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Denotation, Connotation, and now...

Figurative Language

The Standards...

We looked at the standard above earlier, so now we are moving on to the standard below... 

RL 4


  • I can determine the meaning of a word or phrase from context or when it is used in literary devices.

  • I can analyze and explain how an author’s word choice can change the meaning or tone of a text.






L 5

  • I can recognize figurative language (e.g. literary devices) in a selection of text.

  • I can examine how figurative language impacts a text.

  • I can recognize analogies in a selection of text.

  • I can determine if an analogy makes an appropriate comparison.

Do you remember what figurative language is?


using figures of speech to be more effective, persuasive and impactful. -- It is the oppostie of literal meaning.

Unsure what any of these are? Google is your friend!!

Then, there are analogies...

Here's an example...

Movement: dancing


Object: elephant




My dad dances the same what an


elephant might - graceless and ungainly!  

An example...

"Some basic facts about memory are clear. Your short-term memory is like the RAM on a computer: it records the information in from of you right now. Some of what you expereience seems to evaporate--like words that go missing when you turn off your comptuer without hitting SAVE. But other short-term memories go through a molecular process called consolidatio: they're downloaded onto the hard drive. Thes long-term memories, filled with past loves and losses and fears, stay dormant until you call them up."


("To Pluck a Rooted Sorrow," Newsweek, April 27, 2009_




Does this mean that human memory functions exactly like a computer in all ways? Certainly not. By its nature, an analogy offers a simplified view of an idea or process--an aillustration rather than a detailed examination. 

Then, there are allusions...

Then, there are allusions...

We studied these in Unit 2 - Asia!

To Review...



Figurative Meaning

To Review...







Figurative Meaning

Non-literal meaning behind the words - simile, metaphor, personification, analogies, allusions, etc.

the emotinos and attitudes that come with a word - can be + or -

dictionary definition


OUR CHOICE of SPECIFIC WORDS creates TONE and makes an IMPACT on the reader.

Choose wisely, my padawans.