Valery 's Jounral


APRIL 8,2017

 I hate this! I have home work! Spanish ,class homework so much!!!!! :( I need help!! But I am doing nothing but complaining how bad it is to have homwwork on spring break and I am just sitting on the couch writing this.UUH now i am bored  of this


I was watching my favorite tv show its called LAW & ORDER. my mom is sleeping sitll because she needs sleep alot  my bothers are running everywhere it gets annoying !11!11 help me  I am  going to die today!


I am going outside to play soccer with my bros.We won the game 2-9 we we we WON!!!!!



April 9,2017 

i am so bored  i don't know what to do uhhuhuhuhuhuh. I might go to sleep........ WEll i am going to do something like go outside or maybe go somewherewith my mom...