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Holiday Gift Giving Guide

Over 35 Delicious Gift Ideas for the Foodie in your Life

Over 35 Delicious Gift Ideas for the Foodie in your Life

Holiday gift shopping seems to get harder every year. Looking for that perfect and unique gift for that special someone may end up being more stressful than it should be... Let Toronto Food Tours be your gift giving guide this Holiday season! Take a look through the next few pages and if you see something your special someone would like (or maybe even yourself) pick a date and book! Not sure what date to book a tour for? Not a problem! Gift certificates are available for every tour so you may choose when to go! 

For the Wine, Cheese or Chocolate Taster

Perfectly Paired -

Wine, Cheese, Chocolate

Indulge yourself in the three simple pleasures that stimulate the senses, tickle the taste buds and please the palate. Wine. Cheese. Chocolate. Learn how each one is made, the do's and don't of pairings, proper tasting methods, and terminology but most of all how to enjoy each of these separately or together. We will also learn about flights, vertical tastings and how to make the perfect cheese board.



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Prince Edward County

Wine Tour

 Located on the shores of Lake Ontario the region is home to over 40 wineries, local food producers, fabulous restaurants, and artisans. Prince Edward County is still a relatively young wine region and since the winemakers have an adventurous spirit, there are lots of wineries doing innovative things with Cabernet Franc, Riesling, Gamay, Pinot Gris, Baco Noir, Merlot and quite a few more…Come experience the bounty of the county, its magnificent views and small town country feel. Available last Saturday of the month starting in March, 2017!

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For The Beer Connoisseur 

 Beer U 

Appreciation, Tastings and Pairings

Join us as we learn about beer history, beer terminology, the brewing process, ingredients, various types of beer, proper glassware, and food pairings. We will look at the various colours of beer and the science behind it all, and taste our way through the 7 flavours categories of beer. Learn all about pairing beer and food. Whether you are a Hophead or just discovering beer, this fun-filled tour will leave you with a new appreciation for all things beer.

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For The Whiskey Aficionado

The Urban Whiskey Trail

Think of it as a roving whiskey dinner. Learn your ABC’s and the ABV ‘s of whiskey by joining us on our the Urban Whiskey Trail through downtown Toronto. Ever wonder what a backseat was? Or what’s the difference between a Pot Still & a Coffey Still? Get to know tasting terms and barley types and find out what exactly is the “Angels Share”. Taste and learn about Canadian Whiskeys and Whiskey Cocktails in a fun filled 4 hours. No whiskey experience would be complete without mixing in a bit of drink history and tales of prohibition era Toronto. You will be well fed and happily hydrated by the end of the night. Whether you are a whiskey novice or a malt master, this tour is a perfect blend of modern and old school. 

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For The Wannabe Mixoligist 

Cocktails Through the Ages

Join us as we take a trip through the ages and discover the most popular cocktails of the last century. Discover all of the secrets to an expertly hand crafted cocktail and learn about the premium spirits and fresh ingredients to make them. From prohibition style drinks to classics such as the martini, old fashion and whiskey sour - you will learn how to make them all! Taught by one of Toronto's best bar tenders this class will mix it up and get your shake face on. It's a party experience like no other! 


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Late Night Cocktails

and Secret Bars

Taste bacon infused cedar smoked old fashions, visit a cocktail bar affectionately known as “the pineapple” to the locals where there is no such thing as a cocktail menu, and they just make it up as they go. Go behind the scenes to a member’s only cocktail club, and visit a secret bar in one of the city’s hippest neighborhoods. end the night than with and a veritable late night feast in Chinatown while sipping COLD TEA at a local hangout frequented by off duty chefs and bartenders.

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For The Italian Foodie

Toronto's Orignal Pizza

Food Tour

Spend an afternoon learning about the history of what has become North America’s favourite comfort food…From its ancient beginnings through the middle ages to modern times. Your pizza-crazed guide will show you the sights and sounds of the city as we eat our way through 5 different neighbourhoods while giving you the skinny on crusts, sauce, cheese and toppings. Trust us when we say this is not a tasting tour, we guarantee that you will be full when this tour ends!

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Italian Cooking Class

Step into a restaurant kitchen in the heart of Little Italy and spend a wonderful Sunday Afternoon with Nonna as she shares her family recepies with you. Learn to make Sicilian meetballs, classic pomodoro, rapini, panzanella, peppronatta, handmade gnochi and canoli while learning tips and tricks from a real Italian grandmother. Best of all, we get to feast on what we make at the end of the day we sit down to a true Italian Sunday dinner complete with Italian wines and music. 

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Dinner with Chef -

Little Italy VIP Food Tour

Taste authentic Italian dishes from Sicily to Calabria. Discover a restaurant started 5 years ago by an 86-year-old Italian nonna, and visit small, local, family-owned places that make everything from scratch, with the freshest of ingredients and tons of love. That's right folks, our founder and chief eating officer will take you to all his favorite places, the places he eats when he is not guiding tours. This is the real chef's tour of Little Italy!

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For the Ethnic Food Lover


Old China Town Food Tour

Toronto is lucky to be home to one of the largest Chinatowns in the Western Hemisphere. Let our knowledgeable guide lead the way through a tutored tasting that begins with a traditional Chinese Bakery and will include Vietnamese, Cantonese, Sechewan, Thai, Mandarin, Shanghai and Beijing delicacies. Discover for yourself why so many people choose to order Chinese Food on December 31!

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Little India Food Tour

The Gerrard India Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest Indian markets in North America, and this is one of the most colorful and tastiest neighborhoods in the city. Learn where to buy spices, how to pick the perfect mango and possibly peek into the restaurant kitchen for a  quick cooking demo if time permits. See how naan bread is cooked and eat it fresh from the tandoor oven. Eat Indian street food, Dosa, and kabobs. Drink Indian beer and mango lassi. Taste modern Pakistani as well as the cuisine from the 4 corners of India.

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Kensington Market Food Tour

Get your taste buds ready as we eat our way through decades of immigrant cultures that have left their mark on this truly unique part of the city. Without a doubt, this is the most multicultural few blocks you will find anywhere in the city. Today, the bohemian lifestyle and Rastafarian Culture are a sharp contrast to an area that once served as a hub of Jewish worship, trade, and commerce. Tasting everything from jerk chicken & empanadas to good old Canadian comfort food, we run the gamut that includes Caribbean, Mexican, Portuguese and Latin American treats - to name a few of our stops.

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Greektown on the Danforth

Food Tour

Taste authentic Greek dishes made with old family recipes by small independent restauranteurs. Try the best Souvlaki, Calamari, Gyros, Spanikopita, Saganaki & Greek Mezes in the neighborhood. Discover the world of Greek wines. When we are not busy eating and drinking your guide will show you the sights and sounds of the neighborhood like where "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" was filmed. If you're lucky you will even meet the restaurant owner who had a small role in the sequel.

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For the City Explorer

A Tour of Hotel Bars

Join us as we discover tipples and toddies, cozy spaces, comfortable couches, armchairs and luxurious surroundings. Get lost in the music or be mesmerized by the crackling fire. Sip champagne, discover craft beer, classic cocktails or a fabulous glass of wine while nibbling on bar snacks and enjoying conversation with new found friends. The tour includes drinks and nibbles at 4 of the city’s best hotel bars and your jovial tour guide will keep you entertained with tidbits of history and funny stories about Toronto. A great way to spend a night on the town.

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Riverside & Leslieville

"East End Eats" Food Tour

 What began as a small town back in the 1850's has now become a food lover's paradise full of great restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, and specialty food stores. As we stroll and taste our way along historic Queen St. East you will experience the small town feel that is still there today. Just the window diplays alone are sure to put you in the Holiday Spirit! 

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St. Lawrence Market and Old Toronto Food Tour

 Taskte where Toronto began 200 years ago. Join us on a short walk around old town for a brief history lesson before we enter the market to taste Portuguese treats, authentic Jewish bagels, Indian candy, local Ontario cheeses, genuine Ukranian perogies, butter tarts and the iconic peameal bacon sandwich enjoyed by several famous chefs including Emeril Lagasse, Anthony Bourdain, and Guy Fieri. Learn how one of the richest, most powerful and most famous women in the world learned her business acumen selling carrots in the market's basement. If you love food and you love history, you will love this tour!

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Corktown, Canary & Distillery District Food Tour

Taste where old meets new! Join us on a leisurely stroll as we eat our way through an iconic Toronto neighbourhood that began in the early 19th Century as a home to the Irish immigrants that built this city. Steeped in history this area was home to the breweries, brickyards, cork stop makers and the largest distillery in the world. Taste the best Mediterranean food in the city, authentic Mexican cuisine, some global fusion inspired appetizers, a visit to a chocolate shop that has recently been awarded “best dark chocolate in the world” and a craft beer tasting at a Corktown institution first opened in 1889. 

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King & Queen West

Sunday Brunch Food Tour

How can anyone say no to brunch? Especially when it is enjoyed a part of a leisurely stroll through King & Queen West, most recently named the 2nd hippest neighborhood in the world by Vogue magazine. Toronto is definitely the brunch capital of Canada. A weekend ritual for Torontonians, it is off for a mean boa, an Italian Bomba, a treat from the best butcher shop in the city and some  eggs benny to round out the feast. We will need to take the edge off with a classic Canadian cocktail, the Bloody Ceasar; and no brunch would be complete without a Mimosa. Can you think of a better way to spent a Sunday? We Can't!

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Ossington VIP Food Tour

A huge hit with millennials... the strip offers something for everyone, from a craft brewery to tapas bars, cocktail lounges, live music venues, a butcher shop by day wine bar by night and of course and an amazing food scene. Our progressive dinner will take us to 3 different restaurants where we will order 4 dishes to be served family style. By the end of the night, you will have tried 12 dishes and a variety of adult beverages to accompany your meal. If you're a cocktail lover be sure to order the cedar smoked, bacon infused old is epic!

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For the Winter Fanatic

Dog Sledding and Winter Cookout

Looking for a unique winter adventure? Look no further than our Dog Sledding and Winter Cookout escapade! This unique adventure will allow you to get up close and personal with these wonderful creatures as you learn to harness and run your own team of dogs with a two person sled. Relax and take in the scenery of a winter wonderland as we explore the snowy country side on pristine trails. Enjoy a taste of Canadiana as we savour a gourmet lunch prepared by Chef Scott. Once finished, don't forget your toque and mitts as we jump on our sleds and head out on an adventure! 

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Ice Fishing and

Canadian Shore Lunch

Nothing says winter in Canada like a toasty, warm ice fishing shanty. Join us as we go to the ice fishing capital of the world to spend a day catching fish and telling fishing tales. Getting to our hut is half the fun as we travel in a vintage 1940's bombardier snow bus. We can't guarantee you'll catch fish, but you will get to enjoy some, as Chef Scott prepares a traditional shore lunch of homemade bread, baked beans, panned roasted potatoes, fresh fish baked and fried and a few gourmet surprises including local Ontario cheeses - charcuterie and pate. If you do hook, line and sinker a catch, you're welcome to take it home!

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For the Outdoor Enthusiast

Urban Mushroom Forage

Our experienced guide and forager Grant will explain the ins and outs of sustainable foraging and give you tips and tricks on where and what to look for as well as how to identify certain species. If we are lucky we might even see some wildlife along the way. Although we can't guarantee mushrooms because that's up to Mother Nature, we can guarantee a fun filled morning walk in the woods, a great day of camaraderie and a chance to learn about the great outdoors. 

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Fiddlehead Foraging

Join Chef Scott and our sustainable forager extraordinaire Grant for a morning in the woods searching for these delicious ferns. We will show you how to identify, how to harvest, and how to clean your fiddleheads. Once back at base camp Chef Scott will serve us up a magnificent lunch and give a cooking demonstration on the proper way to prepare fiddleheads. As with all our edible escapades, you will leave with a full belly, new found friends. 

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Canoe Paddle & Beach Dinning

Get ready to experience some of the most breathtaking views of the city you will find anywhere. We set out across beautiful Lake Ontario to the magnificent Toronto Islands in a replica of a Heritage Freighter Canoe. The same as was used by the Hudson Bay Fur Traders hundreds of years ago. You will be truly mesmerized as we skillfully glide past the ferries and sailboats while planes take off overhead from the Billy bishop Airport. Once there, and after exploring the island, enjoy a gourmet feast cooked by Chef Scott! Toronto Islands provides a refreshing escape from downtown, with beautiful views of Lake Ontario and the city skyline. 

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Lake Ontarip VIP Sport Fishing Charter & Chef's Dinner

Join us on an epic fishing and foodie adventure as we head out on beautiful Lake Ontario in search of Coho, King and Steelhead salmon. As you in the big fish, Cheff Scott expertly prepares a feast of fish and seafood that will leave your mouth watering. This is truly a fishing trip like no other as we get to eat what we cath. No gear? No problem! No experience? No problem! We've got you covered as we even supply your fishing license for the day! Captain and Crew will  know where to go to find where the big fish are hiding while Chef Scott ensures that you never go hungry. You can even take some fish home if you'd like! This tour is a great introduction to sport fishing, but with a gourmet twist!

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For the Wannabe Chef in your Life

Shukin' School

Join us as we learn about all of these tasty bivalves. You will learn how to select, store, shuck, prepare, eat and even cook oysters from both the East and West Coast. You will be given 18 oysters each to perfect your shucking skills and you will discover how oysters pair with spirits, champagne, white wine, craft beer, and cocktails as the afternoon progresses. We will even give you your very own oyster knife to take home so you can impress your friends by showing them what a talented mother shucker you are! 

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Friday Night Market Feast

Join Chef Scott at the historic St. Lawrence Market as we shop and cook for an interactive five course dinner party paired with local Ontario wines. Explore the market, meet the merchants and discover local ingredients as we fill our shopping bags with tasty treats that will soon be turned into a gourmet feast! Discover your inner chef - think of it as your own personal restaurant for the evening. You will get a chance to shop and help prepare a delicious dinner while learning tips and trick from a professional chef. Gather your foodie friends a cooking class like no other. Makes a great date night!

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For the BBQ Enthusiast

Grillin' 101

We will teach you all the basics: dry rubs, mop sauces, marinades, brining, homemade BBQ sauce and much more. You will learn to grill steaks, chicken, fish, pork, and vegetables like a pro. Imagine no more overcooked steaks or dried out chicken. Be the envy of all your friends as you cook their steak exactly how they like it. The best thing about this class is we get to eat our homework - everything we grilled that night. Hope your not too full because at the end of the night, Chef Jason will feed you his mouthwatering BBQ that he has done slow and low for over 12 hours in the smoker. Enjoy some southern style BBQ paired with Ontario craft beer and wines while continuing the BBQ conversation and getting tips and tricks from a BBQ expert.

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Smokin' 101

Take your backyard BBQ game up a notch with our all new Smoking 101 class! Learn the art of low & slow from an international award winning pitmaster and self proclaimed "pork ninja", Jason Rees. The entire smoking process is covered as well as different types of smokers, woods, charcoals, etc. You will learn how to cook ribs, chickens, brisket, pork butt, mac and cheese and much more. Learn the art of brining, injecting and tips and tricks on how to get a perfect smoke ring. This six hour class will have you smoking like a true pitmaster! 

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About our Gift Certificates

You may purchase any of our tours, escapades, or classes as a gift certificate that is redeemable anytime, subject to availability. Our gift certificates do not expire and are interchangable for any product of equal or lesser value. Personalized gift certificates are available upon request. 



Payment is due at time of booking. Please note that all listed products are non-refundable. 


Dietary Restrictions

Toronto Food Tours designs their classes and tours to showcase the best food that Toronto has to offer.  With that being said, we would like to accomodate your food allergy/dietary restriction to the best of our ability. Please note that this accommodation may inquire an additional charge. We kindly request that you advise at the time of booking of your dietary restrictions so we may accommodate appropriately. 





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