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Martin Luther King Junior



                Who Is The Hero?

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Martin Luther King Jr. and Superman

Who Is The Hero?

Martin Luther King Junoir had grown up to what some of us have recognized as a true hero. He had given a voice to many African-Americans in america and risked his own family and life doing so. He had given many speeches and

stood infront of many crowds

without knowing who would target

him next. He had gone against 

what america had belived in for so

long. Finally, he was assasinated

yet his dream where everyone

could live in peace had lived on

until this day where there is not

much more rascism in america.

Although you may not live in america you would have probably heard of him either in good or possibly bad light. In my opinion he was a great person and had saved many lives in an indirect way. Who knows? Maybe non-whites still had to go to non-white schools? Anyways, without someone like Martin Luther King Junior, the world would not be able to go on. In other words, if you did not understand the message, he is a hero in his own way.

By: Javid H.

Martin Luther King Junior

October 2014-Heroes Magazine-Page 1

Martin Luther King Junior Giving His "I Have A Dream" Speech.

Superman was something you really do call a super hero with all his super powers that humans do not have. Even though he is fictional he can still be a hero. Usually people would take advantage when they see that they have some kind of power that others do not have and twist the powers

to evil but instead he had used his powers

ultimately for the greater good by

rescuing the innocent and defeating the

evil. Even then he had not asked or taken

any rewards for his deeds and went on

helping others for free. He knew that his

life could be risked most of the times like

the weakness he has to kryptonite yet he

went on without hesitation to aid the

people and rescue them from kidnappers.

You might call his actions on defeating

the bad guys revenge for his dead parents but how many more lives did he save? A ton more than the casualties and injuries done to his enemies. Who knew that he was the news reporter from the daily planet newspaper company? He could have earned millions just by announcing that he was superman but instead he took on a lowly job just like every citizen in metropolis. He is definetly a hero in my standards and would have had high influence in our society if he was real.


October 2014-Heroes Magazine-Page 2

Superman in one of his more happier states.

Martin Luther King Jr. doing a march through a town for African-American rights.

Martin Luther King Jr. and Superman had both done what they had felt was right in their hearts. They had chosen what to do without thinking about themselves. In the end both of their actions had led to good in bringing freedom to others.

Martin Luther King Jr. did not have any super powers like superman had. He used the power of protesting and speech to break his way to freedom and in a way it was ethical egoism because he was African-American too so he was fighting for other African-Americans and himself. Superman was purely an alturist and liked to come in, save people then leave as soon as he could. He did not try to attract too much attention and did not give speeches. More of his physical powers were used in his stories unlike Martin Luther King Jr. who spoke out for freedom and worked with everyone else instead of fighting for rights alone.



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Superman flying.