THE Guide to overcoming objections to joining your multi-level marketing business. Don't let objection's scare you! Instead help your prospect to see things in a new light & overcome what is holding them back from reaching their goals & their true potential so that they may feel satisfaction, success & significance. #3in3 #lolovesit #networkmarketing #MLM

  Don’t let objections scare you! Instead help them to see things in a new light & overcome what is holding them back from reaching their goals & their true potential so that they may feel satisfaction, success & significance.
    Don   t let objections scare you  Instead help them to see things in a new light   overcome what is holding them back ...

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 Logan Lynn Roberts

A formula that quells ALL objections is, “If I could show you how to (solve your problem/overcome your objection) would you be open to hearing a little bit more about the opportunity?” TIP: saying no to this would be admitting to a closed­mind & no one wants to admit that.    OBJECTION #1: “I don’t have time.” ● “If I can show you a way to do this in addition to what you already do, without it  interfering with your current position, would you like to hear a little bit more?”  ● “Would you be willing to make or trade time for something that can provide you a  great income for life?”   ● “What makes more per hour in the long run than Network Marketing?”  ● “In this role you aren’t paid by the hour, instead you are paid on the value you  bring to that hour. Do you have time to see what you’re truly worth?”  ● “How would you like to never have to say that again?”  ● “If that changes let me know. Many people do MLM part time to start.”    OBJECTION #2: “I don’t have the money.” ● “If I could show you how to get the start money, would you like to hear more?”  Now, show them how to save more, cut expenses, earn, or borrow the  funds they need to begin their business.     SHARE YOUR STORY. How did you make it happen in the beginning?  ● “I understand. I also didn’t have it… but I saw the chance to change my life for  the better & I made the decision.”   
A formula that quells ALL objections is,    If I could show you how to  solve your problem overcome your objection  would ...
   “I can’t afford to start a business right now.” You can’t afford to make money?? OBJECTION #3: “I’m not a salesman.” ● “If I could show you how this business is more about building relationships than  it is about sales, would you like to learn a little bit more?”  ● “Then you’re going to love this!”  ● “We simply educate until the prospect is informed enough to make a decision  for themselves.” OBJECTION #4: “Is this an MLM scam?”  ● “If I could show you how this profession is validated by the most respected  businessmen in the world, would you like to know a little bit more?” ­ an important list of quotes from well­respected  businessmen who believe in MLM & the opportunity it provides.  ● “Sounds like you have a story. Tell me about it.”  ● “No. Why do you ask that?”  ● “Is this a pyramid scheme you ask? I’m so glad you said that because our  business is perfect for people that aren’t into pyramid schemes!”    An awesome video Billy Funk showed me a long time ago: OBJECTION #5: “I have to think about it.” ● “What more do you need to know before you know if this is right for you?”  ● “What questions do you still have?”  ● “Is there one thing you can identify that is holding you back?”    OBJECTION #6: “I have to ask my spouse.” ● “Great! This can benefit you both. Let’s all meet for coffee: I can show you how  to get the life you BOTH want.”  OBJECTION #7: “What is it?”  
         I can   t afford to start a business right now.    You can   t afford to make money    OBJECTION  3     I   m not...
● “I am a Brand Ambassador for an AWESOME company, and I train others to do  this too. This short video explains it better than I can. If I showed you where to  find the video would you have time to take a look at it tonight so I could call you  tomorrow afternoon to discuss your thoughts?”     OBJECTION #8: “How much money do you make?” ● “I don’t know, I haven’t finished collecting it yet.” ­Al Schreiter  (Yesterday’s  efforts will be coming in for years in the future.)  ● “Great question. So money is important to you. How much would you like to earn  per month?” ­Mick Rogers  ● Answer in real numbers, or “I’m just starting. My goal is to make $ [X], like my  sponsor does.”  ● “I could tell you what my check was my first week in this business but  I’m actually still being paid for the work I completed that week & I will  continue to be paid for that work residually & each week I’m building  upon that.”    For the record this is not an appropriate question in any industry.   I feel strongly that no matter what the number is, that sharing this number with  a prospect could give them false hope or false doubt.   Re­iterate that in MLM you are paid based on your own personal performance  so this number varies GREATLY.     We aren’t paid hourly, we are paid for the value we bring to that hour.   ● Ask how many hours they will be able to dedicate to this endeavor & then ask  how much money they would need to make to make the time spent will find most are very reasonable & if their hopes are outlandish  you should ask them if they are making that unreasonable amount of money for  that same amount of time now. Once people do the math in their head things  make more sense.  OBJECTION #9: “I don’t know anyone.” ● “If I could show you how you know more people than you realize, would you like  to hear a little bit more?” 
       I  am  a  Brand  Ambassador  for  an  AWESOME  company,  and  I  train  others  to  do   this  too.  This  short  v...
● “Let’s sit down together and write down the people you interact with in the  course of your days. I think you will be surprised! I can also show you how to  add 3 people a day to that list, and I’ll also give you ideas for places to connect  with more people that you may not have thought of before.”   ● “If you feel like your personal social network is lacking I think that this may be the  perfect opportunity for you really, do you think that expanding your network could  be positive for you mentally & spiritually as well as professionally & financially?”     OBJECTION #10: “Only people at the top make money.” ● “If I could show you how everyone has an equal chance to build their  organization and be at the top, would you like to hear a little bit more?”  ● “Network marketing pays you what you’re worth, often more than your upline.”     OBJECTION #11: “I don’t want to bug my friends & family.” ● “If I could show you a way to help them better their lives, that they would  welcome, would you like to hear a little bit more?”  ● “If I could show you a way to build your business big without your friends and  family, would you like to hear a little bit more?”     OBJECTION #12: “I tried it. It didn’t work.” ● “Tell me about it.” ­ Really LISTEN. Show how they weren’t set up with the right  skills or expectations. NM itself works, as proved by so many.  ● “Would you be willing to try it again with the proper training?”     OBJECTION #13: “I already have a good job.” ● “Do you have a fund for your kids’ college and a secure retirement? If I could  show you a way to get that, while keeping your job for now, would you like to  know a little more?”  ● “OK. Would you like to build a Plan B now in case one day you didn’t have that  good job any longer? We all hope for the very best but in this economy many  business men & women are creating multiple streams of income to ensure that  they have options if the unthinkable happens”  ● “Would you like to hear why professionals (like doctors, lawyers, etc..) do  network marketing on the side for the leverage it gives them for years to come?”    
       Let   s  sit  down  together  and  write  down  the  people  you  interact  with  in  the   course  of  your  days....
OBJECTION #14: “I can get the product cheaper.” ● “Does the difference between price and value matter to you?”  ● “This very product? I’m offering it wholesale to you. And the reward for sharing it  with your friends.”     OBJECTION #15: “There’s too much competition out there.” ● “If I could show you how competition means great opportunity, and how this  company is unique, would you like to hear a little bit more?”  ● “I like competition – it motivates me. What about you?”  ● “There are four billion potential prospects in the world, and 95% of them want  something. The market isn’t saturated!”     OBJECTION #16: “I’m not the network marketing type.” ● “What do you understand about the network marketing type?”  ● “What type are you?”  ● “If you can simply build relationships with people who would like to make money,  then you can do network marketing.”     OBJECTION #17: “My friend lost money with this.” ● “Tell me about it.” [Really LISTEN] (It could be different than you think.)  ● “That’s too bad. Do you know why?”     OBJECTION #18: “I don’t know how to start a business.” ● “If I could show you how, and guide you your whole career for  free, and it is  much easier than most businesses, would you like to know a little more?”  ● “We have a system and we train you while you are making money. You get me to  guide you to GREATNESS.”    OBJECTION #19: “I’m not good at technology.” ● “What technology are you not good at?”  ● “Me either! I relate! If I could show you how I learned,  would you like to hear a  little bit more?”  ● “Do you have 7 minutes for a call with [X] a member of my organization who isn’t  marketing online to build their business?”    
OBJECTION  14     I can get the product cheaper.           Does  the  difference  between  price  and  value  matter  to  ...
OBJECTION #20: “I don’t like people.” ● “This business isn’t for you then.” NEXT!  ● Actually, I think there are a lot of ways that you could still be successful if you  had the right partnership, “who do you know who could be great at meeting  people & talking to them while you work to keep the other aspects of the  business working smoothly? The most successful people I know in NM are  successful because they have these types of partnerships.”        At this point there is no way that someone could still have an objection right? WRONG. That’s OK. This is what to say next: “I want to thank you for taking the time to chat with me today. I agree that this probably isn’t for you & thats Ok! Network marketing is not for everyone BUT...
OBJECTION  20     I don   t like people.           This  business  isn   t  for  you  then.     NEXT        Actually,  I  ...
for someone you know it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Now that you have more information can you think of someone who might be interested in hearing more about it? If so, based on what you know about me & how I presented this opportunity to you, would you feel comfortable giving me one name & phone number or email address so that I could thoughtfully reach out to them & invite them to meet with me like you did?  
for someone you know it could be the opportunity of a lifetime. Now that you have more information can you think of someon...

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