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730 days of boredom and paranoia

A Journal By Anne Frank



    At the beginning of the play Anne describes many restrictions that Jews faced during World War II, restrictions like not being able to go to school. If I were a Jew during this time, rather than deal with the restrictions I would just emigrate and keep emigrating until I found a country that Hitler could never reach. As the play goes on, the restrictions get worse and worse eventually leading to the Frank family going into hiding. If I was unable to emigrate, I would probably go into hiding. I would have payed attention to current events and known what was coming ahead of time, so I would have a place prepared. If the nazis came, I would be ready and armed. I would rather die in a shootout with the green police than get calmly executed in a concentration camp.



      As the story progresses, conflict builds between the people hiding. One example of this conflict is the way the Van Daans treated Anne Frank during the beginning of their hiding. Specifically the fur coat incident. If i were in this situation I would scold Anne for ruining the coat, and then i would follow it with “you need to change your disgusting attitude”, directed at Mrs. VanDaan. I would tell her that if her and her husband don't  change their negative attitude and start treating the franks as human beings than i would happily boot them and see how the green police like their attitude.

conflict builds

         Anne and her family are in hiding, during this hiding they have a conversation about what they would like to do when they can come out of hiding. If i were in hiding like Anne the first thing I would do would probably involve eating. I would go to a restaurant and order a large bacon-chicken cheese steak with russian dressing. I would also get a large order of fries. I know a meal like this would probably not be possible in early 20th century Europe, however that doesn't change the fact that this is what i would dream about doing while in hiding. I would also probably get a shower upon release.

after hiding

        Anne now is focusing more on her future when she gets out of hiding in her arguments. In the diary Anne writes more about how she wants to become a journalist and be famous for writing stories. She also writes about how Peter, Margot and her having a new start into the world. She also writes about how people her age have new found feelings about everything. She also says that she doesn’t like how the older generations think about things. This is how Anne has changed from Act one.

anne's future



      I think everyone needs a friend to get through life and be sane at the same time. Anyone who says they don’t need any friends is a complete liar. Life would be absolutely, downright miserable if you had zero friends to hang out and talk to. Friends are the people you look towards if you are having a rough time in life. They also have your back when you get into a sticky situation. Everybody on God’s green Earth needs a friend.


friendship and sanity


          If I found out  that Mr. Van Daan was stealing food I would be extremely pissed off. I am a person who loves to eat food and I absolutely hate when someone eats something I love and I don’t get to have a bite of it. I get really mad when people steal from me also. So if I found out Mr. Van Daan was stealing food I would be absolutely furious especially because the food is at a short supply. Knowing me, I would probably say something that would be extremely harsh and it would hurt his feelings deeply. Later I would forgive him, but give him a warning if he steals more food he will be stealing food at the concentration camp.


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