St. George Episcopal Church t 24219 Witte Rd. SE t Maple Valley t Washington  98038 t (425) 432-5481.

 St. George Episcopal Church t 24219 Witte Rd. SE t Maple Valley t Washington  98038 t (425) 432-5481.



Come... Journey Together       January 03, 2016

St. George Episcopal Church

St. George Episcopal Church

Our Journey Together   September 18, 2014

Remembering Our Friend




Laverne Matte (England) Higgs

(January 26, 1937 - December 29, 2015)

Greatly loved, Laverne peace-fully passed with her daughter at her side following a 5 year decline from Alzheimer's. She was one of 9 children born in Gainesville GA and often shared many cherished memories of growing up in a loving family. She recalled fondly playing the piano for her church and at her high school graduation, becoming a member of the National Beta Club, and earning an award as a high school basketball player. She moved to Atlanta to follow her dreams of becoming a Registered Nurse attending Georgia Baptist School of Nursing (today Mercer University). While in school, she was featured in a local newspaper as senior student nurse Laverne England '...admiring the beautiful baby who will one day thank you for saving her life'. She graduated and received her Registered Nurse degree June 1958. Laverne met Robert, her beloved husband, through mutual friends and married August 9, 1958. Together they built a beautiful life in Atlanta with their priorities being family, their faith in God and close friends. They often said their daughter Sherry was one of their greatest blessings. Laverne loved her profession which she considered a calling. Throughout her career she practiced all aspects of her profession from surgical nursing to private practice with MD's in the Atlanta area. Laverne was known for her sparkling and gracious personality and for making all feel welcome and loved. She and her husband moved to Seattle to be with their daughter Sherry and her husband in Sept 2001. Her faith in God and strength in character helped her through difficult times when she lost her beloved husband in 2003 to an untimely death. Afterwards, she developed a close circle of friends at St George Episcopal Church in Maple Valley WA where she attended with her daughter and son-in-law. She is survived by daughter and son-in-law Sherry and Michael Maple, sisters Illa Wilkes, Mildred Ables, Betty Roberts, brother Eugene England and many loving nieces and nephews. She inspired the best in all that have known her and will live forever in our hearts. We take comfort in knowing she is with God and those she loved that passed before her. Memorials celebrating her life will be held in Maple Valley WA and Gainesville GA. Donations to Alzeheimer's Association ( or Providence Hospice of Seattle Foundation (425 Pontius Ave. N, #300, Seattle WA 98109) in lieu of flowers are preferred.


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Save the date....St. George Annual Congregational Meeting

Sunday, January 31st


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Upcoming Events at St. George:



Wednesday January 20 7:00pm


Tuesday, January 12, 10:00am


Saturday, January 9  

10:00am Worship Team

11:00am  Baptism practice

(Worship Leaders scheduled for

Jan. 10 please attend)




February Quest deadline


Friday, January 15th


please send all submissions to


by that date...thank you!

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9:00 am 

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Women's Bible Study










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Financial News at St. George:




Here is a look at our 2015 finances through November:


Giving:                                                                                  Non Pledged

                                                Total Pledges                     Giving                   Plate                     Total Giving

                Actual:                  $107,158                              $11,401                 $3,006                   $121,565

                Budgeted YTD:     $123,035                              $15,851                 $2,750                   $141,636




                Actual:                  $167,496

                Budgeted YTD:    $167,932


Neither the income nor the expenses reflect money that has been received or spent as part of thcapital campaign this year.  Through November 2015 we have received $62,630 in contributions for the capital campaign.


Our total giving in November was less than plan, with receipts of $8,341 vs a plan of $12,876.  So far, in December, we are

running ahead of plan for the month.





Tax Free Gifts to Charity from your IRA


In previous years, Congress has authorized temporary changes to the IRS code that allowed individuals to donate up to $100,000 from their IRAs to Churches and other qualified charities tax free. Several people from our Congregation have taken advantage of this tax saving provision. The President just signed legislation this month  that extends this benefit for through 2016. 

Building Update at St. George:




Moving Forward in Faith – Building our Future Together













The last items we needed to support our Building Permit submittal was a Photometric analysis and lighting design for our new parking lot. That effort was completed early this month and the design will be based on LED lights on a 20 foot pole. A total of 11 lights will be required to provide the required lighting for the parking lot. I am sure this will be a big improvement. The lights will look like this image.  













Needless to say, the parking lot will be much better lit providing a significant safety improvement.

Our effort to get rough estimates on the major components of our project is ongoing as we try to compile a more realistic cost for the project. Our early estimates were based on design cost models which provided a pretty wide variance in projected cost.  Once we have the cost estimates from potential vendors we will be better prepared and informed as we move forward. If you know of a company that might like to bid on a portion of our new building, please provide the contact information to a member of our building committee.


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Second Men’s Bible Study


In late April we began a men’s Bible study.  At the time we began the desire of the majority of those that responded was that we meet every other Wednesday at 10:00 am.  Within the past few weeks I have had a few people express an interest in forming another men’s group that would meet for a Bible study in the evening.


I am anxious to start another group if there is an interest.  If we could pull together four or five people that would be enough to get the ball rolling.  My thought is that if we did generate some interest we would use our first meeting to determine the day, time, frequency and length of each session.  The current group meets for one hour.  We would also discuss the subject matter to be covered.


The current Bible study focuses on the Gospel lessons from the previous two Sundays.  That always generates enough conversation to more than consume the allotted time for our meetings.


If you have an interest in participating in an evening Bible study please respond to me @:  John Rainforth, jrnfrth@comcast.net440-552-2909

Assuming that there is sufficient response I will schedule our initial meeting and then we’ll get started.


I hope to hear from you.

John Rainforth


Save the Date


Tuesday, February 9  




Christmas Events Memories at St. George:



Christmas Eve Service 2015

Sojourners Christmas Party