Diversity Day 2017


Schedule: 8:10 - 9:00


1. Definition of Diversity

Taiwanese → Peter

Chinese → Michelle

Hindi → Roop

Hebrew → Abigail

Greek → Tia

French → Jessica

Spanish → Alicia

English → Cyril


2. 3rd Grade Poem


3. Middle School: Chinese Dance: Holly Wydman, Nolita Palomar, Macy McDowell


4. Upper School: “Imagine” - John Lennon - Alex Misick


5. Mr. Schuerle Speech - Vision for MVS Diversity


6. Middle School: “What Does Diversity Mean To You?”: Nolita Palomar, Gurleen Dab, Mya Lockhart


7. Upper School: Indian Dance: Roop, Risha, Yash


 8. Guest Speecher - Adam Todd, UD Professor of Law and Human Rights, Liaison to the

Human Rights Center of UD


9. Middle School: Chinese / Indian Dance: Tanisha Palleria, Lekha Choudary, Gurleen Dab, Hannah Marlowe, Mya Lockhart, Emiley Tobias


10. Upper School: “What Does Diversity Mean To You?”: Bella Stevens 


11. Upper School: Ghanaian Drum Circle:Eleanor Liu, Amin Ahmed, Armaan Ahmed, Satya Morar, Audrey Sholiton, Joey Rose, and Vennela Vallabhaneni


12. Upper School: MLK Speech - Abigail Dickstein 


April 13, 2017

Hosted By: Diversity Club

MC: Armman Ahmed, and Samuel Todd

Speakers and Performers: ------------------

Guest Speaker: Adam Todd 

MVS Diversity Day 2017