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Klymaxx Presents Bernadette Cooper The Power of 3. Novels, animated Audiobooks, and music From Bernadette Cooper, producer, composer, entertainer, creator of Klymaxx and Madame X, now adds novelist to her resume. Cooper, the elaborate story teller, is showcasing her latest project 'The Power Of 3.' Three Interconnected literary works. Books, observing sisterhood, scrutinizing racism, exposing the ghosts of nursing homes, and exploring unorthodox sexuality. The common themes celebrated in each book are, the search for divine happiness, and the powerful force of women when they unite to accomplish a single goal. When asked about her motivation for writing novels Cooper explains, "I am a writer who decided not to confine myself to just penning lyrics. I have proven myself successful, with music; now I'd like to share my gift of storytelling to a broader audience, by approaching novels how I envision my music, In multiple stories. All books reveal elements of the chapters of my life. Giving the viewing and listening audience the true essence of what this girl has experienced. I see life in melodramatic colors; now, projecting a lens to take my readers on a visual journey. " Bernadette has once again defied the typical of Audiobooks by adding a dramedy flair in her narration, accompanied by her musical production. Through music, Bernadette Cooper's journey has empowered women, and now she is on a mission to bring sexy back to reading.

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