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Business Summary Worksheet
Basic Information
Company: Simplebooklet LLC
Contact name: Scott Brownlee
Phone number: 941-600-8159
E-mail address:
Describe your business (idea) in one or two sentences:
We’re Instagram for brochures, flyers, catalogs, and documents.
Turn your documents, brochures, flyers, newsletters and more into professional-looking, interactive web
booklets your customers want to flip, social posts they want to click, and emails they want to read.
Every simplebooklet you make has an easy to remember web address you can post, pin, tweet, share, email
and embed anywhere.
Idea background:
All of these small businesses produce paper based brochures, newsletters, and flyers about their products
or activities. Cost to produce is expensive and distribution is limited. Because this content is paper based,
there is a disconnect with the growing number of customers who rely on web and mobile devices to
communicate and interact with these businesses.
We believe this paper based content can be repurposed and optimized for viewing on digital devices with
very little effort on the part of the small business. For a 5 minute effort, a small business can extend the
investment in that brochure from an audience of 1000 to an audience of 100000. At the same time, support
those customers who want to consume their content on the devices they carry with them everyday.
Do you have a written business plan- Yes or No? No
Is your idea related to:
X Digital Arts
Marine Science
Health Innovation
Sports Performance
Other Industry: _______________________________________________________
Current Revenue: x Less than $500K $500K - $2MM More than $2MM
EBITDA: x Less than 10% 10-25% More than 25%
Debt: x Yes No
Debt Type: SBL x Private VC Other
What do you see as the immediate “next step” in developing your idea?
x Advisor
Education Programs
Service Providers
Other Resources
x Incubator/Accelerator
Advisory Board*
x Pitch Practice*
x Capital*
*Certain requirements must be met; resource availability not guaranteed
Team Experience
Describe the team developing the idea (founders, employees, partners, board members), and their experience
(industry, management, and startup experience). Bios can be attached:
Scott Brownlee Founded Columbus Group, a Vancouver based Web development company. Sold it to
Telus in 2001 for $12million.
Nancy Hostetler Developed and managed software projects for Pivotal and Microsoft.
Ken Kwasnicki Co founder at Columbus Group, Senior Software Engineer for Telus, Columbus Group.
Do you have:
Prior experience in this industry? Yes or No? In Web Development and Web Services
Prior experience owning/running a business? Yes or No? Yes
Market & Competition
Your target market: SMBs, Non-profits
Your target customer:
Your competitors (be specific):,,
Do you have intellectual property? If so, has it been protected?
Do you have any formalized business relationships?
Business Planning
Provide any financial information to date (revenues, costs, capital):
60k per year revenue, 100k in costs
Do you currently have sources of capital?
Personal resources
Do you expect a need for capital in the future? If so, how will it be used?
Yes, we plan to raise capital in the near future. We have been building a proof of concept and believe it has
proven out as a viable SAAS business. Future capital will be deployed in the following:
1. Product Development optimize the platform for the market requirements with a focus on speed
and efficiency requires a fulltime Software Developer and UX designer.
2. Marketing Build out an SEO marketing strategy that drives awareness in the broader marketplace
and builds partnerships with other complimentary SAAS businesses.
3. Customer Support