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Minutes from SFCC Board Meeting
Tuesday January 16, 2018
The District
Meeting called to order by President Kaye Wagner, 6:30PM.
Those in attendance:
President Kaye Wagner
Vice President Dave Rowe
Secretary Cindy Kersbergen
Sgt. At Arms Ron Kersbergen
Treasurer Lisa Glasgow
Historian BJ Glasgow
BHCC Kris Haase
Merchandise Dusty Miller
Spring Car Show Doug and Elaine Cherry
NCCC Barry Konken
Chips Connie Gilbride
Membership Ambassador Mike Gilbride
Spring Rally Mick and Glen Hofer
Brad Haase
Vice President:
Dave has been investigating possibilities for new locations to work with and accommodate our
Board Meetings, General Membership Meetings, our car shows and club events and, our
Annual SFCC Banquet. He has recently met with management at The Hilton Garden Inn, just off
Interstate 229, at 57
and Louise. They are very anxious for us to make this the new location
for our SFCC and are willing to work with our club for all our meetings, events and, food and
drink desires. Also, they will be willing to close off their entire east side parking lot for corvette
parking only and all our events. This one sounds quite promising.
Dave welcomed new members, all the way from Norfolk Nebraska, Aaron Sanne and his mom
Pat, in a very Merry Christmas way. Aaron had contacted Dave and asked if he could purchase
a SFCC membership for his mom who loved our club, the Classic and of course, her own
corvette. At the Joint Board Meeting, when this was presented to the Board, it was suggested
by Secretary Cindy to make up a formal invite in the form of a letter or plaque so Aaron would
have something to wrap up, to make it a real gift, for his mom to open on Christmas morning.
Dave sent her a formal letter of membership to the club, on official SFCC letter head. Aaron
sent a thank you, that Pat was thrilled when she opened it. What a great gift. What a great
Barry has made sure our club’s NCCC is up-to-date for 2018.
Spring Car Show:
Spring is just around the corner and Doug and Elaine are hard at work getting a new location
and fun activities, all ready for another terrific SFCC Spring Car Show. Losing our Grand Falls
Casino location, we were afraid we’d also lose our Camaro family members but Dave Hackrott,
an active member of The 605 Camaros, has contacted Doug and all the Camaro owners he has
talked to and/or contacted, definitely want to be a part of The Spring Time Corvette and
Camaro Car Show. They will do all they can to help continue to make this a fantastic annual
event and super fun way to get our beautiful cars out of storage and welcome in Spring and
2018. Doug asks if anyone has any input for ideas for making this a fun event for all, please
contact he or Elaine. Input ideas so far have been to be sure this will be an official judged show.
Also, it was discussed whether to award an actual trophy or desk/wall plaque. And, the dates
for the show are in question as to what day is preferred by the majority. Either a Saturday or
Sunday and then will be set on June 9
or the 10
. So, any ideas from anyone will be very
much appreciated and checked into.
Dusty-no report
BJ talked about our club meeting and events future with The District. We had our first Board
Meeting here tonight and all went very well. The first General Membership of 2018, will be at
The District, just south of The Empire Mall, off 49
Street. If it works out, for whomever wants
to show up early, a social gathering time will be 6:30 and the meeting starts at 7:00. Sgt. At
Arms Ron suggested a poster be hung up on the doors at our old CJ Callaways location, to let
our club members and guests that did not get the word about meeting at The District, a heads-
up as to where we really are. Also to let the employees know in the event they are asked.
Lisa would like any SFCC member who have any questions regarding the club’s Treasurers
report to contact her. And, from now on, Lisa/the Treasurer, will be in charge of making the
entries into the club’s books rather than being done, and paid for, by an accountant.
Sgt. At Arms:
Ron-no report
Kaye suggested we try a new meeting lay out. If our new location remains at The District there
is no restaurant so eat before you get to the meeting. There will indeed be an open bar
throughout the meeting and hors d’oeuvres will be served after the meeting. So, her
suggestion is that, if anyone would like to come early, say 6:30 for a gathering social time and
then the meeting will start at 7:00. It usually runs about an hour and then more social time and
snacks, and of course, the bar. We will still work in the 50/50 drawing with 50% of the collected
money going to the winning ticket holder and the other 50% still going to the Children’s Inn.
Cindy also says that thanks to CJ Callaways donating dining gift cards for our monthly ticket
sales drawing, that we will still draw for one of those too, until they are gone.
And, hopefully all got the word that, since our club meeting has always been the 4
of the month but, with 2018 landing January with 5 Wednesdays consequently, our meeting
falls on the 24
Kris still has several donated items left over from the 2017 Classic so, they will be used by the
club, for the club, for prizes throughout 2018, until gone. Kris and Barry are working on the
location for the autocross event. Also, concerns about the parking at Jerry’s in Beresford and
Hot Summer Nights, downtown Sioux Falls, are being addressed.
Barry has been in contact with the Editor of The Vette Magazine and The Street Rodder
Magazine, Brian Brennan. Brian is making plans to not only attend this years Classic but he and
his crew will cover our Classic event from start to finish, to be featured in his magazines.
Motion was made by Connie and second by Doug to adjourn the meeting, 9PM.
Minutes taken and submitted by Secretary Cindy Kersbergen.
Sioux Falls Corvette Club
Board Meeting Tuesday February 20, 2018
The Hilton Garden Inn
Meeting called to order by President Kaye Wagner, 6:30PM.
Those in attendance:
President Kaye Wagner
Vice President Dave Rowe
Secretary Cindy Kersbergen
Sgt. At Arms Ron Kersbergen
Treasurer Lisa Glasgow
Historian BJ Glasgow
BHCC Kris Haase
Merchandise Dusty Miller
Spring Car Show Doug and Elaine Cherry
NCCC Barry Konken
Chips Connie Gilbride
Spring Rally Glen and Mick Hofer
Greg and Rita Miller will be teaming up with Glen and Mick on the Spring Rally event.
Before I hit the send button, please let me apologize for the absolute lateness of getting my
typed-up minutes, of both meetings, to Connie for her to get them sent out to all of you. Since
November I have undergone several, and I do mean several, Doctor appointments, tests,
procedures, same day surgeries and now, yet another same day surgery, March 16
, and major
surgery (female related), March 21
. Praise God it is not cancer but I really am just plain ol’
getting worn out because of it all. If you would be so kind, please say a prayer for both me and
my so sweet, so caring and, oh so supportive, Ron. We are both praying this is the last of it and
that we never hear the word BUT, from another Doctor, ever again. “Oh, your test, your
procedure, your surgery went great—BUT…”and then yet another thing to be done.
Our dear sweet friend Lola Coon, who has been through major hurdles of her own, in the past
couple years, will help Ron with the 50/50 ticket sales and note taking, of the next General
Meeting, Wednesday night the 28
, in case I am not able to get out and about yet. We love you
Lola Lou. Ok, here are the notes, on their way.
President: Kaye started the Board Meeting going over our Membership Meeting at The District.
Feedback comments varied from ok to too cold, cave-like, factory feel. The bar service was
wonderful, the sweet gal taking care of us all was wonderful and, the hors d’oeuvres, at the end
of the meeting, were delicious.
The 50/50 ticket sales, with greeters at the door, Ron and Cindy, worked out great.
Hopefully getting everyone to wear their name-tags, by having a really fun surprise game, like
we had tonight, the “Heads or Tails” game, with a prize for the winner, was a lot of fun for
those of us that indeed did remember to wear our SFCC name-tags. So, remember to wear
yours. We’ll never know what Kaye may have up her sleeve for us. If you do not have your club
name-tag yet be sure to get ahold of VP Dave Rowe and he will get it for you. If you have one
with a pin back and would rather have the magnet back, so it won’t make holes in your clothes,
bring it to Dave and he’ll get it switched out for you.
Trying out another location tonight at The Hilton Garden Inn Motel. Easy to find, just off 57
and Louise, go to the McDonalds and the next street just past their drive-in, turn south and go
straight back to The Hilton. Parking and our entrance is on the East. They have a very nice
restaurant, The Great American Grill. The food we ordered tonight was indeed delicious so
looking forward to joining up with friends and eating there before the meetings. There will be
hors d’oeuvres after the meetings and always an open bar with your favorite liquor type drinks
and, they have Pepsi products. The Hilton does have Wi-Fi access, here are the directions to
gain access:
hhonors Wi-Fi network
select “I have a coupon code/promotion code
then click NEXT
type in the code hgimeetings 2018
then click CONNECT
Vice President:
Dave is working on a new, more formal Welcome booklet for new members and those paid
members requesting one. It will include information and a welcome to and about The Sioux
Falls Corvette Club and its annual Black Hills Corvette Classic.
He is also working with our Membership Ambassador Mike G. on a database to maintain the
roster of members. Currently we have 126 paid members. If you haven’t paid your 2018 dues,
with spring and events just around the corner, it is most definitely time to get your dues paid in
Dave has kept in touch with our very own moved away, missed a lot and loved members, Dave
and Ann Burns. It sounds as though there is no new corvette in their future but just may take
time from all their travels and stop by for a visit, here or at one of our events. They do plan to
join the club again so as to keep up with what we are up to and where we might be. It would
be great to see and get caught up with them. Miss them indeed.
Dusty had nothing new to report, yet.
Spring Car Show:
Doug says he is still working with The District to be the location for our annual car show, along
with the Camaros. Trying to get a couple rare Corvettes and Camaros to park inside The
District’s showroom area. They will have food and a bar available along with inside AC and
restrooms. Location, date and times should be locked in by the General Membership Meeting.
Spring Rally:
Glen and Mick have a great couple lined up to help them this year, Greg and Rita Miller. They
promise it will be all fun and no divorces. Working on the final touches and setting the date,
time, and final destination. It usually falls the last weekend of April or the first weekend of May
so keep those tentatively open or let Glen, Mick, Greg, or Rita know which day works best for
Connie reminds us all to check for the Club and Classic websites daily, to keep up-to-date with
everything and everyone.
Lisa suggested and brought up for a vote that it be ok’d to consolidate the two checkbooks the
club had for years, for both the Club and the Classic. Mike so moved, Dave second and all
approved to consolidate the two checkbooks into one account.
And a reminder. If any paid member ever has questions about the club’s financials to contact
her directly. Also, Connie asked Lisa if we’re still going to have a monthly necessities list for The
Children’s Inn. For those of us that would like to, to bring items off that list to the meeting and
Lisa and BJ would load them up and deliver them for us. Donated proudly by The Sioux Falls
Corvette Club.
BJ asks if anyone ever has or hears that they or any of our club members are celebrating a
Birthday, an Anniversary, any special occasions or, having any trials and tribulations, to be sure
and let him, President Kaye, or VP Dave know right away.
Barry had nothing new to report. Did mention that on January 30
, Sid Harchelrod, owner of
The Callaway Modified Corvettes of Nebraska passed away. Please lift Sid and his family in your
Sargent at Arms:
Ron has nothing new to report
This Kersbergen either
Kris reports we already have 223 registered for this year’s Classic.
The grand total, at Classic time in 2017 was 594 so, we are doing great.
The Motor Market Magazine had great success with their article and pictures featuring Ron
Kersbergen and his 1966 Corvette. Also, the article on Hot Summer Nights was very good and
both articles were very well received so Tom has plans to do another feature story and article
before this year’s Classic so, ya just never know, may be a great idea to keep your corvette all a
sparkle. You just never know, you may be the next featured, proud Corvette owner.
Kris also said she has been receiving questions as to whether the Spearfish Vette Street was a
judged car show? Ron, Cindy, and Dave told how the downtown event use to indeed be judged
by the participants, the crowd for People’s Choice, by the downtown merchants and even the
Mayor of Spearfish. Kris will look into this becoming a judged event once again, just for the fun
of it, for all.
Also, it seems we have a competition going for “the most club members registered to attend
the Classic”. The Texas Clubs are saying they will have the most in attendance but Illinois
Corvette Clubs are saying, we will have the most members in attendance.
This could really be fun to find out.
President Kaye asked if anything else needed to be brought up for discussion and with a no
form everyone, she made the motion to adjourn the meeting. With a move by Lisa and second
from Doug, meeting was adjourned.
Minutes taken and submitted by Secretary Cindy Kersbergen