise. Muscle burns fat.
Fibre: Cleans the colon, detoxifying and improving
nutrient absorption. Satisfies the appetite and
stabilizes blood sugar levels.
Greens: Detoxifies and balances the acid-alkaline
levels in the body.
Berries: Recent studies have found a relationship
between obesity and low level of antioxidants.
Eating infrequently slows the metabolism of the
body down. Eating small meals, more frequently
(4-6 times per day), encourages the metabolism to
speed up, thereby burning calories. Using Provide
™ once or twice per day, between meals, can
facilitate this process.
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