My point is to try to prove a point that you never need to depend on drugs to solve any problems or think it's the only way to have fun.

"Drug Free America Foundation"

 When are Where the        agentcy started.

  • "Drug Free America Foundation" started on April 22, 1976. 
  • It also takes place at 5999 Central Avenue, Suite 301 Saint Petersburg, Florida 33710.
  • The purpose for creating this campaign was to get people away from drugs and to make America free of illegal drugs.



Drug Free America Foundations, point is to try to get people away from drugs. Also, try to get as many supporters as possible for America, to stop passing the laws for any drug use legalization. Passing Medical Marijuana, laws isn't helping them at all with there great plans. They just want to see people make it on there own without having to use drugs to try to make them "Happy."