In this guided tour, we offer you a special walk through the most beautiful places in the province of Buenos Aires. We will drive you from the heart of Buenos Aires, Plaza de Mayo with the Casa rosada, to la boca, visiting the colorful Caminito in between, and the shocking soccer field named boca juniors, one of the biggest clubs in Argentina.

Buenos Aires

   La Casa Rosada is the seat of the Executive Branch of Argentina. With in it is the office of President of Argentina. it is located in Balcarse 50, in the neighborhood of Monserrat in front of Plaza de Mayo. Its characteristic colour is pink and is considered one of the most emblematic buildings in Bs. As. It also harbors the Museum of the House of the government, with objets related to pasts presidents. In 1942 it was declared National Historic Landmark. 

Casa Rosada

   La Boca is the most colorful district Citywide. It is in this area where we find the well-known Caminito and Houses of assorted colors.

   It was originally an immigrant neightborhood on the banks of the Riachuelo river. The residents of La Boca did not have enough money to buy paint for their homes. They then chose to use the leftover paint used by shipd in the harbor. By consistently houses ended up being painted in varoious colors; each window a different color, the doors and also the walls. 

 La boca