By: Megan                             



  When I went to kindergarten. I was wearing my Fish shirt that says, "Daddy's Little Angel"  with the fish skirt that belongs to it. I had a pony tail in and a little bow. I was so scared that I was going to go in the wrong classroom. Suprisingly I went into the correct classroom. Then I met all of my friends who I am still friends with to this day even.  

            Sincerly, Elly

I Went To Kindergarten





                                     My Hometown 

In Reedsville when it was my fifth Winter. I was all dressed up to go outside and my mother said, "Come In If It Gets To Cold". I agreed that I would come in while I was outside. My mother was watching the news. The news said we were going to have a snow storm in one minuete.   So my mom waited by the door and yelled my name and pulled me into the house. I asked for hot chocalate and it was warm and toasty.

                                                                             Sincerly, Elly

I was watching TV one day when my parents went shopping. My babysitter said  your parents are home so she left my parents walked in and said here is your brand new doll.I was so happy that I fianally got a cabbage patch kid I always wanted one. I gave them really big hugs. I could not wait to open the package. I carried it up to my room and opened it I gave it a really big hug.

                                                                  Sincerly, Elly 

            My only doll 

I was 4 years old when I just started being a cloverbud. Our 4-H group decided that we should all go to the Auquatic Center in Manitwoc. So the first thing I did when I go there was go down the extreme slides. Then I went and took the swim test so I could go down the blue slide and the diving  board. When I got tired I got into the lazy river and got dunked by buckets. 

                                                                 Sincerly, Elly

My 1st  4-H activity 

 One day we had our soccer trounament at MLHS. Once the game started the rain just came pouring down along with hail. Once our game ended we went over to Gracie's house to get my shirt dryed in time for the next game. Well th enext game was nice and sunny I was so happy.

                              Sincerely, Elly

    A Cold And Icy Day 

                My only brother

 When I was six years old we had to  go to a friends house. Of course, I didn't want to go but luckily, we got to go to an aquarium. I was so happy I could not wait to go, to the sharks and my brother made my day.  By taking me to see the sharks and buying me a stuffed animal shark that I still have today even!

                                                                   Sincerely, Elly

It happended on September 28,2016 to October 10,2016 It hit Daytona Beach,Fayetteville,Hispaniola,Georgia,Colombia,North Carolinia,Cuba,South Carolinia,Haiti,Jacksonville,Canada,Jamaica and more.

                                                                         Sincerly, Elly 

  The storm that hit


One day I went over to my friend Alice's house to play Monoply. Then halfway done when she looked away. Then looked back she accused me of cheating. By moving when she wasn't looking. Even though I didn't. 

                               Sincerly, Elly

The Tenat Accused Me 

                My Dear Daddy

My Daddy is very special person to me. When my toys break he is the person that I go to right away. My daddy kisses my booboos and makes me laugh all the time. my daddy helps me practice softball. That is how I know that my daddy loves me.

                                   Sincerely, Elly

 I was playing at the park and I was singing and then my friend Kelly made fun of my voice. Then she made fun of the song that I was singing, then she made fun of what I was wearing. I ran back to our camper and got in my bed and started crying. The next day I went to tell her and she said I am sorry before I said anything else. We became friends again and we have been friends ever since.

                                                                                                                                       Sincerly, Elly

    Miss, Did You Pick On Me

On January 28th 2017 my cousin Derick got married and I got to be a junior bridemaid. That was the second time I got to be one. I cannot wait until my cousin Josh gets married to Amanda because it is going to be a country wedding.

       Derick and Kasie's                    Wedding 

It happended on December 7th 1941. There was a total of 2403 people that died in Pearl Harbor. 408 aircrafts from Japan attacted Pearl Harbor. It lasted 8 hours long! Pearl Harbor in on the the territory of Hawaii. Japan attaked Pearl Harbor because they wanted to kill americans!

               Pearl Harbor 

On April 2, 2016 my grandpa Merlin Robley died. When me, Jeffrey, and Kyle got home from sleeping over at Gracie's house we got told that he had died. We slept at Gracie's house because my dad wanted to stay overnight with him. We were watching George Lopez and now we can't even watch it.

  How did my Grandpa die? 

Every time someone comes of a Orlando fight into the airport the welcome band welcomes you with a song. But this year they got new people and it didn't sound like they practiced a whole lot. Because it kinda sounded bad.

                                         Sincerley, Elly

The Orlando Welcome band 

At school it was 2 hours until lunch I was so hungry. I could eat a horse I was that hungry and I forgot to pack a snack so, I was super hungry. Then at lunch I had to go back for 3rds I was still hungry at recess then, I looked in my backpack and I found some daritos. I ate them on the way home and I was still hungry. 

                                                                                          Sincerely, Elly

    The First Food 

  The Deadly Peanut Butter