September Tour
Øster Høist
Back to Saltumvej 37
Visit to the Ulrich-Gabler-Haus, Schüsselbuden 6. The restaurant
is in the celler of the house that was destroied by the English
bombardment of Lübeck in the night between the 28th and the 29th
of March 1942. The old house belonged to Friedrich Kneuell, my
10 times great grandfather.
Chris and Bente visited the museum on their trip to Lübeck
Lots of water in the Sønder A creek right now
The meadow by the mill in great Jyndevad
Entering Burkal
Rens Main Street
Old house in Rens
Newer house in Rens
The church of Burkal
We borrowed the key to the church
It fits the keyhole
and Bente opens the door
and we enter the church of Burkal
The alter was made in 1622. Notice the mass bell to the right by
the window. It's from the time before the reformation.
The pulpit
The old series pastorum. Notice 4. Tycho Sveno Höyer : 1617-1650
The Communion table
Details from the altar:
Details from the altar. The Burkal church has two vicars, and two
separate services, because it has both a Danish congregation and a
German congregation. This is an area of Schleswig that has been under
the control of one or the other at different times in history.
Detail showing the year the altar was made -1622 below
The mass bell
Details from the pulpit
The sounding board
Details from the pulpit
Details of the ceiling paintings
Bente, inside the church, with key in havd
A jump seat, perhaps, if the pew is already full?
Closeup of the pulpit
The organ from 1913 (restored)
The lock (from the inside)
From the churchyard
View from the organ
Burkal church (view from the south)
View from our window in the inn of Øster Højst September 10th
2016 at 7:07 o'clock
The moon in Øster Højst September 9th 2016 at 20:54 o'clock
I think Cousin
Chris is still a
farmer at heart
Or, maybe it is
Bente that has a
green thumb
Saltumvej 37, 1 th. Zami (my zamioculcas) survived our holiday
And so did these guys
Guess what’s in the box? If I had to guess, I would say it is most
likely a case of Lübecker Rotspon. What else would Chris bring back
from Lübeck, but a case of fine wine.
Well, maybe a few other goodies, from Lübeck
It's good to be home! Time for tea, and a Danish snack?
Surprise! 12 bottles of Rotspon from Carl Tesdorpf in Lübeck