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Expanding Horizans


By: Lilyanna hogendyk

What is a counsellor?

Counsellors are highly trained to assist people to identify and define their emotional issues and better understand themselves by using multiple counselling techniques including; explaining options, setting goals, providing therapy and helping them to take action. 


What The Career Entails

A career as a counsellor entails many tasks and activities which include: Working with clients to find solutions to emotional, mental and lifestyle problems without being critical and judgmental. When counselling multiple people at a time or a group the counsellor also acts as the facilitator who remains neutral. Working with other professions such as medical practitioners, phycologists and social workers as part of a health management team to provide the patient with more support and the counsellor with more understanding.

Advancment, Development & Promotion

A counsellor can become a phycologist by completing 4-5 years of study to achieve their bachelors degree in phycology required to achieve a master’s degree or a doctorate degree in physiology.  Wheather taking the course online or at university you will be required to participate in field work as well as spending one on one time with another professional in the industry, to further extend their skills.

A counsellor specialises in one particular category including wheather its marriage counselling, mental health counselling or a guidance counselling. A counsellor can specialise in more than one category but must obtain a degree in that category wheather its an education counsellor or a substance abuse counsellor.
Multiple skills, attributes and techniques are required for a good and effective counsellor. Warmth and compassion are crucial when it comes to counselling and dealing with people’s person problems and feelings. Warmth and compassion also contribute to asking relevant and appropriate questions as well as having good listening skills. These skills allow the patient to open up but also feel comfortable about doing so. 

Personal Attributes & Skills Required

After contact with a profression in the career i have gained new and important knowledge. A career as a counsellor can be extremely stressful and emotionally and phyically tiering. A strong and stable person is best for the career. 

Insight Gained Into Career

A career as a counsellor provides a pathway for advancment, development and growth. This career can  be stressful resulting in a strong, stable person to be suitable for the career. All though being a counsellor can be quite stressful, the pay, work hours, holidays and over all satisfction of the career is quiet high according to a proffesion in this career. If you enjoy helping people and are warm and compassiont you should think about becoming a counsellor wich may inspire you to continue on and become a phycologist. 

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