If you give Tom Brady deflated footballs...

If you give Tom Brady deflated  footballs, then he will use them in the AFC Championship game.


If he uses them in the game, then Roger Goodell will suspend him.

If Rodger Goodell suspends Tom Brady, then he will become the most hated person in all of New England.


If he is the most hated person in all of New England, then he will decrease how long the suspension is.

If Rodger decreases how long the suspension is, then the Patriots will have just enough quarterbacks to get them through the four games.

If the Patriots have just enough quarterbacks to get through the suspension, then Tom Brady will come back from his suspension.

If Tom Brady comes back from his suspension, then he will be angry and will be on the top of his game.

If Tom Brady is angry and on the top of his game, then he will throw for at least 400 yards and three touchdowns every game.

If he throws for 400 yards and three touchdowns every game, then the Patriots will get to the AFC Championship game.

If the Patriots get to the AFC Championship game, then Tom Brady will deflate the footballs.