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AP Economics

AP Economics Mr Cordina AP ECONOMICS SUMMER ASSIGNMENT Economics is a course in which you will be required to do levels of thinking that you have not done before In order to best prepare yourself for this endeavor it is necessary to complete a summer reading and writing assignment The assignment will get you in the right frame of mind for the course you are about to enter Remember you have chosen to take this college level course and will be expected to do college level work Please be aware that your assignment has two parts For the first part of your assignment this summer you are going to keep a record of major economic events You are required to do 10 current events assignments relating to economic stories that take place over the summer roughly one per week The assignments may cover any measure of economic activity This means the actions or events may take place locally nationally or internationally You are to use an article in any newspaper or magazine that is appropriate for this assignment You may also use internet sources Please remember that this is not about politics it is an economics activity and articles must cover current events that deal with economic issues Do not attach the article to the assignment You must cite the title author date and publication source at the top of each written assignment prior to beginning your summary Each assignment citation must clearly indicate the date the article was printed and you must have a range of dates for your articles Doing this assignment over the course of a week or two weeks is not acceptable It is to be done for one article per week Due to vacations and summer plans you may double up once or twice but this assignment should include articles from June July August and September Please note the sample heading for each assignment below Name AP Economics Date Mr Cordina Current Events Assignment 1 Citation Title of Article Author of Article Publication Date published Current events assignments require you to write a one or two paragraph summary of the article and then a two paragraph response to the issue Your two paragraph response should include your reaction to the article This means your thoughts feelings etc Feel free to forecast about what the issue may mean in the future and write about effects it may have in other areas of the economy The idea for this assignment is to get you to think so please make sure that your reactions are involved and engaging Assignments that do not have the required citation summary and two paragraph response will receive zero credit and not be counted toward your grade for this project These assignments are to typed double spaced 12 font and margins set at one inch on all four sides Please take the time to double check your work Errors in spelling grammar or simple rules of writing will cause your work to receive a lower grade This assignment will be your first graded assignment of the year and I strongly suggest you work hard on it Any student who commits plagiarism will receive a zero and risk being removed from the course Any questions can be sent to lcordina stanthonyshs org and I will respond as quickly as possible Please make sure that emails contain your full name This assignment is due on Monday September 14th This is the first full day of classes For the second part of your assignment you are required to purchase or borrow and begin reading the book Naked Economics Undressing the Dismal Science by Charles Wheelan We will be covering the book throughout the year in homework assignments Please bring either proof of a digital copy or a hard copy of the book into class with you on the first full day of classes September 14th Each student will have the book checked as their first homework assignment Assignments from the book will begin promptly the first week of school so pre reading the book is highly recommended Enjoy your vacation and I look forward to seeing you in September Mr L Cordina
AP Economics Mr. Cordina AP ECONOMICS SUMMER ASSIGNMENT Economics is a course in which you will be required to do levels o...