Klymaxx Presents Bernadette Cooper Last Diva On Earth Episode: 2 The Power of 3. E&Audiobooks From Bernadette Cooper, Producer, composer, entertainer, and creator of Klymaxx and Madame X, now adds novelist to her resume. Cooper is showcasing her latest project 'The Power Of 3.' A collective set of three Interconnected literary works. Books, observing sisterhood, scrutinizing racism, exposing the ghosts of nursing homes and exploring unorthodox sexuality. The celebrated themes of each book are the search for divine happiness and the powerful force of women when they unite to accomplish a single goal. This trilogy, under the banner ‘Last Diva On Earth Episode: 2 The Power of 3' is the sequel, to the opening double act, 'Last Diva On Earth Episode: 1 Planet Sexy.' The musical adventure that Cooper released in 2015. Cooper has once again defied the typical by adding a dramedy flair, and her spoken word narration, accompanied by her musical production of novels and enhanced Audiobooks. Through music, Bernadette Cooper's journey has empowered women, and now she is on a mission to bring sexy back to reading.

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