No Bullying!

I Have Vitiligo

By Natasha Pierre McCarthy






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Nila started getting white spots on her skin.  Nila could not control the spots on her skin because there was no cause of cure for the white patches.  The dermatologist told her she had vitiligo.


Nila story is similar to youth and adults all around the world.  Many youth often get bullied because of vitiligo. There is currently no funding for research or advocacy. 


Nila went home that evening and prayed and asked God to do something about her vitiligo.  While Nila was praying her mother looked in on her with concern.  That evening Nila's Mom prayed for Nila to gain courage to stand up to her bullies.


The next day Nila woke up and she had the joy of the God in her heart.  She decided to stand up to her bullies and tell the teacher.  Nila overcame her bullies and the bullies was suspended from school.  Nila was happy and developed courage to speak up and inspire others.