Ashley Only

Connect with me Socially

1.         Where were you born and raised?


Born in San Antonio Texas, raised overseas in the Philippines


2.         Where do you currently live now?


Returned to States to live in Conroe Texas and eventually moved to and still reside in Austin Texas


3.         What is your cultural background?


I am biracial. Mother is black and father is Asian


4.         When did you fall in love with music?


I fell in love with music at 6 years old. My mother being a housewife would clean house while singing along to the Commodores and Whitney Houston's first record. My mom reminds me that I would lay in the kitchen on the floor holding my thumb in my mouth and the other hand on her ankle as she cooked.

(I’d eventually fall asleep while she cooked and sang along to the records she was playing)


5.         Do you recall the first song you wrote?


The very first song I ever wrote was called VAMPIRE. It was my take on living the club life and after parties. LOL


6.         Did you sing in church? Solo or Choir?


ALL OF THE ABOVE!  Did I ever!!! I sang whenever there was an event. My mom was in the adult choir and I was in youth choir and solos in youth musicals for over 7 years


7.         Any children, ever married?


I have no children and never been married. Even though I'm good with children and have a background in social work I haven't considered taken on that responsibility.

 Marriage has never ever crossed my mind.


8.         What is your birthdate?


OMG!! May 31, 19Captain Caveman


9.         Did you go to post-secondary school? (college/university)? If so, what did you study


Yes, I attended Southwest Baptist University for barely a semester since out of State was expensive. I  was majoring in music composition and sociology as my minor. I  returned to Texas and went to Austin Community College.